Five Common Issues From a Woman’s Perspective

And How to Deal With Them

Let’s face it; our society is still primarily dominated by patriarchy. Yes, significant progress has taken place, almost to the point where we can say that gender equality exists today. However, this is not entirely true as we have internalized that it’s okay for there to be a preference of one gender over the other.

While we can’t say we have it as difficult as our grandmothers did, we are yet to eradicate issues that women face – and men don’t have to think about.

So here are five main challenges that women have to overcome daily as well as some tips on how to deal with them. After all, we are all in this together.

Sexism and Stereotypes

You may have heard about the ‘glass ceiling,’ as well as the height that has been reached over previous decades. In essence, it is the fight for gender equality in the workplace in particular. The number one issue still being the pay gap. Men are earning more than women for doing the same job.

What each of us can do is ignore the subtle remnants of sexism in the workplace and enjoy the available leadership roles which have become available to us. That is, of course, if we want them.

When it comes to everyday sexism, it revolves around the fact that everything is by default geared towards men. You know how it works – you have a razor, and then you have ‘a razor for women.’ It’s just a razor.

So go ahead and make everything, from your car to your hygiene products, gender-neutral. Use whatever works for you.

Reproductive Rights

It is the very fact that women can give birth that leads to one of the predominant issues they have to face. It’s terrific to see ladies all over the world connecting over it and standing up for this same cause. The cause itself is far from terrific.

You’ve probably had headaches yourself seeing the flaring debate between pro-choice and pro-life supporters. It seems that every woman finds it blatantly apparent that it’s OUR PROBLEM what we do with our bodies – it’s infuriating to see those not in the position to do so, still try to impose their ideas.

Nowadays, the abortion discussion is all over the newspapers in America. It seems that, as women, having or not having an abortion is one of the most challenging decisions for any of us to make – as such, it should be ours to make.

For that reason, each and every one of us should stand up for the cause.

Divorce and Abuse

Yes, this problem hits both genders – after all, it takes two to break up a marriage. The reasons women feel it more stems from the fact that husbands often find it justifiable to go to great lengths to make the lives of their ex-wives difficult.

Especially if the children stay with the mother, which often happens, they might find it an act of proper revenge. We are all well aware of how unacceptable physical abuse is. But what about emotional abuse?

It’s a harsh reality that can fester throughout the marriage itself and even more so after it’s over. From threatening to shaming and slandering, nothing is unacceptable anymore. In this situation, you must protect yourself.

Check out this info if you’re currently going through something similar. Some laws and organizations can help you.

Beauty Standards

Imagine going to the store with a messy bun (and not the fashionable kind), bare-faced and wearing sweatpants. It’s acceptable and completely normal. However, you may still get a strange look and be told to ‘smile.’

It’s expected of women to always look their best – whether it is at the gym, at the workplace, or even while they’re suffering terrible period pains. You may not sense it so much in your everyday life, but it’s evident if you look at any paparazzi shot of a messy-looking actress.

To hell with it. Embrace the fashion of a messy, natural look if it feels comfortable. Who cares? With every other thing you have to do in your life, that’s not what matters the most. And if someone is giving you a strange look, stare back until they quit it.

The Feminism Stigma

Being aware of the ways patriarchy is harmful to women (and men) is extremely important. However, instead of listening, some people may call you out on being a ‘misogynist.’ For those not experiencing it firsthand, it may sound like an old narrative.

As a result, generations of modern feminists get put on the sidelines as those fighting a long-won battle. While it’s okay to think nothing of sexism – this isn’t.

It’s also okay to be fully aware and ready to fight it. It’s all about how much you feel it and how much you want to get involved. In the end, the best every one of us can do is try to make the world, whether the great one around us or our little one, a better place.

Final Thoughts

Many of these may sound horrifying, or if you’re lucky, downright outrageous. Yet, it’s a reality we face. Instead of becoming depressed and hating life though, we should consider the positives.

We’ve come a long way from the situations that dominated the past. Nowadays, women are more accepted, quickly gaining equality, and it seems that we’re moving even more in that direction. What each and every one of us should do is try to facilitate it by having a positive, open attitude.

Let’s welcome change into our lives and see it reflected in the world around us.