Does He Love Me? Check Yes or No

“How will I know if he really loves me?” Whitney Houston used to sing about the question that every woman has wondered to herself at one time or another. You’ve got this guy in your life that you’ve gone absolutely gaga over, right? You are so head-over-heels in love with this fellow that you feel like you’re floating on clouds when you’re with him, you think about him all the time, whenever you aren’t together you can’t wait to see him again, and when you do- you get butterflies.


The burning question: does he feel the same way about you? It’s not like you’re still in elementary school and you can just pass him a note that says, “Do you love me? Check Yes or No.” If it’s a fairly new relationship, you’re probably far too nervous to use the big “L” word first- what if you say “I love you” and then he doesn’t say it back? Or maybe he’s quick to tell you he loves you, but experience has taught you (and so has Whitney’s song) that love can be deceiving.


So how can you tell if the man you’re in love with loves you back? Without actually asking him (or his friends) you can only rely on his behavior to give you clues about his feelings. Eventually, if it is love, the two of you will talk about it and make a commitment that will give you some security about his love for you. But in the meantime, there are definitely signs when a man is in love. Here are a few tips that will help you answer the question: does he love me?

He Calls You on His Lunch Hour

A man who loves you will miss you when you’re apart. There are lots of ways for him to show you that he thinks of you throughout the day and wishes he could be with you more. When a man misses a woman, he can’t help but let her know it. You’ll know he misses you if he calls you for no important reason any time he gets a break, or texts you randomly just to say “Hey, you.”


He Eats Your Cooking

Okay, maybe you’re a good cook and this one doesn’t apply to you – at least not literally. But the point here is that he is patient with your flaws and failures and would never point them out for fear of hurting your feelings. So if your pork chops are slightly charred and your mashed potatoes are lumpy and he cleans his plate anyway, that’s a good sign.


Never overlook the fact that a man likes to correct your grammar or point out how you mispronounce the word “salmon.” Noting your mistakes might seem cute now or sound like it’s just harmless teasing, but over time this kind of intolerance can easily turn into verbal abuse. If your man just smiles and pretends not to notice when you screw up, that’s a good indication he cares about your feelings.


He Brings You a Mocha Caramel Swirl Latte

When he notices how you take your coffee it shows how closely he pays attention to your likes and dislikes. Little things can have large meaning, so if he goes out of his way to bring you something he knows you like it means he wants to make you happy. This theory extends to all kinds of thoughtful little gifts. He buys you a bunch of yellow tulips because he knows your favorite color is yellow and you love tulips. Or he picks up a pack of Juicy Fruit at the convenience store while he’s gassing up his car for your date, just because he knows it’s your favorite gum. A gift doesn’t have to be made of gold for it to matter. In fact, when he wants you to be happy with every little thing then he really has your best interest at heart.


He’s Nice to Your Friends

He doesn’t mind (very much) when your best girlfriend drops by out of the blue to cry on your shoulder when she just got dumped. Even if she’s interrupting his favorite television show, he’ll just go in the kitchen and bring you the carton of Rocky Road and a couple of spoons. A man that understands girl-time is a good man. He’s not so insecure he can’t stand for you to give your attention to anyone but him, and he knows how important your friends are to you.


He Wears the Tie You Bought Him

And he hates to wear a tie. When a guy starts letting you have a say in how he dresses it indicates that he values your opinion. If he tries to please you with his wardrobe he’s showing that he wants you to think he looks good, and that he wants your approval. He might start wearing the cologne you mentioned you like all the time or he lets his hair grow out because you like it long.


He Talks About You

In a good way. When a guy’s buddies tell you how he just can’t shut up about you, that’s a sure sign he’s madly in love with you. He will say things to them like, “My girl is such a great cook,” or “I bet you wish you had a girl as fine as my girl,” or just endlessly describe everything you do together and go on about how wonderful you are.


He’s Always There For You

You can count on him to listen to you complain about your day, or to bring you soup when you’re sick. If your car breaks down you know you can call him to come and get you. You can turn to him when you’re worried or upset, he’ll hold you in his arms when you cry and be the first to congratulate you on your promotion at work. A man who loves you is a man you can depend on through thick and thin.


He Gives You Wings

Not like Red Bull gives you wings. This one is very important. A man who loves you will support your dreams and encourage you in your goals, even the ones that seem out of reach. He’ll never try to hold you back or act threatened by your successes. If he tells you, “You can do it!” then he does love you!