Explore Canada’s Rideau Canal On A Boating Holiday

American boating enthusiasts can easily enjoy a boating holiday in Canadian waters, thanks to the Bill S-233 signed by Governor General David Johnston that took effect on June 2017. Because of the bill, US boaters are not required to report to the Canadian Customs if they will not leave their vessel upon entering the Canadian territory. This means that it will be easier for them to embark on a boating holiday at the Rideau waterways, which has proven to be an emerging destination for boaters in North America. If this will be your first time to cruise along the canals of Rideau, these tips will come in handy.

Check If You Have Proper Boating Equipment On Board

Whether you are going on a boating holiday in your own boat or with a cruise operator, you need to check if the vessel that you will ride complies with the Safe Boating Guide of the Canadian Coast Guard. The guideline will depend on the length of the boat. If you are planning to buy your own boat for your boating holiday, you need to make sure that the vessel has a full set of boat fenders on both sides. It also needs to have other necessary safety equipment like life jackets. You must also bring at least two sets of good quality ropes that you can use to secure the boat’s bow and stern to the canal drop cables. These are all needed to ensure your safety during your trip.

Know What To Bring For Your Trip

After securing your boat, you need to pack everything that you will need for your boating holiday at the Rideau Canal. Some of your personal necessities include several sets of bathing suits. You also need to bring your sunblock and sunglasses to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Of course, you must bring several sets of clothes for changing after swimming. You also need to pack your personal toiletries and several pairs of footwear as well.

Other important items that you must carry during your boating holiday include enough groceries and food items to keep you nourished and gallons of water for hydration. You can also bring your beverage of choice if you and your companions plan to have a party during your boating holiday. If you don’t have a powered fridge on your boat, you can always buy some ice from the marinas and lock stations. You can also bring some tents and sleeping bags if you plan to camp out of your boat while docked in one of the picturesque parks along the canal.

Plan Your Route 

All in all, the Rideau Canal has a total of 202 kilometers in length with more than 1,100 km of shoreline. This means you have a large area to explore during your boating holiday. This is the best place in the country to see the beauty of Ontario since it connects the capital city of Ottawa to Lake Ontario and Saint Lawrence River.

One of the most notable places to see along the Rideau Canal includes the village of Merrickville, which is also known as the “Jewel of the Rideau” and the most beautiful village in the country. You will also pass by the charming Chaffey’s Lockstation where you can have a meal at the Opinicon. You may also opt to drop by the idyllic Davis Lock lockstation. This is a good place to enjoy a picnic in the middle of peaceful parkland. For a unique experience, you can also stay at the Jones Falls for a while and try the so-called whispering dam. You will be able to hear the voice of someone standing on the opposite end of the dam located more than 62 miles away if you stand at the viewing point.

Decide How Long You Want To Do The Trip

You only need at least three days if you plan to cruise along the Rideau Canal without stopping. But if you want to explore what the waterway has to offer, then you need to allocate at least five days for a relaxing trip. You can even go as long as a week to maximize your boating holiday and experience everything in this part of Canada. You might need more time if you plan to enjoy a few laps of swimming, several downtimes for fishing, as well as a few hours of strolling at the marina. These could be the best time to visit the shops or eat at the dining establishments along the canal’s shorelines.

Aside from these tips, it would be important to know the best time to visit Rideau Canal to see its full glory. If you want to see the best views of the waterway, it would be best if you will plan your boating holiday during the autumn – specifically, during late September to early October. By planning your Rideau Canal itinerary ahead of your trip, you can enjoy your boating holiday to the fullest.