Do Tea Cleanses Really Work? 2019

If you’ve been on social media at all this year, you’ve probably seen some celebrity or influencer praising the new detox cleansing diet they just discovered. There are loads out there to choose from, and they appear to promise amazing results.

Tea cleanses have become a favorite way to experience some health benefits, and it’s worth looking into them. They don’t claim the same results as a detox diet, but when done correctly can help improve your well being physically and emotionally. But how well do they really work?

What exactly is a tea cleanse?

It’s important to know that a tea cleanse is different than a detox diet. A tea cleanse is meant to assist your body in performing its normal functions of detoxing your body. It can even help in some cases like constipation if your tea cleanse contains specific ingredients that are diuretics.

When it comes to your diet during a tea cleanse, most incorporate tea, so you’re not drinking only tea for any particular number of days. While detox diets severely limit your food intake to certain foods, a tea cleanse can be done while maintaining your regular solid food intake.

Some tea cleanses will recommend reducing or eliminating some ingredients in your diet to achieve more significant results. Much like detox diets, this usually means limiting sugars, fats, salt, or carbs. Again, a tea cleanse can be completed on your regular diet. You probably won’t see the same results or any at all.

Do they work?

Yes, tea cleanses can be very effective! That’s the good news. You can definitely feel lighter, improve bowel movements, increase your energy, and more with a tea cleanse. You might even experience some weight loss if that is your goal. Keep in mind that weight will be mostly water weight, but it can be a great alternative in a pinch. There are success stories out there from people who enjoyed their experience with a detox tea.

However, whether you’d doing a tea cleanse or grabbed a detox tea, it won’t thoroughly detoxify your body no matter how long you drink the special tea you bought. There are more specific questions that can be asked to fully understand what results can truly be expected. Any tea cleanse will not “flush” toxins immediately from your body. These teas do nothing that your body can’t do on its own.

Are there any side effects?

There might be some side effects during your tea cleanse. Some will be good, and some might not be so pleasant. The positive side effects include less bloating, increased energy, and weight loss.

Two common adverse side effects of a tea cleanse are diarrhea and dehydration. If your detox tea has senna or caffeine in it, that is what can contribute to either or both of these symptoms. Senna and caffeine are considered diuretics, and drinking too much tea with these ingredients will increase the likelihood of experiencing these effects.

Another side effect that is here nor there is increased bathroom usage. Depending on the type of tea cleanse you’re doing, you could find yourself drinking more liquid during the day than normal. Also, teas with diuretic ingredients will make you go to the bathroom more often.

How vital are tea cleanse directions?

It’s important to follow the directions for your tea cleanse without deviating so you can see results you want and decrease the chance of any adverse side effects. If you drink too much of your detox tea, you might think it will make your results more significant, but it could actually do more damage.

Should I drink water during my tea cleanse?

Yes! The best way to avoid dehydration during your tea cleanse, especially if you’re drinking a detox tea with diuretics, is to drink plain water throughout the day. This will likely cause you to have more frequent urination and trips to the bathroom but will ensure that you are staying hydrated. Use a color scale for your urine to determine if you’re drinking enough water during your tea cleanse.

Which tea cleanse is the best?

There are so many different tea cleanses available that it’s impossible to determine which one is the best overall. It’s a little easier to identify the best tea cleanse for you though. First, determine what your goals are for completing a tea cleanse. Next, do research on the various options out there and decide which to purchase based on your goals. You may want to consult your doctor before going on a tea cleanse, especially if it’s accompanied by an extreme diet or has ingredients you are unfamiliar with.