108 Gorgeous Crochet Hair To Spoil You This Year

With the influx of modern hairstyles in many different variations, it is hard to pick the right one for you. Styling your hair may not be too easy, especially when there are so many beautiful styles these days. Protective styles have been the best alternative to most men and women wanting to have both – a pretty hairstyle and protection. One of the great options is crochet hair that is not only stylish but gives the hair the protection it needs.

For those who are wondering what this is, the hairstyle is done on cornrows using hair extensions. These are installed using a crochet hook to work on the synthetic extension.

Hairstylists have many different approaches to this protective style – making it more unique, chicer, and striking to one’s eye. It has been one of the famous public figures’ favorites – ranging from short to long hair, or straight to wavy and curly. Regardless of length or texture, this hairstyle still makes huge waves in the world of fashion.

Celebrities and models love this hairstyle too, including Beyonce, Rihanna, Solange Knowles, Heide Klum, Tyra Banks and more. Men, of course, don’t come off the list as they have been huge fans of this protective style. Let’s not forget about Snoop Dog also known as Snoop Lion and Justin Timberlake who have also worn the hairstyle. Even the famous English footballer David Beckham is also a fan of it.

So, if you are looking for a new hairstyle this year, you can opt for protective styles and crochet hair might interest you. On this page, we have the best inspirations for this style and we will also provide some tips and tricks on how to maintain it.

Check out these lovely photos below for your guide and inspiration.

Red hair

Women with red hair are definitely striking, especially when they wear protective styles like this. While there is a wide array of colorful extensions out there, you can always opt for the reddish shade like burgundy for a funkier look.


Short chestnut hair

Luscious and sexy, the chestnut shade is definitely worth a try if you are looking for a simple and elegant color. You can always pick an extension that has either light or dark chestnut brown color.

Layered jet black Afro hair

For black women, the best protective style for their hair is this. The jet black color so real on this hair. making it more elegant and bouncy.

Big, short hair

When you have curly hair, the shorter the length, the bigger it will appear. Because of this protective style, you can trust that your curls are safely tucked in these extensions.

Dark to light brown hair

One of the most popular shades among hairstyles, the dark and light brown shades are definitely gorgeous on any protective style. Pair your braids with stylish hair accessories such as silver or gold cuffs.


Half-up dark brown braids

Softly touched with the brown shade, the dark one really works great on protective styles like this.

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Gorgeous dark brown crochet extensions

While there are tons of variations that you can choose out there, picking this type of extensions is great for adventurous girls. We are pretty sure you would want a detailed look, especially when you like something that fits your personality.

Black bob

Short bob for your crochet braids extension would be great if you have short length to define the hairstyle even better.

Long half-up braids

In the fashion world, there are so many hairstyles that you can choose to fit not only what’s trending but also your personality. So, if you like it long and black, you can opt for long extensions and style it half-up.

One-sided twists

Sometimes, it’s not just about you. More often than not, it’s about your hair and how you take good care of it. Protective styles are there to help promote hair growth as long as they are done properly. Twists are among these styles that you count on.

Light brown Havana twists

While others want it unraveled after installing the faux hair, some of you would want to keep the twists like this. There are many fake Havana Mambo twists that you can choose from. For your convenience, you may refer to this light brown shade to pair with your naturally black roots.

Brushed up black hair

As soon as the fake hair is installed, you should be able to style it in any way you want. There are options that you can try. But if you want it lounging around your shoulders while making it look like an updo, you can try this brushed up hairstyle.

Blonde individual braids

One of the easiest to install protective styles are individual braids. These are either done manually using a crochet hook or wear it with extensions. But regardless of your choice, you can still have a dandy hairstyle with this protective style.

Stylish jet black crochet hair

Similar to dreadlocks, the yarn braids are among the most common and stylish protective styles these days. But you can be more creative with it if you choose to have the tips of your hair unraveled using a crochet hook.

Jumbo Havana Mambo twists

Inspired by lemonade braids, you can style your Havana twist in a one-sided way through its thick and neatly done Havana Mambo faux twists.

