The Couple That Plays Together Stays Together: Indoor Activities to Enjoy All Year

Alone time for couples is great because it gives you the chance to spend some quality time together and reinforce your personal emotional, mental and physical bonds. And some of the best couple time is when you don’t have anything scheduled and you can just kick back, relax and do something fun.

During the long, cold days of winter when you’re stuck indoors, or when you’re  laid up with the flu and don’t have the energy to go outside, this a good time to take advantage of your time together. What you need are some activities that you can do together at home to keep boredom away. Here’s a list of indoor things couples can do together.

Watch movies: There’s nothing like cuddling together and watching movies to while away a winter’s afternoon. Drag out your old favorites or watch something current on Amazon. If you have any old home-made videos, why not watch those as well.

Have a good laugh: Laughter really is good medicine, and if you or your partner are not feeling up to par, then why not have a comedy night? You don’t need to have to make it to the local comedy club, you can have it right here at home. The Internet abounds with comedy clips and full-length videos.

Color a mandala: Adult coloring is all the rage these days. Why not color a mandala with your partner and dazzle each other with your creative abilities. You can find a great adult coloring app here on Google Play.

Play a board game: Chess, backgammon, Monopoly, Clue, who doesn’t love a good board game. Keep a selection at home for days when you’re stuck indoors. If you don’t have a board game, you must have a deck of cards lying around somewhere.

Cook a new meal: Prepare a meal together, something you’ve never tried before. If you’re stuck for recipe ideas, you’ll find loads here. You could even have a cook-off and see who makes the most creative dish.

Do a jigsaw: Jigsaw puzzles are fun to do together and a relaxing way to spend time. If you don’t have any lying around you can do puzzles online here.

Take a virtual tour: Can’t afford a vacation just yet? Take a virtual trip to a distant land forget how bad the weather is outside. There are plenty of sites that give virtual tours of geographical locations, underwater adventures, museums and historic buildings.

Play video games: Play each other or play a game where you can team up together and play against others online. You can make it even more fun by creating each other’s character.

Take a class together: Just because you’re stuck indoor, doesn’t mean you can’t share a little learning. There are many websites offering free classes edX is just one of them.

Massage each other: Give each other a romantic, candle-lit massage with some soothing essential oil. Or even better, get a hot stone massage kit and try that our on each other.

Have a karaoke night: Find your favorite songs on YouTube and sing along. Couples karaoke is always fun, especially when there’s no one else around to hear you.

Have a wine and cheese night: Break out your favorite bottle of wine a pair it with some cheese and fruit. Be experimental, try some continental cheeses you haven’t tasted before.

Watch a sports game: Whip up some nachos and hot dogs and cheer on your favorite team together, it doesn’t matter if you can’t find a live game, watch some recordings from last season.

Have a fondue night: Don’t worry if you don’t have a fondue maker, just melt some dark chocolate in a slow cooker and dip in some decadent fruit.

Make a video: Make a video story of how you first met and fell in love. You could each make separate versions then swap.

Take some personality tests: Check out Jung and True Colors and compare the results. Remember not to take the results too seriously though. You could even try to create your own personality quizzes to test each other with.

Plan your vacation: What better activity when it’s wintry outside than to plan your next summer vacation. Pick somewhere you’d like to visit and watch an online virtual tour of the area, gen up on some local history.

Have a happy hour: Weather out the weather with a hot cocktail, like an Irish coffee, mulled wine, warmed mead, or apple spiced bourbon.

Read to each other: curl up with a good book and take turns in reading chapters. If you don’t feel like reading to each other, listen to an audio book together. There are lots of audio books to choose from online, and many of them are free.

Have a yoga hour: Find some yoga for beginner videos online and have a couples’ yoga session. You might just find this is something you want to start doing on a regular basis. If you don’t fancy yoga, try Tai Chi or Chi gong.

Have an art session: Break out the paints, pastels and pencils and mix and match your artistic talents. You don’t have to be Van Gogh to enjoy this and don’t be afraid to get messy. You may even end up with something new to hang on your living room wall.

Have an early night: Take the romance to the bedroom, put on some slow music, light a few candles, burn some incense or essential oil, snuggle up in each other’s arms, and the rest is up to you.

Doing activities together strengthens your relationship and can make it easier for you to stay together through good times and bad. While it takes hard work and commitment to make a relationship last, it’s also very important to enjoy doing fun stuff together, so while away those indoor hours with some fun things to do.

Sebastian Sykes is all for Living Life and enjoying each moment, especially when it’s good! He writes about relieving stress, creating special family rituals and so much more.