Expat with Medical Needs: Ranking the Countries With The Best Health Care

Thinking about spending some time or even relocating to a new country for good? Choosing to start a new life abroad comes with its share of excitement, nervousness, and major decisions that you might not have initially considered. This includes all aspects of healthcare coverage and insurance.

As one of the most important factors that expats should consider, the cost of healthcare is possible to access for a fraction of the cost in most first-world countries, such as the United States. In fact, world-class healthcare facilities in Australia and Canada cost around $12 AUD to $70 CAD per month. So, if you’re ready to prepare for your next move abroad, check out these countries with the best healthcare coverage to consider for expats and travelers on the go. And if you plan to move abroad to receive a degree, check out this website to get some admission help.


Great climate, plenty of side trips, rich culture, and colorful history, France has it all. With the low cost of health insurance and high quality of care, the country is known for its high scores in healthcare for retirees across the globe. In fact, France scores 93 points, according to the World Health Organization. Not to mention, the country’s life expectancy averages 85.7 for women and8 80.1 for men based on the WHO data in 2018.


Aside from the dreamscape weather, rich culture, and the growth of expat communities across the country, the ‘Sistema nacional de salud’(SNS) is among the top ten public healthcare systems in the world. The SNS is mainly financed through taxes and free for basic care and emergencies. However, you will need to register and pay social security contributions. If you are an expat but don’t pay local taxes, you will only gain access to pubic healthcare after living in Spain for a period of at least 12 months.


As a popular option for expats looking to live and work overseas, Australia offers a system of universal medical coverage known as Medicare. After all, with over 1.2 million expats living in Australia, it’s not surprising that three of its main cities – Adelaide, Melbourne, and Perth – are named the most livable cities in the world. So, if you plan on switching private health insurance policiesto local health care coverage, it is important to understand the guidelines for expats and non-citizen residents. Keep in mind that U.K. expats are eligible to apply for medical assistance, while U.S. citizens cannot.


Boasted as the 5thlargest economy in the world, Germany is ranked as one of the top rated countries to find a job as an expat, in addition to top-quality living standards. With widespread access to healthcare, modern facilities, and short waiting times, the German healthcare system is known as one of the best across the globe. However, outpatient medical costs can be high. This means that expats must have health insurance to avoid any financial issues during their treatment.

Keep in mind, most international health insurance policies are not compliant for Germany. Thus, it is advisable to take out a local insurance for the coverage you need.


Plan on settling down in Southeast Asia? Malaysia tops the spot in best overall Healthcare. The country offers 13 JCI accredited hospitals, meaning that every doctor can speak English. In fact, most physicians in Malaysia studied in the U.S., U.K., and Australia. There are public and private hospitals found across the country, giving expats the leverage to choose whichever suits their health needs. Even private hospitals offer affordable treatments that allow you to pay out of pocket if needed.


Expats living in Denmark can attest to the high rates in taxes. In return, they can enjoy a high quality of life, with free and equal access to the state medical system. All residents are entitled to free treatment at local hospitals and health centers. Not to mention, free emergency treatment is also available to expats from every country.