Blonde, spiral hair

If you are tired of maintaining your long hair and you want to cut it short but you still want a protective style, here is the best option that we can suggest thus far. Those spiral ringlets are so pretty you definitely have to try it.

Reddish-brown crochet braids

Needless to say, these braids are absolutely stunning with the reddish-brown shade that makes them more elegant and stylish.

Blonde yarn braids with hair cuffs

Gorgeous and creative, the yarn braids will be your ultimate home when it comes to protective styles. These are very colorful too, but you can still opt for regular shades like brown or blonde yarns. For a chicer look, add some hair cuffs.

Crochet braids updo

In the utmost fashion, the crochet braids are better to live by than not getting them to protect your hair. You can either get an updo for formal events or even on regular days that you are sporting the protective style.

Dark to light blonde crochet locks

Like a princess out of its castle dreaming of getting a badass hairstyle, this would be the ultimate solution. This is so regal and stylish at the same time that you may not want to miss if you are looking for chic protective styles.

Afro-textured hair

We have seen so many famous celebrities with Afro hair and they all look great. Black men and women are the best recipients of Afro hair and the greatest thing to do it with it is a protective style. If you want it to look bigger and thicker, add more definition to it through crochet faux locks.

Reddish-brown Afro hair

To give you another great inspiration when it comes to Afro hair, here’s one gorgeous hairstyle that you can count on.

Layered jet black faux locs

If you are a person who wants dark hair but you still want it chic, layered hairstyles like this would be a great idea. With the twists done, your hair would look bigger and thicker.

Short, layered faux locs with bangs

Eye-swooping bangs are always mysterious and gorgeous. If you want it that way, you can opt for short faux locs to install on your hair.

Side-swept braids

For your long braids, you can style it in a side-swept way while allowing most of them lounging around to one side.

Half-unraveled crochet braids

If you are undecided about whether to keep your crochet braids done or undone, why not do it both ways? These are so fresh to look at!

Curly Senegalese twist

One of the best things in life is to have a hairstyle that doesn’t only make you feel good but also protects your hair. With these Senegalese twist style, you should be able to make your locs healthier and more comfortable.

Fully done crochet braids

Long locs are always open for different pretty hairstyles. You can choose the fully done extensions for your locs if you want to look chicer and elegant at the same time.

Extra-long black braids

With the help of a crochet hook, you can achieve this gorgeous hairstyle that fits anyone who is willing to rock some legendary protective styles.

Luscious crochet strands

It is always satisfying to know that looking for hairstyles these days isn’t as difficult as we expected it to be. This year brings a lot of gorgeous hair trends, including protective styles that we shouldn’t miss. If you want it stylish and big, you can opt for this luscious faux locs to rock the new year.

Crochet Hair Frequently Asked Questions

With all these stunning inspirations, you might be thinking by now to get any of these hairstyles to rock this year. But of course, we have a lot of questions that need attention for us to know the dos and don’ts in having this protective style.

With the being said, we have researched some of the most frequently asked questions when having crochet braids.

Check these out:
  • What is crochet hair?

It can be worn braided, curly, straight, or twisted. Using a crochet hook or a latch hook, the synthetic hair is crocheted to the natural hair. It’s similar to weaving although there’s a very little difference with the process. Africans are known for wearing this protective style and if they are done properly, it promotes hair growth.

  • How many packs of faux crochet braids do you need for installation?

It should depend on how thick or long you would want to have for your braids. We recommend you to consult a professional hairstylist to determine what you need before installing the braids.

  • Is the consultation needed?

We can say that it is recommended so that the hairstylist would be able to check whether or not your hair is capable enough of wearing the braids. Safety first!

  • Are cornrows needed to attach the crochet braids?

Yes, certainly! It is recommended that there should be cornrows first before installing the crochet braids to avoid stressing out your natural hair.

  • What preparation should I need to do before the process?

You will have faux locs on your head for a few weeks, so it’s important that your natural hair is deeply moisturized. Get a hot oil treatment and make sure that your hair gets a lot of proteins before the installation. You can do it at home or go to the salon.

  • Will the parts of my head be visible after installing the braids?

