Make it a Valentine’s Day to Remember

For some men, Valentine’s Day is a chance to show the woman in their lives how special they are and how much they are appreciated. If you really want to make her Valentine’s Day memorable and show her how you feel, don’t just make Valentine’s Day about a gift and a nice dinner. Make it a whole day event. Your girl will appreciate it and you’ll be giving her more than a pretty bracelet or trinket. You’ll be giving her fond memories that will last a lifetime.

photo credit: craig lee/chronicle

Start first thing in the morning with breakfast in bed.

It’s cheesy. It’s cliche. It’s also incredibly sweet. Help your girl kick off her Valentine’s Day right with a nice breakfast in bed brought to her by her man. You don’t have to be a whiz in the kitchen. You just need to know your girl. If she tends to skip breakfast start, make her something light with a cup of coffee. Fruit is always a good choice or even a bagel with her favorite cream cheese. It’s not about the food you bring. It’s about making your girl feel special.


Leave “I love you” notes where she’ll find them throughout the day.

Shoes, jacket pockets, briefcases, the fridge – all great places to leave love notes for your girl. Want to be extra cute? Buy a box of children’s Valentine’s cards (you can buy them in bulk pretty much everywhere) and one of those in the shoes she normally wears out, in her purse, in her jacket pocket and even on the steering wheel of her car. She’ll find your little reminders throughout the day, reminding her of you and bringing a smile to her face.


She works on Valentine’s Day? No problem!

For this one, you really need to know your girl. If she’s the kind of girl that’s embarrassed by a lot of attention being drawn to her, a massive show of affection in her workplace is a bad idea. If she’s the kind of girl that loves being the center of attention, sending flowers to her work place might be perfectly fine – or balloons or anything that will let her know you’re thinking about her while also letting everyone she works with know you’re thinking about her too. For the woman that isn’t so much into having all eyes on her, surprise her at the workplace with a cup of coffee or lunch from her favorite restaurant. If you’re able to get enough time away from the office yourself, take her out for lunch.


She has the day off? Time to plan a special day trip.

So lunch at the office isn’t an option and neither is sending flowers. Your girl has the whole day off which just gives you more time to do special things. If you’re working, treat her and a girlfriend, her mother or her sister to a day of relaxation and pampering at a spa. Spa not quite what your girl is interested in? Choose something else that she’ll enjoy. If you have the day off too, take her somewhere you know she’ll love. A trip to an amusement park can be an unexpected but enjoyable Valentine’s Day treat. Whatever you choose to do, choose it with not just her in mind but yourself as well. You want to pick something you’ll both enjoy so you can have a good day together.


Dinner doesn’t necessarily mean eating at an upscale restaurant.

I don’t eat fast food as a rule. It’s wickedly unhealthy and fairly limited in terms of what you can get. With that said, every year on Valentine’s Day (and our birthdays) my husband and I have dinner at a fast food restaurant. It isn’t about saving money. It’s about treating ourselves to something we don’t allow ourselves to have on a regular basis. If your girlfriend has a favorite burger joint, there’s nothing wrong with taking her to dinner there if she wouldn’t prefer somewhere more upscale. Not all women are interested in that sort of thing. You could also choose to make dinner. As with breakfast, it doesn’t have to be anything super special. It really is the thought that counts. Just make sure you know about any allergies you have. Nothing puts an end to a good Valentine’s Day like a trip to the emergency room.


An evening at home or an evening out. What would your girl prefer?

Some girls enjoy the occasional trip to a club where the music’s pounding and people are drinking, dancing and having a great time. Some girls would much prefer a night at a movie theater with popcorn, soda and some recent film they’ve been dying to see. Some girls are more into classic movies and would rather take in a double feature. Live theater? Some girls prefer that. Other girls still would love nothing more than a quiet night at home with the special man in their life, plunked down on the couch in front of the television with their favorite television show or movie. Regardless of what kind of girl you’re with, you can make Valentine’s night as special as the day was by catering to what she would find most interesting. If you choose to stay at home, rent movies you know she wants to see or rent some of her favorites. Pop popcorn. Get a nice comfy blanket and maybe a bottle of wine then settle in for a nice, relaxing evening at home.



Don’t just rush straight to sex. Take a little time to set the mood. Run a bath. Light some candles. Give her a nice, romantic massage. Spend a little time enjoying each other before you start touching the naughty places. Of course, if you’re girl is ready to go and doesn’t want to wait, you don’t have to say no just because you want to set the mood. You’ve spent the entire day making her feel loved and appreciated. There’s a pretty good chance the mood won’t need to be set more than it already will be.