Insight into the Beauty Sector

The beauty industry has never been bigger, and more and more people are prepping and preening to step out looking and feeling their best. Business Insurers Hiscox have looked at the great British beauty secrets through a survey of over 2000 UK adults. Not everyone wants to spend their wages on keeping up appearances but, if you do, here are some of the ways adding beauty treatments to your life can help you to feel a lot more self-confident, and ready to take on the world.

Professional and Purposeful

With 41% of people claiming that feeling confident is the driving force behind their beauty treatments, it is easy to see why they are so popular. In London, 15% of people surveyed used their beauty treatments as a way to get ahead in their careers. The mentality behind it is simple; if you feel great about your appearance then that will translate to your confidence and your presence. The most successful people are confident and if your beauty treatments help you carry yourself well then it is a most worthy investment.

Beauty is Pain

While some treatments like a massage or a haircut can be quite a soothing experience, others like waxing or tooth whitening are frequently touted as the worst. Yet people do continue to do both.

Something as small or as unnoticeable as a wax won’t form a talking point for those around you in the same way a stylish manicure might. However, it will help you feel more self-assured and that, in turn, will project out in your actions and behaviour.

Regular or Irregular, Both Will Have an Impact

You don’t need to become your local salon’s new favourite regular to enjoy the benefits of a beauty regime. If you don’t fancy devoting hours to the salon chair, keep beauty treatments and rewards or preparations for big events. Delivering a big presentation to the board of directors? Get a massage to help you relax. Won that big promotion? Why not get a pedicure to celebrate?

Keeping treatments for special occasions is beneficial as it will help to prevent you normalising them. If you keep them in reserve like this, they will give you that extra boost if and when you need it.

Different Spends for Different Budgets

The beauty industry has so many options that anyone can look and feel great no matter how much they want to spend. Whether you want to make like a Londoner and spend an average of £120 a month or be frugal like the Scots with only £2 a month, there are plenty of prices points available to make you feel and look fantastic.

With the rise of the DIY online community, there are even more ways to save while still feeling as great as can be. Instead of splashing out on a pricy facial, consider making your own with a DIY tutorial. Coconut oil, manuka honey, and oatmeal all form ingredients in many different online face mask recipes. No matter what your budget is, you are bound to be able to manage a few beauty treatments here and there to help boost your confidence and make you feel amazing.