Let’s get Cooking: Five Benefits of Creating Home-Cooked Meals

We all know that diet has a huge influence on our health and state of mind; you are, they say, what you eat. A poor diet can lead to a whole load of health conditions and can also affect our daily mood and approach to life. By cooking your meals, you are taking control of your body’s health and well-being. There are numerous benefits of creating home-cooked meals, but here are five specific benefits of embarking on your own culinary adventure.

It saves money

Many people, it seems, prefer to eat out or buy pre-prepared meals in the form of takeaways or ready meals. A recent study has shown that a sample of consumers are spending more and more of their cash on dining out – now almost 4.5 per cent. Yet you would be amazed by the savings you can make by buying raw ingredients and preparing them yourself. If you are on a strict budget, ingredients can be purchased in bulk and used to create multiple meals which can be frozen and heated up for convenience later. Another great money saving tip is using leftovers from dinner for lunch the following day.

Home-Cooked Meals


The food bought at restaurants and from takeaways may often taste good, but this is usually achieved by sacrificing the healthy balance of the meal. Many restaurant dishes will contain higher levels of salt and fat, which has been shown to increase the likelihood of weight gain and heart conditions. In addition to this, studies have found that you are more 50 per cent likely to consume extra calories eating out rather than eating a home-cooked meal. This is due to the large portion sizes. Cooking your own meals gives you a much greater control over your portion size, and allows you to limit the amount of unnecessary salt and fat.

Dietary considerations

Whether they are chosen or not, many people have dietary restrictions or limitations on what they can eat. Allergies or conditions such as wheat intolerance can make eating out a real pain. It is also common for people to follow specific diets in order to achieve health and fitness goals. Popular diets such as ‘Paelo eating’, involves reducing your carbohydrate consumption and avoiding starchy foods. Having control over what goes into your daily meals can provide piece of mind as regards getting the right types of food into your system and avoiding the food groups you wish to stay away from.

Lifestyle considerations

Home cooking does not need to be a chore, and it’s a great way of providing a warm and inviting environment for socialising with friends. Hosting dinner parties and serving home-cooked food can provide a great talking point and allows you to show off your new-found skills.

Brings family together

It is no secret that many families lack the ‘quality time’ they yearn to spend together, so making cooking part of your family life is a great way to bring the family together. Dining together around the dinner table is a great way to stimulate conversation, and involving the whole family in the cooking experience is not only fun, but a great way to teach valuable self-sufficiency skills to children.

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