When the installation is done properly, there should not be visible parts of your head or the base of your cornrows.

  • What kind of faux crochet braids do I need?

Human or synthetic or braiding hair are great. These are not attached to anything and are safe for installation.

Checks out more of our collection below:
Crochet braids updo

Most faux crochet braids are readily available for installation. However, if you want an updo, you can always style it using hair clips or bobby pins during formal events.

Accessorized Afro hair

When installing Afro hair, you can either leave it as it is or make it look chicer and attractive with hair accessories. Red is gorgeous!

One-sided black Afro hair

Getting some love for your Afro hair is easy with a one-sided style making it look bigger and thicker to one side. Don’t forget those oversized hoop earrings to pair it with!

Mohawk style updo

You must be familiar with the mohawk hairstyle and if you like it, you can still achieve it through crochet braids. You only need a lot of bobby pins to set it in place.

Purple crochet braids

Yarn braids would be the best alternative to get this look. While others would want the safe side of shades, you can be funkier with purple!

Layered chocolate-brown hair

Big and thick braids are always stunning. Get that Afro hair dancing in the air with these gorgeous Afro faux locs! These are so pretty!

Black Havana Mambo twist

Shoulder-length hair can do wonders too with these thick Havana twists in jet black. Since these must be attached to your cornrows, you can choose your own style.

Shoulder-length black crochet faux locs

So many variations, so many gorgeous styles! Yes, these are the gorgeous crochet braids that you can depend on.

Marley-inspired hair

Dreadlocks and braids are both genii to wear when it comes to protective styles. If you want both, you can resort to this Marley-inspired hair. It’s unique and classic!

Black and golden-brown twists

For whatever is worth for your hair, there is nothing sensual and seductress than wearing these golden-brown and black twists. If you are a fan of thick braids, this would be your ultimate hairstyle!

Short crochet bob

Braids will make your bob look bigger and thicker. This would be your best choice if you have a short bob but you still want it classy and chic.

Big crochet twists

While others want the braids thin, some would want it big and thick like this one.

Slightly tousled Afro hair

If you want your Afro bob to look more creative with an attitude, a slightly disheveled hairstyle would be the champion!

Heart-shaped faux crochet hair

For Black women, your Afro would be even prettier and more defined when you add the faux crochet braids. Depending on your taste, big hair will always make a statement. Try it soon and you should be at the top!

The goddess’s hair

With a fairy tale story, your hair can wear it best with strong fashion sense. If you want a goddess-like hairstyle, choose those flowery hair accessories to adorn your hair.

Blonde thin braids with hair accessories

Having these pretty thin braids is already enough to keep up with the fashion trend. But if you want to show the world your inner beauty through your hair, get blonde braids. Accessorize them with stunning hair cuffs and colorful yarns.

Short, blonde ringlets

Crochet ringlets are beyond gorgeous that no one can refuse. If you have short hair and you want to be more fashionable with it, install those sexy crochet braids.

Black one-sided crochet braids

Something is really special with black braids that women are crazy about. Why not? With its jet black color, you can surely determine that braids are protective styles that make you look more stunning.

Neat long braids

While others want their faux braids to be a little messy, there are some who want it neat and detailed. If you are one of them, here’s one great example that you may want to consider soon.

Short bob with full bangs

Big and bouncy, you can get this short bob hairstyle with those full bangs that are almost eye-swooping. These are so real and gorgeous!

Visible cornrows with an updo

While the cornrows are normally hidden under the crochet brains, you can still show them off. Style it with a high bun while letting the rest of your hair lounging around your back. For a more stylish look, you can leave a single braid on each side. Don’t forget the hair cuffs and any accessories!

Burgundy braids updo

Braids are not just for the regular days, but for formal events too. If that’s the case, simply tie your hair in a high ponytail for a more formal look.

Light brown middle-parted crochet braids

If you want a unique hairstyle, you can set your locs by setting two big parts on each side, leaving the middle part neatly combed over. It’s cute and fun!

One-sided individual braids

Long braids get the most attention and if you want a stylish hairstyle, you can always wear these lovely individual braids. These are either done using either a crochet hook or a latch hook.

