100 Best Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Accentuate your getup with the daring and stylish tattoos ranging in various designs and colors. Tattoos symbolize fierce, tough, and sexy appearance which makes them look more attractive and appealing to the eyes. In the modern generation, most women have their distinct tattoos which define their character, attitude, and style.

Female thighs are symbols of grace and sexuality which imposes strong impact in the community. It also spices up the attractiveness and charisma among girls which makes men turn on. In this gallery, we have compiled the 100 best sexy thigh tattoo ideas for girls. Check out the best design for you that will complement your complexion, attitude, behavior, and personality. Express yourself freely and show off your passion in the name of art!

  1. Aztec Flower and Butterfly Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas


Aztec design, check! Butterfly design, check! In this amazing thigh tattoo, you would see the detailed and intricate creation of this art. As a reference to the great mythology, the Aztec and butterfly are symbols of the fearsome skeletal warrior Goddess who ruled Tamoanchan, the world of paradise.

  1. Broken Butterfly Wings


Butterfly wings symbolize beauty and freedom but a broken pair of butterfly wings extend beyond the symbol of beauty. In this thigh tattoo, it emphasizes rebirth and change as the cacoon undergo a metamorphosis development.

  1. Aztec Fierce Wolf


Wolves symbolize fearlessness, power, and ruling. The fierce wolf thigh tattoo implicates these characteristics and adding Aztec designs improves the wolf image even more.

  1. Butterfly and Nature Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas


As represented in this thigh tattoo, nature denotes freedom and beauty that surrounds us. For nature and tattoo lovers like you, this is a worth to try skin art.

  1. Crescent Moon and the Sun


When it comes to the crescent moon and sun, these two connote the events of life during the day and night. The Aztec and faces designs were also drawn to improve the details of the tattoo art.

  1. Animal Skull with Crawling Flowers and Vines


Life and death were emphasized in this tattoo. The skull represents death while the flowers signify life. The remains of the skull serve as the fertilizer and vegetation for the flowers to bloom, live, and grow.

  1. Tropical Flowers for Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas


Are you a flower lover? You should consider this thigh tattoo on your list. It has a strong impact towards feminism and artistry.

  1. Aztec Jewelry Design Thigh Tattoo


Do you like to have a non-removable accessory? Check out this awesome jewelry style thigh tattoo so you could have a ready and instant leg accessory every time!

  1. Wolf and Deer Inspired Thigh Tattoos


Some ladies prefer to wear shorts or mini skirts. To make their legs more attractive and artistic, a combination of the wolf and deer thigh tattoos will surely capture other’s attention!

  1. Hot Air Balloon and Freedom


Looking at the details of this design, the colorful hot air balloon depicts happiness while the string forms the word freedom.

  1. Roses and Snake


Snake and roses primarily symbolize temptation, seduction, and fertility. The tandem of these two elements makes the thigh tattoo look more interesting and romantic.

  1. Polymerous Flowers


Flowers implicate dignity, feminism, and idealism among women. This is a great work-of-art to pursue women’s rights and power.

  1. Artistic 8-Legged Octopus and the Anchor


Octopus denotes mightiness, robustness, and toughness which makes the person look stronger and independent. To add more creativity with the thigh tattoo, the anchor part serves as the extra design to improve the details even more.

  1. The Trapped Boat and the Whale with Freedom


An ironic scenery can be conveyed in this thigh tattoo art. It both represents freedom and restriction. The boat resembles life as being complicated and limited while the whale depicts freedom and will.

  1. Artistic Illuminati Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas


Some people can’t understand the artistry of these symbols. This amazing work-of-an-art does not literally signify anti-religion meaning but rather, it is more on the personal intention of the tattoo owner.

  1. Colored Flowers, Skulls, and Vines


Colorful and vibrant tattoos are the most popular skin art nowadays due to the impact of the hues and the intensity of these tattoos.

  1. Two Blooming Polymerous Flowers


As you’ve noticed, there were a lot of various polymerous flowers inspirational tattoos and this is another option for you to consider.

  1. Ship and High Tide Waves


The high tide waves and ship represents the challenging things that life has to offer. We should learn how to turn our ship to the right path and learn from it. This amazing tattoo really conveys the complexity of life and how are we going to handle it.

  1. Lady Wearing Buffalo Skull and Surrounded by Flowers


Emphasize your power and honor as a woman by trying out this tattoo. This work-of-an-art depicts dignity, feminism, and mightiness as a woman.

  1. Sinful Mother and an Innocent Baby


A highly respected thigh tattoo that symbolizes the sinful mother and the innocent baby. This great tattoo is very suitable for the mothers who were bravely taking care of their child despite their situation.

  1. Time, Flowers, Vines, Branches, and Twigs


Vibrant tattoos create an impact and artistry due to their unique designs and vivid colors. These tattoos are perfect for someone who loves flowers and vines designs.

