Creating The Perfect Booth At Trade Shows, Flea Markets, Or Other Events

If you take your business to trade shows, or if you sell at craft shows or other events, you need to make sure that your booth attracts people.

Before you head to your next showing, whatever or wherever it may be, make sure that you have the following items on hand so that you can work better to both attract and engage your potential customers.


Have The Right Signage

You need a sign to let people know what booth it is they are coming up to. While seemingly obvious, proper signage can draw the right type of consumer to your booth. Display a sign that is representative of your company and products. Trade shows can oftentimes be a cluttered, confusing mess to consumers, so having a sign that clearly portrays what you are selling will be a great help to them.

You could also look into a tablecloth with your logo or business name, or even have a canopy custom made with your logo. Another great sign idea? Your t-shirt.

Make Sure You Display Your Products

How you present your products to the people that stop by your booth matters as well. Having a POS display stand can make your products pop, and it makes it easy to point out what you have to offer to your audience.

Make sure that you also package your products, even if you are a start-up or a crafter. People like stuff that is pre-packages and looks new like they’d buy in a store. A little time on packaging can increase sales, plus using your logo on packaging helps increase brand recognition.

Engage With Brochures

You need to network with other businesses, as well as possible customers. One great way to break the ice for networking is with a brochure. Not only do brochures engage people on their own, but they also make a great talking point.

Business brochures, even for artists and crafters, send booth visitors away with something visual to remember your business and your pitch by. A simple business card only reminds them of your contact info.

Offer Promotional Items

Another way to promote, develop your brand, and to attract customers when you are set up at a trade show is to offer promotional materials. You’ll find free pens are great for attracting people. Don’t stop with pens though – they’ve been done to death.

Other great promotional materials include branded water bottles, koozies, key chains, and t-shirts. You could also offer a sweepstakes where booth visitors fill out an entry and at the end of the event you draw a winner of a free product or service, plus some promotional materials that are higher end.

Spread Your Business Cards

Just because brochures are better than business cards doesn’t make business cards any less important. Don’t let anyone walk away from your booth without a business card. Attach them to your promotional items.

You should also mingle with other businesses with booths by giving them your business cards. Just because they are promoting their own business doesn’t mean they might not need or want your services or products now or in the future.

You can be a success at trade shows, whether you are just promoting your brand or trying to sell your products or services. Just make sure you engage every customer that comes within a foot of your booth, and never let anyone walk away without offering them the minimum of a business card.