Puffing crochet braids

For those who love big hair, puffing Afro crochet braids would be a great idea to wear. They look amazing and incredibly gorgeous! Black women can attest to it.

Purple undone crochet braids

If you are a women who love to look funky and chic, bright colors are important. So, if you are looking for these colors, a purple shade is something to consider. You can get the tips undone for a more stylish look. It looks both classy and pretty!

One-sided short crochet bob

There is nothing prettier than rocking a hairstyle that makes you look stylish and comfortable at the same time. If you already have the short locs, try these one-sided crochet braids!

Dark chestnut puffy Afro hair

For the ladies who are adventurous when it comes to hair trends, rocking a puffy Afro hair is incredibly gorgeous! You can either pick bright colors or get this dark chestnut shade for a golden look.

Classy medium-length hair

If you have thick hair, it is better to show it off through hair extensions that will make it more stylish and creative. This one here looks real and so gorgeous!

Puffy thick braids

At the top of your head is a crown that makes you feel like a queen. Yes, that’s how a hairstyle should make you feel. Consider getting this if you are looking for a gorgeous one!

Short, big hair

Black women always love experimenting with hairstyles that are way gorgeous and chic! So, if you are one of them, get your hair look bigger with these stunning crochet locs!


One-sided jumbo Afro locs

For some women, big hair may not be enough to feel and look awesome. They would want the jumbo one and here’s one gorgeous inspiration for you. It’s pretty big, but it’s very unique and incredibly stunning!

Egyptian-inspired braids

They say that the most gorgeous woman wears a hairstyle that has a historical inspiration. Here’s one great example if you want one. Those golden hair wire accessories definitely make these Egyptian-inspired braids breathtaking!

Long, detailed black locs

Positivity and fashion should come together to produce a beautiful hairstyle. These long and neat crochet locs are so pretty. We are absolutely living for it!

Shoulder-length crochet braids

Crochet braids are breathtaking, especially when they are neatly installed to show off the beauty of this protective style. Although there are others who can still install this without cornrows, these can still look gorgeous in so many ways.

Fuschia pink Afro locs

Others would want purple, blonde, or golden brown extensions. But you can stand out with these Fuschia pink faux locs. They are so beautiful and full of fun!

Long braids in a high ponytail

More often than not, there is no need to effort more on getting your braids elegant because they already are! But how much more for those long, pretty braids that you style in a high ponytail?

Burgundy crochet braids with dark roots

Yes, it is safe to say that this is very stylish and gorgeous at the same time! Luscious in pink and dark red shades combined in one, this hairstyle will definitely turn heads!

Stylish one-sided crochet braids

You can either wear your braids the typical way or stand out from the others and rock it in style. You will need some bobby pins to do this one-sided style, but you should be in the spotlight wearing this hairstyle!

Long, light brown braids

Long braids are always stunning when it comes to styling them. Whether you want a high ponytail or just keep them lounging on the side, they would still catch attention.

Jet black neat braids with cuffs

Starting off with cuffs, they look exquisite on braids – that’s given! But those jet black braids are beyond beautiful with those neatly done strands.

Crown braids

Big crochet braids are lovely, especially when styled with elegance. So, if you want your hair to look like this, making a crown out of your braids are easy to do!

Dark to light chestnut crochet hair

Crochet braids are extremely gorgeous and sexy. This is one great idea for the ladies who want an extra-luscious hairstyle that is not only great on regular days but also on formal events!

Tousled crochet braids

With the help of the chestnut shade, you can be chicer and more striking with your crochet braids when you style it a little messy. This is great for the younger girls who want some extra-gorgeous hair this year.

Detailed crochet curls

Neatly styled, this is one of our favorite hairstyles on this list. Those strong brown shades make this more striking and appealing.

Big curly hair

Here’s another awesome curly hair that we love.

Big Afro and curly hairstyles

Three ladies in one beautiful hairstyle – crochet hair is always the champion!

With these stunning crochet hair inspiration, which one would you want to try soon? Show us some love and drop your comments in the box below!