  1. Aztec Style Crescent Moon


Aztec style moon tattoos are perfect for bohemian art lovers. This tattoo creates a mysterious and unique meaning. The moon represents the nightlife of most people and it indulges very significant values to the wearer.

  1. Mountains, Home, Crescent Moon, and Stars


A combination of the home, moon, stars, and mountains represent a simple way of life. It is perfect for those who want to emphasize their simple living and they’re proud to show what they have.

  1. Elephant Aztec Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas


Elephant Aztec symbols are very majestic in nature. This tattoo art means toughness, confidence, and endurance to face any challenging situations.

  1. Mysterious Symbol and an Aggressive Wolf


Mysterious symbols and wolf tattoo art are the most popular among the artistic people. These images portray the attitude and behavior of the person because these tattoo art reflected their personality.

  1. Pegasus Surrounded by Flowers


Unicorn tattoo art manifests evasive personalities, peaceful, mystical, and serene. Generally, Pegasus is the symbol of innocence, healing, peace, purity, and perfection.

  1. Pirate’s Skull and Sunken Ship


The pirate’s skull and sunken ship symbolize the life across the vast seas. It emphasizes the hardships, challenges, and voyage that the pirates had to experience in order to reach for their journey. As compared with reality, people must learn on how to dance with the waves of the ocean in order to survive and achieve their goals in life.

  1. Colored Unicorn and Aztec Flowers


Tattoos manifest creative symbolism and metamorphic meanings that reflect someone’s life. In this tattoo art, the unicorn and flowers represent peace, calmness, beauty, and kindness.

  1. A love between the Stag and the Doe


This couple tattoo represents a love beyond the horizon. The two deer signifies true love, romance, and faithfulness.

  1. Koi Fish and Water Lilies


Japanese Koi fish are described as tough marine creatures that can withstand the waterfalls under strong current. They were manifested as cultural symbols for overcoming diverse adversities.

  1. Creative Floral Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas


Floral tattoos are known for their charming and beautiful appearance. They have several meanings depending on the genre of the flower. Most of the time, flowers symbolize purity, peace, wealth, elegance, passion, royalty, and more.

  1. Aztec Inspired Floral Tattoo


Aztec inspired floral tattoos have intricate and detailed designs with a touch of geometrical shapes and lines. This Aztec tattoo looks very fashionable especially when partnered with a bohemian get up.

  1. Blooming Colorful Sunflower Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas


Sunflowers are the trendy floral gifts for women nowadays due to their unique appearance. A sunflower tattoo is a must to consider in which it manifests a symbol of toughness and enthusiasm during the day.

  1. Arcane Night Owl with Aztec Design


An owl tattoo has a very rich symbolic figure. This nocturnal bird represents wisdom, transition, and knowledge. It is an appropriate art for those who seek enlightenment and wisdom.

  1. Polymerous Flower in Aztec Prints


Get the best floral Aztec tattoo right to your screen! Check out this amazing design and consider this image to complement your style and fashion sense.

  1. Flower Painting Style Tattoo


Flaunt your thigh tattoos and get “IN” with the new. This floral painting-style tattoo gives a sense of hope, a new beginning, and motivation to the person.

  1. Colorful Flowers and a Nun


As compared with the other tattoos, this floral tattoo art is enhanced with a nun figure. There might be various stories and meanings why the individual chooses this art. It could be the person is a frustrated nun and dream to be a religious follower. It can also be that the person shows her life-changing motivation due to her sins. In which, this tattoo art reminds them of their objectives in life.

  1. Dark Unicorn and Inverted Triangle


Spice up your summer with style and tattoo art! The hues and blend of the violet and mint colors make the tattoo art simple yet amazing. The mint color emphasizes the shadow unicorn while the inverted triangle makes the whole tattoo art look cool and rock.

  1. Aztec Crown and Floral Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas


A sexy way to flaunt your thighs and legs is to have an awesome tattoo. This Aztec-inspired crown tattoo is perfect to emphasize your thighs and it creates a mysterious impression on the people.

  1. Colorful Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Tattoo


Are you a fan of Alice in Wonderland or any Disney characters? This is your chance to portray these amazing Disney characters through tattoo art. Get an idea from this image and innovate your own artistic creations.

  1. Polymerous and Aztec Flower Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas


Flowers containing multiple petals look unique and beautiful. What more if the design is infused with Aztec patterns, it can appear more attractive to the eyes. Consider this tattoo art idea for your sexy thighs.

  1. Framed Octopus and Cat Tattoo Ideas


Some ladies are fond of cats and octopus tattoos due to their hidden meanings and influenced to their lives. Octopus symbolizes intelligence, strength, and motivation. On the other hand, the cat figure means curiosity, feminism, mystery, and power.

  1. Couple’s Kiss Tattoo


When it comes to love and affairs, this tattoo seemingly defines love as an intense gravity. A person having this tattoo symbolizes romance, contentment, trust, faithfulness, and happiness towards her partner.

