Should Fat People Pay More to Fly?

The fatty-in-flight debate has been going on for decades, if not centuries, from whenever people had to stop foraging for food and could just drag their fat asses to the store.

There are very strong views on both sides of this debate, from the reasonable i.e. fatties should be impounded and gassed at border control, to the radical i.e fatties should be given human rights and allowed two seats to accommodate their vast backsides.

Those who agree that fatties should pay more to fly believe that decent slender folk should not have to sit next to a fat person on a flight. Not only is the stench of sweat unbearable, other passengers also run the risk of being showered with pastry crumbs all over your Diesel Jeans and the after effects of last night’s 14 course Indian. On some occasions, a roll of fat has been known to spill from the fat person onto another passenger, which can lead to amputation of a limb if an arm or leg gets crushed.

In response to this, fatty-fans say that obesity is an illness and an underactive thyroid is no laughing matter. Big mommas (and papas) have the same rights as skinnies and they shouldn’t have to pay more than anyone else because of a medical condition. With sausage rolls going up in price every day times are hard, and putting up the flight prices makes travel simply unaffordable when there’s cakes to be bought.


Anti-fatties argue that flight prices are high enough, and with fatties getting extra space at no extra cost, the slender man is left to carry the load. We get charged for extra luggage don’t we? What would happen if we all got fat? The plane wouldn’t be able to leave the ground, that’s what! We need to let fatties know that obesity is not acceptable and big un’s should not be encouraged by receiving special treatment to accommodate their blubber. If fat people want to travel, they should have to go on a special fatty-plane/tank, allowing slim people to travel in comfort and without feeling disgusted.

Fat people also cause a health and safety risk on a plane. Should the plane need to be evacuated mid-flight, a fatty struggling to the exit would slow down other passengers attempting to evacuate. There is also the chance of the fat person getting jammed in the emergency exit, which will result in every other passenger being trapped on board and dying in a plane crash. Case closed.