Drive Him Wild While You’re Away

So you’re going out of town on business? Maybe it’s the first time, or maybe it’s a monthly occurrence, either way, if you worry about the whole “when the mouse is away the cat will play…” thingy then there are a few investments you can make to help insure it is you and only you on his mind while you’re away. You have the power to drive him insane with anticipation.

You need to help keep your marriage fresh and that includes fresh ideas. Here are three sexy things you can do to drive him wild while you’re away.


Between the Sheets

This is a great one for the first night and sure to set the stage of your absence with a bang.

Leave a very sexy piece of lingerie between the sheets. Make sure it’s positioned so that he sees it when he goes to bed that first night without you. Lightly spray his favorite perfume on it (and his pillow) and attach a little note telling him you miss him already and that you can’t wait to wear it for him when you return. It would be especially nice if the lingerie was new, something he hasn’t seen before.

Left Behind                

Before you take off for your business trip sit down and handwrite several quick notes. You don’t need to spend a lot of time, these aren’t essays, just sexy little snippets. Make them as mild or wild as you dare and leave them in strategic places you know for sure he will find them during your absence, i.e. his dresser drawers, suit pockets, briefcase, glove box, visor, etc. Remember, you don’t want him to be able to stop thinking about you.

Order a gift (or two) and have it delivered to his office. You can look on-line for ideas that are appropriate. If there is something you can customize and add a photo to that would be a plus. Keep it mild for the office. You can always follow it up with a racy text.

Don’t leave (or send) anything anywhere that kids or coworkers will intercept them.  There is nothing sexy about being embarrassed (unless that’s you’re – and his, thing).

Plain Brown Wrapper

Order something (preferably for him) from an adult store. Have it express shipped so it is sure to arrive at your house while you are still out of town (the sooner the better). When you talk on the phone that first night tell him you forgot to mention you are expecting an important package and that when it comes to please leave it beside the bed. He will probably ask what it is, just giggle and tell him it’s a surprise for him, but he cannot open it until you get home.

It will put on his face as he wonders what’s in the package, especially when it arrives in its proper plain brown wrapper with no identifiable return address. Be sure to ask whether it has arrived each day that you talk. Your continued interest in it will drive him nuts.

Anticipation goes a long way in a relationship. Without enough of it, interest can easily lag and eyes can wander. Here are 5 more great tips for keeping love alive in your relationship.