118 Incredible Drawing Ideas For The Non Artists.

“Drawing is not what one sees, but what one can make others see.” I can swear by this statement. I believe that an art is one of the most incredible line of work. Actually, I would not even declare it a word, I would like to believe it as a term “meditation”.

An artist literally puts his heart and soul in his piece of art. And when an artist does his work with the whole of himself, it can never be just a work.

Now, there are three types of people in the world.

An artist,

A non-artist
and a wannabe artist.

This article is for the “wannabe artists.”

I am here to make you believe that, any one can draw!

Despite several rigid statements made by people explaining on how, a whole lot of brains and hearts is required to be an artist, I am here begging to differ.

Of course, you need your brains and your hearts, but, i believe the most important thing required is the willingness and the passion to do it.

(before I start)

1. Who are the wannabees?

Wannabees are those, who have a love for art but cannot themselves do it. They want to draw and pour their heart out, but somehow, their pencils don’t move in their favor.

This article tells you about the tricks and the ways to get the artist off you.

Dear wannabees, lets get doing!

I am going to explain the below given drawings to you through my own imaginations. You can have your own explanations too.

Pencil Drawings

Start with the pencil drawings. Keep your pencils sharp. To draw is one of those few things that ages like wine. More the practice and plenty of the time, the more refined the artist. drawing-ideas

Take a look at the picture above. The artist has drawn the eyes six times and has finally drawn a good one in the ultimate draw. May be the person was doubtful of the eye drawing, therefore, he or she practiced it plenty of times. That’s the trick you see.

The brightness. 

Many a times what happens is, you draw perfectly, but you are not very sure with the colors.

I suggest you to opt for the black and the blue. They never fail. Well, it depends of what type of picture you have made though. However, the brighter colors definitely adds to the beauty.

Keep it simple.

Start simple.

If you watch closely to the picture below, you can see that, the artist has drawn just the background. Together with, just an eye and nose inside the face. Seems easy right? Try it out.

Choose three colors. 
Draw a structure and choose your favorite three colors. The artist here has chosen brown, yellow and blush color. You know, they say, less is more.
The shades of black.

Black literally never goes wrong.

When you are tad confused on what colors to add, always and always go for the black. Use the black pencil, black sign pen and others for the shades and you are always good to go.
Go easy.

Get an animal that you can draw easily and practice the most of it. It is not what you draw, but how you draw and the vibe behind it that matters

Anything, I repeat, Anything!

Take a copy, (need not be a drawing copy) and just draw. Anything! Just start somehow. See how your hand moves the pencil. In the first place, just begin.

Try to make big in an easy way.

If you glance at the picture, you can see that there is nothing much done.

The picture do seem like a castle or something alike. However, the outer structure has somehow been hidden by the green plants. You can try it for yourself. This is a good one for beginners to boost up their confidence.

The sketch. Choose a simple picture, take a drawing book and draw. What i mean to say is, just copy the image. Try to copy the structure and contend to do what has been done. Very convenient way to start off!

Colorful kittens.

Make simple kittens and color them.

Idea one: Color the background and the body of the kitten.Design two:  Color the background and additionally go for the facial structures.

Form number three: Keep the background very simple, focus on the body of the animal. Give cute colors and be proud of your draw.

Pencil and a pen.

The black and the white.

The always in fashion, the black and the white art. Wander your mind and sketch whatever comes to your attention.

Happy art.

The most underrated art of the human race. The act of being happy and the art to put the happiness in a picture, is the most important thing on planet earth.

Warm teddy bear.

Nothing but a cute teddy bear for your drawing book. Make a pink cap and a muffler and you are all set for an innocent looking teddy.

How about some macaroons, ice-cream and some colorful teddies?


By the way, did you know that ice-creams could have eyes and nose too?

Well, now you do. This is the beauty of art, you can let your mind just wander. 
Mushrooms can have eyes too.You know, they say, an artist can reach places, people do not know exist. Now, here is an easy way out for the beginners. Make a mushroom and make some eyes in there. Done.

That INKTOBER might be the name given by the artist because he has probably inked his draw in the month of October. See, literally anything is valid!

A rose.
Another beauty that can be put into form. First, draw in such a way that the drawing looks like a rose petal. In the same fashion, make more of them. Similarly, just scratch the background with some different pencil color. I guarantee, you’ll get the similar picture as given above.
Make half a face.
I repeat, anything can be made! Start with an eye, then a little scattered brows, then half a lips. The human body is asymmetrical you see, therefore, drawing only one side is a safe part to be on.

Motion picture. Looking at the picture it feels like, you have a dizzy head. The picture seems unstable and the girls seems to move. It is actually so hard to look at the picture for a considerable time. The wonders of the pencil and the hands.

Ghosts in love?
Love is a sacred thing and love can be found anywhere. Plainly, precisely anywhere! You need to have a heart and that will be about it. However, you never know if it can ever happen in reality, but, in the drawing of an artist, it definitely can.
For those cute geeks.

The undying love for the specs is the key to this lovely art. Look how pretty this looks. Seems a little tough to draw, at least for me though. Of course, i am just a wannabe. 🙂

The real horse. 
What a lovely piece of art! Or i would rather say, what a lovely horse. The wannabees can doubtlessly try, but please be a little generous to yourself. Do not second guess yourself if you cannot draw a very nice picture. Be kind to yourself and try again and again until you get the finest one. Until then, we will be smiling with your flawed one.
Summer witch.

A summer witch is a bad ass woman with a view and a vision of herself. She has a rigid face. However, seems like her intentions are more rigid. She walks with the sun and she has her own powers.

