7 Trends in Prom Dress Styles to Pay Attention to Before the Dance

Prom season is right around the corner! Do you know which dress you’re going to rock this school year?

Whether you go with a date or with a group of friends, you still want to find the perfect prom dress. You want something that’s trendy but still caters to your personal style.

With all the different dress styles on the market, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start! With a clear idea in mind, you’ll save time when you hit up the mall with your girlfriends.

We’re here to help you prepare. Keep reading to learn the top 7 dress trends to look out for this prom season.

  1. Can’t Go Wrong With Off-The-Shoulder Looks

Google and Lyst compiled data on the most-searched-for trends of 2019, and off-the-shoulder looks topped the charts.

The classic off-the-shoulder style came in at #1. The one-shoulder style finished in a close second, and long-sleeved off-the-shoulder dresses came in at #4.

Needless to say, you can’t go wrong with dress styles that flaunt your shoulders.

The great thing about this look is that you can mix and match other elements to make your dress uniquely you.

  1. Be Chic with BoHo and Printed Dress Styles

Ditch cocktail dresses because bohemian prom dresses are in this season. This dress style made #3 on Google’s list.

To achieve the look, find dresses that are long, loose-fitting, and lightweight.

Light, sunny colors like orange, red, and yellow will give you that classic boho look, but you can still achieve the look with any color. You can even complete your look with a flower crown.

Colorful and bold prints are also hot right now, with floral prints taking the lead. The print can be as subtle as a lacy texture to as bold as a colorful masterpiece.

Pair a bold print with a solid color to bring balance to your ensemble. You can either pick some solid-colored heels or find a two-piece dress that has a patterned skirt and a solid-colored top. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Turn Heads with Two-Pieces and Cutouts

If you’re looking for sexy dresses, these styles show some skin and make a statement.

For bold looks, you can opt for a two-piece prom dress. These dress styles usually show a sliver of skin around your upper torso.

The brave can mix and match colors. Pair a neutral top with a colorful skirt to get the best of both worlds.

A statement back is when the cloth is cut out in a pattern. Some dress styles look like a two-piece halter top in the back but a full dress in the front.

The cutout doesn’t have to stay in the back, however. Some dresses have slits on the sides, while others have a little peek-a-boo cutout over the cleavage.

Low V-backs and completely open backs are also hot this season. There’s plenty of options if you’re feeling a little risque for your special night.

  1. Steal the Show with Sparkles and Metallics 

For the girls who love to make a scene, glittery dress styles are for you.

Metallic glitter colors, like gold and rose gold, will demand everyone’s attention under the prom lights.

Sequins will also catch the light and make everyone envy your style.

Inspired by the red carpet, metallic colors are another great option for girls who love glam. Have the best of both worlds by pairing a gold dress with silver accessories.

For more show-stopping styles, check out these prom dresses by Jovani.

  1. Dare to Be Different with a Jumpsuit

Maybe a dress just isn’t your style, or maybe you want to go against the norm. No matter your reason, a jumpsuit is a trendy and appropriate alternative to a prom dress.

Sequins, prints, metallics, you name it—they all look great on a jumpsuit. Some jumpsuits even have flowy pant legs that make the ensemble look like a dress, so you’ll be turning heads all night long.

This style works with all body types, so don’t be afraid to give them a try!

  1. Be the Belle of the Ball with a Ball Gown

You didn’t think we’d forget the timeless ballgown, did you? Sometimes, you just can’t beat a long, flowy dress.

If you want to put a twist on the classic style, V-necks and plunge necklines are the way to go. Another gorgeous variation is a two-piece ball gown with a large, long skirt.

Nothing will make you feel like a princess more than twirling on the dance floor and watching your dress spin behind you.

  1. Pick a Color That’ll Make You Feel Fab

Once you’ve found your perfect dress, now you need to find it in the perfect color. Dress trends are usually set by celebrity fashionistas on red carpets and runways.

Hot pink is the top contender this year. After the 2019 Oscars, Google reported a 528% spike in searches for pink dresses.

Yellow was also a popular color in the 2018 Fashion Week, and we expect to see it everywhere this prom season.

If you prefer to keep things more subtle, mauve is also a large contender this year. Burgundy is another muted color, and it will pair well with gold or silver accessories.

In the 2019 Golden Globes, blue was a popular color. Blue looks great in every shade, but opt for a light blue or periwinkle if you want to look like you’re ready for the red carpet.

Have an Unforgettable Night

Whether you choose a hot pink jumpsuit or a blue ballgown with sequins, you’re going to look spectacular and have a great time.

Which one of these dress styles is your favorite? Do you already have the perfect dress picked out? Let us know in the comments below!