Libra Man & Virgo Woman Compatibility In Love, Sex & Marriage

The bond between a Libra man and a Virgo woman can very well be possible, but it will most likely be riddled with issues. This rather odd match would require both partners to be madly in love and extremely patient with one another in order for their relationship to actually work. Don’t let this discourage you, though, because things might definitely work themselves out if you are committed enough.

If you are planning on attracting a Libra man, here are some tips to help you out:

When you are thinking about entering a relationship like this, or you have just started one and want to know where it can go, I suggest you learn a bit more about the compatibility of this particular couple. That’s exactly what we are going to do today, so keep on reading in order to figure out how you two actually get along, whether you can work together and what it is that you should do in order to make it happen. Here we go.

Initial Attraction

These two signs will definitely be drawn to each other, especially due to the intellectual stimulation that they will get from engaging in a simple conversation. Then, there’s also the fact that Libra men love women who take perfect care of themselves and Virgos are definitely graceful and always well groomed. Libra’s sense of justice and fairness will certainly draw this woman in, because they absolutely admire righteous men.

Sexual Compatibility

Sex is definitely one of the most important aspects of a relationship and it is where this sign combination can encounter some problems. A guarded Virgo woman that wants everything to be perfect and in order will rarely be able to make a passionate and adventurous Libra men go crazy for them. This doesn’t mean that they won’t get aroused, but there will always be something lacking.

Simply put, Virgos are rather slow and kind of afraid to get their hands, or any other part of their body for that matter, dirty, which can be a huge obstacle for a Libra man who loves to be daring and exploratory in the bedroom. This issue can make their whole sex life a bit boring and spicing things up can be rather difficult. Although, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

If both of you try to understand each other’s preferences, as well as boundaries, you will certainly be able to find middle ground. That way, you’ll get to enjoy sex the way you both like it, without resenting one another for certain things that you are or aren’t willing to do. All it takes is some open and straightforward communication, as well as a lot of patience, and you’ll eventually get there.


Surprisingly enough, these two signs will be able to communicate perfectly with each other, which is probably what might keep their love alive for quite a while. It goes without saying that communication is an important part of every single relationship, meaning that this particular match might actually stand a chance even if it seems that odds are all against them. While a Libra man is fond of indirect communication styles, a Virgo woman likes to be more direct and she might even bring out this side in her man as well.

There is a problem here, though. What? Did you think that their communication will always run smoothly and that there will be no issues whatsoever? Well, if you did, then you were certainly utterly wrong, because these two completely different personalities are bound to have a few clashes from time to time when it comes to the way they communicate.

To put it simply, Libras are rather calm and they really hate confrontation. Contrary to that, a Virgo woman tends to get a lot more confrontation which can lead to hear saying certain things that can hurt her man even if she doesn’t want it to be that way. Don’t get me wrong, though; this woman will never say what she doesn’t actually believe to be true, but the differences in which they handle confrontations can definitely be a huge issue. After all, a Virgo is one of the most confrontational signs out there, as explained on this page.

Long-Term Commitment

We are all used to Libra men being rather social and flirtatious and that might be an issue for his partners while he is still a young man who’s ready to explore his options and possibilities. Here’s where things get interesting, though. If you decide to tie the knot and get settled down, this particular combination might actually work perfectly, for several reasons. For starters, this man will be perfectly happy to tone his social and flirtatious skills down. While he will still enjoy a nice social life, he will actually be happiest to spend his time at home with his family, which will definitely sweep a Virgo woman off her feet.

These men are not only great and respectful husbands that know how to balance everything and maintain peace and love in their household, but they are also amazing fathers. Children usually adore them as fathers, which is definitely a huge plus. So, it appears that, despite all the warning signs, this is a combination that can very well work in the long run. All it takes is a bit of adjustment on both parts.