The bathing beauty.

The perks of the bath perfectly defined. Small window, lots of lather in the bath tub, the bath essentials and some lovely flowers. How cozy it looks!

Likewise, the long, beautiful hair has its own charm.

Some dark shades.

I am not very sure of this draw though. I mean, are they an angels or some living creatures? Anyways, whatever they are, the dark shades look absolutely lovely and it seems like they are happily flying in the paper.

Love is in the mushroom!
Well, if mushrooms can give so much joy and happiness, who needs a human? And what about a lot of mushrooms? Again, the more the merrier.

Nonetheless, I hope these mushrooms are not poisonous though.

The skull Girl.
This draw has an innocent girl and some skull flowers. God knows, what the artist had in his or her mind. Not to mention, the art seems very interesting. Something, one can never really think of, flowers blooming into a skull. Strange!
The bright black and white girl.

The girl with a lot of dreams i believe. An infectious smile and the eyes bigger than the spectacles. Whoever made this must be a very confident person. I don’t know, I just felt it.

The GOOD mornings.

The draw shows a pretty girl thoroughly enjoying her great cup of coffee, or tea maybe? Meanwhile, her cat is calmly sitting in front of her, all waiting for her, to share her breakfast with it.

A big happy circle.

A happy circle with some danger sign and some large blows. I have no idea what’s happening though.

A photo figure. 

The exact draw of a photo. Uniquely an expert’s draw, I dare say. This looks like some computer edit.

A crystal girl.

What an incredible piece of art! I personally love love this one. This seems like a craft having numerous crystals finely put together to form a girl, who wants to say something.

The child’s portrait.

This picture itself makes me happy. That is the beauty of a child. The innocence and the purity of the smile of a toddler can literally be observed in this draw. I believe that the purest of the person has made this art.

The beauty of a woman.

Again, this picture depicts the deep and the genuine form of a woman. The lovely, deep eyes and the infectious smile. Crazy how a pencil can make such a profound piece of an art.

A colorful soul. 

A face that is full of colors. Deep, dark and substantial. Just as how a woman is, this draw illustrates it.

Another photo portrait. 

An artist with a lot of practice and a whole lot of idea for pencil sketch can make such an art. This looks so good.

The orange and the blue.

Not very sure what this exactly is, but this looks pleasant to the eyes. Of course the colors have enumerated the beauty. However, the artist has done a wonderful job.

A thoughtful purple girl.

A girl seen in the draw, is in deep thoughts about something. She has lovely purple hair and brows and she is quiet and seems observatory.

Mushrooms are so good, they can be a home too.

If you believe mushrooms are only eaten as food, you might want to reconsider your thoughts. An artist has affirmed that a mushroom can also be taken as an accommodation. Just see how a person is staying in the mushroom so peacefully. Very innovative idea, i must say.

A messy lassie.

Another piece of art that defines a girl in her messy days. You know, just some days, you just cannot help it. Just some of those days maybe, when you just let it be and become your chaotic self. Cheers to the “let it go” phases.

Squirrels in the ground and squirrels in the clouds.

Hats off to the imagination. Maybe the squirrel is looking above because it found something alike in the clouds.

A brutal elegance.

A merciless beauty made as an art. Oh what rebellion it is to be a woman of your own terms in this cruel cruel world. Brilliant!

An animal, a flower, mushroom  and a butterfly.
A small animal literally enjoying all the good things the nature has to offer. Such a cute draw to make.
Iggy piggy on the sludge.

This dear piggy has unknowingly landed on wet mud and he is clearly not very happy about it. Do the pigs act like this in real?

Story of a rat and an elephant.

The imaginary world in which a little mouse is having a good deal of a meal. Meanwhile, the huge elephant in front of the rat is waiting for his share of meal maybe? who knows! I mean you can never really understand what goes through an artist’s mind. Of course, you need not understand, just enjoy.

A little naughtiness here and there does no harm.
Now when you are too comfortable with your person, you indisputably own them! You can do anything and not be judged at any cost. This is the beauty of love relationships. You can paint their faces when they are asleep, so that they wake up new and fresh.
Teddies protection. 

I am sure you know that teddy bears have been a huge source of happiness and protection for kids since forever. Having a teddy next to you do give a sense of security. The girl must have had a lonely time, thus she is now closely attached to the teddy. Anyways, just like mushrooms can be taken as an accommodation, teddies can be parents too 😉

Sleepy messy beauty. 

A pure woman i would rather say. A sleeping girl with a lots going inside her. Lots of emotions. Her tired eyes have been dozed off to sleep. The draw shows a little bit of a calmness in the world full of disorder.

Forms of teddies.
A nicely dressed one.
The romantic one with a huge heart.
Teddy in the winters holding a coffee.

Teddy in the snow maybe.

The tea girl.

Sorry, but this is me and anyone who loves tea just as much as she does. Look at her face, the vibe in her face is just so strong that shows how she enjoys every sip of her tea. Damn, I can feel you girl.

Mushrooms again!!

Never had i realized that mushrooms are so much in fashion! The draw shows that the skeleton is playing with the mushrooms and that very penguin is accompanying! (I don’t know if that is a penguin though). Lets conceptualize it to be penguin since everyone is imagining things here. I must say, an exiting picture to draw and enjoy thoroughly.

Here are few more pictures that you can go through and try to draw for yourself. 
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To draw is to put the pencil and your mind and heart into action and let the imagination roll. So if you want to draw and are not sure what to draw, go through this article and try to draw the picture you feel you can draw. Everyone is a born artist, it just has to take a twist and turn to make the feel into an art.