Steps To Check If You Ready to Propose

When you look at your partner in the eye, the three short but meaningful words “I love you” are already on your lips. In your mind, you are already screaming out into the world. Very few people find it easy to utter these words – at least the first time while others will ask themselves, what if my feelings are not reciprocated? What if I have made a mistake by saying it too soon? But when do you say “I love you”? When is the perfect time, and how do I confess love to another?

Nevertheless, you must pay attention to a few things because the biggest fear in terms of love is a threat of rejection. It hurts and makes you painfully aware that you are already one step ahead of the other in the relationship. And that the other person may never go that step.

Steps To Check If You Ready For The Three Words

Therefore, before you say it as a man or a woman, you should ask yourself the following questions: Is it love that I feel? For this, you should consider the following aspects and answer honestly. To find out if you should already say, “I love you.”

Consider The Evolution Of Your Feelings: How have you changed since the first date? Is there an increase or is it still a case of “love at first sight” that can quickly go away.

Consider The Family And Friends: Have you already met each other’s friends and family – because you both wanted that? This step is a clear sign that love has germinated in your heart.

When Do You Say “I Love You”

You usually cannot answer these “control” questions honestly after a short time. The moment when one can say “I love you” in a happy relationship, without it seeming out of place, does not exist. You need a sense of your relationship. “Does he love me? “Or” Does she love me? “. You should be sure that the other also feels deep and constant emotions for you.

How Do You Say “I Love You”

Some people find it easy to say “I love you” – even after a very short time. If you do not shy away from a possible rejection and also get along with a “thank you,” that’s no problem at all. In turn, think big and worry about the relationship – because of your pride or because your opponent is deterred – you should perhaps approach in small steps.

The Right Conditions To Say, “I Love You”

But how do you say “I love you” in small steps? First, try “I admire you” or “You mean a lot to me” and watch the other’s reaction. If you feel confident enough, all you need to do is find the right place and timing, and say, “I love you.” However, you should always allow your counterpart to respond appropriately. The way to the birthday party of your grandmother or a holiday together is less suitable. If the answer does not turn out the way you want it, the disappointment can spoil the following hours or even days.

Good To Know: You must remain true to yourself and deal honestly with your feelings. Stay in your love expressions – of any kind – authentic. But do not be too lavish with love stinks, so it sounds arbitrary.

When A Man Says, “I Love You”

Unlike traditional stereotypes, it is not always women in love who are the first to confess their love. According to the results, it is 70 percent of the men who say I love you first. When a man says, “I love you,” he does not just say so to get a woman to bed. In general, it is not the rule that women who announce their love prematurely beat the man to flight.

After all, according to the expert, this is a phenomenon of attachment anxiety that can affect every gender equally: “A person, whether man or woman, with relationship fears or fear of closeness, can feel threatened by a declaration of love. This has to do with attachment behavior, and there are different variants. ”

The Difference In Writing I Love You And Saying It Out

Instead of saying, “I love you,” there is also the possibility of writing it. These two very different types of communication also have very different meanings. On the one hand, you have it black and white when you write, “I love you.” Also, it is much more impersonal than the spoken word. You are not facing your partner; you cannot look at each other in the eye and write from a distance.

The Benefits Of Written Words

By letter, SMS, or other messages for the first time, writing “I love you,” so does not have the same depth on how to pronounce it directly. However, this allows the other person to spend a little more time with his feeling compared to saying, “I love you” directly. Thus, the partner can only fathom what it is about their own feelings ordered and can be – driven by attachment anxiety – not immediately in the fencing horn.

Conclusion: Successfully Say “I Love You” With Timing, Feeling, And Courage

To utter the three words is a big step in a relationship but that’s not what you need to be afraid of. Once you are sure that your feelings are about love, not mere infatuation. Then all you need to do is set the right moment to say, “I love you” just like when you want to give your partner an engagement ring. First of all, know whether he is serious, and do not be afraid of a negative reaction. Because even if a man is not ready to say “I love you”: What is not, can still be! And it is often worth taking the first step as a woman. Maybe your partner is just waiting for you to take the first step.