Finding Wedding Decorations in Mumbai – Expert Tips

The wedding season is a happy time for the citizens of Mumbai; it is like a feast for people. Indeed, Indian wedding is an incredible performance. Therefore, when preparing for the wedding ceremony, a couple pays attention to every detail starting from the wedding gown, groom attire and finishing with the hall decoration to create a special festive atmosphere. There are a lot of services and ways to decorate your celebrations. The wedding decorations in Mumbai can fit any purse if you know where to seek the festive attributes and wedding planning agencies. Here is the list of places of Mumbai where you can buy everything to make your wedding special and memorable.

Mangaldas Market, Bhuleshwar, and Zaveri Bazaar

These three markets are situated not far from each other but have everything you may need to create a really special atmosphere on your wedding. The first one on our road is Mangaldas. There you can find every possible fabric for decorating the interior of the wedding hall and different festive attributes to fit in the general wedding stylistics. Bhuleshwar is a little bit more crowded place, but the choice of goods is wider there. In Bhuleshwar, you can find traditional Indian wedding apparels, such as saris and lehengas, of any color, shape, and design. What is more, the market is famous for the variety of shoes offered in the Bhuleshwar shops. Thus, you can create your entire wedding look with no problems at a single location. Costume jewelry starts from Rs 150. Already-made traditional costumes and lehengas will cost you from Rs 3 500, and for the meter of unstitched fabric, you will pay at least Rs 200. The most famous shops of the market are Swati Raj with its fake but qualitative jewelry and Ruchika Enterprises with its Indrani silks. What’s good about Bhuleshwar is that the market is open on Sundays unlike with other locations that are closed at the end of the week.

As for the third wedding market, it will take you about five minutes to get to Zaveri Bazaar, which is the biggest diamond and jewelry market in the entire city. Big discounts and possibilities to bargain are always waiting for the customers there. However, it is better not to shop alone if you want to get a really big discount. So we strongly advise you to take your fiancé along with you for the wedding shopping.

Crawford Market

This is the biggest wholesale market of Mumbai that has been functioning since 1871. It occupies the whole neighborhood. Here, it better to buy everything for the party, interior decorations and gifts for your guests. Such shops as Success Corner, The House of Cane, and New Bombay Bag Corner store gifts, cane and bamboo products, and bags. Some people give this advice: it is better not to buy ready-made pooja thalis, but to but empty thalis and stuff them with incense stick holders, vermilion boxes, and prayer bells. Owing to the wholesale prices on the Crawford market, you can save money on the wedding stuff and plan your wedding budget in a smart way. However, note that this market is also closed on Sundays. So we strongly advise you to plan your “trip” to the market in advance.

Natraj Market

This market is situated near the Malad railways station. Here, you can find any kind of western or traditional clothes, perfumery, and jewelry. However, the special good of this market is sari – you can find them in abundance there. Make sure to notice a wide choice of embroidery and zari work. Lehengas can be bought here for Rs 2 500 and fabrics for at least Rs 300 per one meter. Do not forget to bargain.

Manish Market

This one is also famous for the embroidered materials, fabric, and latkans you can buy in Manish shops. There are a lot of tailors here, so you can get everything stitched for a rather low price.  The choice is really wide, and the cheapest material costs Rs 100 per one meter.

Juhu Tara Road

This complex of shops provides customers with luxurious outfits. You can find almost everything belonging to traditional and contemporary styles here. The designer boutiques are waiting for the most sophisticated customers. The minimum price for an outfit here starts from Rs 35 000.

Jaipur Market

Jaipur is the center of jewelry art throughout India. From year to year, generations of jewelers pass on the secrets of making jewelry to their heritage and sell these ornaments in the local market. Thereat, you can pick up gold items with precious stones: emeralds, sapphires, and rubies for your wedding dressing and give an authentic look to it.

Dadar Flower Bazaar

Dadar Flower Bazaar is a flower market in Mumbai, where you can buy flower decorations for your wedding ceremony. The market is open in the morning only and offers both retail and wholesale trade. There you can find everything from leaves that serve to wrap up some Indian dishes to flowers for decorating weddings and other celebrations. Dadar Flower Bazaar is located next to the Dadar Station West under the overpass.

Mumbai “Wedding” Markets – Shopping Tips

If you are on the Mumbai market, do not be shy to bargain. For salesmen on Mumbai markets, bargaining is a kind of ritual; in such a way, they enjoy the communication when haggling over the price with the client. We recommend you to start bargaining from the price that is three times less than the one offered by the salesmen. If he does not decrease the price, pretend that you leave; almost always, seeing that the client is going to leave forces the salesman to reduce the cost considerably. So if you want to save a bomb, learn how to haggle over the price with Indian salesmen and do not be shy.