How To Make Your Micro Wedding The Best Day Of Your Life

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so you’ve meticulously planned every detail to ensure nothing goes wrong. However, 2020 delivered something that no one prepared for: the coronavirus pandemic. Before 2020, around 2.4 million weddings took place each year in the U.S. However, recent restrictions have posed a huge challenge to the wedding industry, with brides and grooms caught in the crossfire. Those couples determined to press ahead with their wedding plans have had to think creatively. Many have purposefully chosen to downsize their wedding celebrations and embrace the micro wedding.
The Benefits Of Micro Weddings
Downsizing your wedding to a micro wedding of no more than 20 guests gives you the opportunity for a much more intimate wedding celebration. With reduced guest numbers, you can create a truly one-of-a-kind experience, splurging on whichever elements are most important to you. With fewer guests, your special day will likely be less expensive and far more relaxed than a bigger event. Your micro wedding can still include all the time-honored wedding traditions, but just on a much smaller scale. Alternatively, you can put your slant on the traditions and get creative. Then, if you still want to celebrate among your wider circle of friends and family, you can always choose to host a larger party in the future with the rest of your guest list.
Get Personal
With fewer people to factor into the arrangements, you can be more personal with every aspect of your wedding celebrations. After all, the day should be a reflection of you as a couple. Print each guest’s name on their invitation, and make the wording unique to them. Consider giving your guests personalized wedding favors, whether it’s bespoke face masks or handwritten notes. Your guests will appreciate the personal touch. Take the time to write your own vows, read a special poem to each other, or ask a close friend or family member to do a reading. You can even ditch the long speeches and invite everyone to make their own toast or speech.
Have Fun With Your Venue
There are so many positives to having a micro wedding. With fewer people to accommodate, you have far more choice of where to hold your wedding. You can opt for an outdoor ceremony in a park or woodland, or at the beach. You may want to hire a private room at an exclusive restaurant, gallery, or favorite café or bar. Venues like these are already beautifully designed, so you can even save on the décor. Some venues specialize in hosting micro weddings, and offer multi-day hire so you can make your wedding stretch over a weekend. You are usually also given free rein with the décor so you can create the atmosphere you want. If you plan to do the marriage’s legal side separately, you can hold your wedding celebrations pretty much anywhere.
Focus On Impactful Décor
A micro wedding doesn’t mean you must miss out on beautiful and impactful décor. There’s no limit on what you can do. You can make the décor as simple or as extravagant as you like. Consider scaling up your flowers during the ceremony, add large grounded floral arrangements in your favorite colors, or add a beautiful statement entrance to the reception space. You can also focus more on the smaller details, such as providing floral napkin rings that will make your guests feel extra special. The venue styling, flowers, and table décor should reflect your tastes and personality and help to make the day special for everyone.
Create A Lavish Dining Experience
With a micro wedding, you have more opportunities to be creative, and that can even include your menu. With fewer guests, you can splurge on gourmet food, top-shelf drinks, and champagne. Serve your guests a multi-course meal, or even a pairing menu with local wines. But a micro wedding doesn’t have to mean a micro wedding cake. Be creative, and design a show stopper cake that no one will forget. Tall single tiered cakes and color will make a big statement. Add fresh florals with gold leaf accents for an elegant look, or opt for the classic handmade sugar roses to finish off your cake.
The micro-wedding offers the best of both worlds. With a smaller guest list, you can still follow social distancing protocols while also celebrating an intimate wedding with your nearest and dearest. The pandemic may have meant you’ve had to change your wedding plans significantly, but it also gives you the chance to be more creative and intentional with your special day.