Does that Ting Look Better Blinged?

Bling: That over the top jewellery often seen hanging off rappers. It’s big, bright, eye-catching and utterly, utterly mad. The next time you see a bit of character graffiti just look at how much bling they wear. And now it’s creeping into everyday society. It’s not unusual to see young guys and gals whose hands and necks are bedecked with chunky gold and silver accoutrements. Personally I blame the influence that all these celebrities like the Kardashians have on our youngsters. Even their makeup has started going wild.

And if an overdose of precious metals wasn’t enough, bling now incorporates the addition of diamonds and other precious and semi-precious stones to the mix. Add them to your mobile phone, your watch, basically wherever you want to make an impression. I must be getting old, a bit of mascara and a touch of lipstick is all you need in my opinion. Nevertheless, bling seems to be a trend that’s here to stay: well at least until the next one comes around.

But taste and fashion aside, bling does have a darker side. The short film Bling: Consequences and Repercussions, explains how diamonds occasionally originate as blood diamonds, fuelling wars, poverty, slavery and killings in Africa.

Diamond encrusted watch


Diamond encrusted watch with ‘Spinner’

‘Spinners’ are those freely rotating car wheel add-ons, here applied inexplicably to a watch.


Paris Hilton

Idler socialite and chav icon, Paris Hilton, is famous for her never-ending collection of blinged mobile phones.


Blinged Bikini

Former model and subject of sex tape and cookie diet scandals, the unlikely role model sports one of her gold adorned bikinis.


Bling can also be applied to vehicles. Su Zhongyang has adorned a BMW with Jiu jiu Xiang Long ivory carvings of 99 lucky dragons. The vehicle now weighs 2 tonnes – something to do with the added gold too I think. This incredible vehicle is valued at $2.7 million.


Snowflake ring

Blinged rings tend to be of the chunky type but that doesn’t rule out large and fancy.


Vertu Signature Cobra

Boucheron, the famous French jewellers is responsible for this amazing phone you just won’t want to leave your home. The gem encrusted purple cobra coils its way around this £220k mobile.


Bling iPod

iPods have a style cachet all of their own but should you care to pay £16,000 then you can take home a diamond encrusted mp3 player complete with matching earphones.


Gold Vish ‘Le Million De Lu Nuit’ (Night Million)

Emmanuel Gueit is responsible for this hideously expensive one-of-a-kind £1million phone. The major expense here is the 5 carat blue diamond that serves as the navigation toggle. The surrounding VVS-1 grade diamonds weigh in at 120 carats.


Swarovsky Mercedes Key Ring

If driving a Merc doesn’t qualify as minor bling then topping it off with a blinged key fob will certainly get you there.


And finally…

Bling Shoe

It’s time to put your best foot forward and stride out in style with your fabulous new shoes.


Guest blogger, Greg Coltman, is bling-free for now and hopefully his style will stay that way.