  1. 3 Blooming Flowers Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas


Apart from the first few floral tattoo designs, you can also consider this three-part blooming tattoo idea. This art looks genuine and lively as if these creations were real and existing.

  1. Grasshopper on the Blooming Flower Tattoo


If you want to add some twist to your typical floral tattoo, you can also partnered it with a grasshopper figure. This insect has a conceptual and figurative meaning. It manifests intuition and high sensibility in which these features are typically a woman’s behavior and mentality.

  1. Mysterious Grown-Up Tree


Trees are common symbols for life, reborn, and resurrection. They also manifest knowledge, wisdom, and solitude. This is a great tattoo art to consider especially for someone who wants to emphasize these symbolisms.

  1. A Happily Ever After at the Grand Palace


Most girls dream of a happy-ever-after love story. Even though some, they couldn’t find their Mr. Right, however, this is not yet the end of your fairytale journey. In this tattoo art, it represents an undying love and right time to find your true love. This is a beautiful piece-of-art to consider for someone who’s seeking true love and the right man.

  1. 3 Polymerous Flowers Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas


Some girls prefer a less detailed blooming flowers tattoo art. This is a perfect floral tattoo to consider to emphasize your contours and thighs.

  1. Artistic Polymerous Flowers Tattoo Ideas

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

If you want a lesser contour of the #48 tattoo art, you can also consider this image. It has the same idea and pattern but it consists of lighter contours than the previous tattoo.

  1. Sexy Two Roses Thigh Tattoos


Instead of 3, some prefer 2 floral patterns to for a different look. Try this floral tattoos for a change!

  1. Roses and Aztec Flower Combinations


Cover up your beautiful legs with these roses and polymerous Aztec flower patterns for a feminine and rockstar look! It is best to wear this tattoo when you’re wearing shorts, skirts, or bikinis.

  1. Buffalo Skull and the Flowers


Wear something sexy today and flaunt this amazing buffalo and flowers tattoo. It highlights encouragement, fierceness, and independence among women. This tattoo really knows how to define a strong woman.

  1. Lavender Flowers Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas


The blooming flower of Lavenders depicts elegance, refinement, and grace. It emphasizes feminism and humility. This tattoo is a great piece of art among the people who love floral patterns.

  1. Colorful Blooming Spring Flowers


Feel the serenity, calmness, and grace through this tattoo. It symbolizes the peace and tranquility due to the floral patterns, strokes, and colors of the flower.

  1. Bouquet of Tropical Flowers


Do you value the bouquet of flowers from your lover? What makes it sweeter? Consider this tattoo and get it to imprint on your legs forever. It’s very sentimental and romantic!

  1. Mysterious Jellyfish at the Atlantic Ocean



Get the most artistic symmetry tattoo with this mysterious jellyfish style. This art works best for the nature lovers, marine lovers, and those who possess this spirit animal as their guardian.

  1. Shiny Diamond and a Triangle


Come up with a clever and amazing tattoo with this diamond and triangle art. This awesome art emphasizes invincibility and strength.

  1. Bunny Skull and Compass


Put the awesome compass and rabbit tattoos on your skin. The rabbit tattoo depicts fertility, wealth, luck, and rebirth. Meanwhile, the compass conveys guidance and life’s directions.

  1. A Beautiful Aztec Elephant Tattoo


Some artistic people love Aztec patterns. An elephant symbol is complementary with the Aztec prints. It illustrates courage, strength, and power.

  1. Snakes Surrounded by Barbed Wires


Snakes symbolize birth, change, and transformation. As you look at this tattoo, it seals these transformations and changes. It only emphasizes that physical things may change but attitude and behavior keep you there.

  1. Colorful Modern Style Elephant Tattoo


If you love the symbolism of the elephants but you’re not a fan of the Aztec patterns, you may also try these technical and fading colors.

  1. Lady in Glasses while Drinking Coffee


A coffee lover? Consider this cute tattoo right next to your skin!

  1. Two-Tailed Fox in Colorful Modern Tattoo Art


Are you a fan of animal spirits? This mythical fox symbolizes wisdom, seductiveness, and craftiness. Furthermore, the symmetry and color combinations are perfectly blended in this amazing tattoo art.

  1. Optical Illusion Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Be artistic in your own way. Check out this amazing optical illusion inspired tattoo and embrace it’s worth.

  1. Autumn Flowers and Vines


A lovely combination of vines and flowers. It symbolizes feminism, beauty, and life. A beautiful artistry of this tattoo on your thigh makes you feel mystical and tranquil.

  1. Tropical Flowers and Vines Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas


Flaunt those sexy thighs and hips with floral tattoo art. You can wear shorts or skirts to show off your skin.

  1. Lust Is Not A Sin Inspirational Tattoo


If you’re looking for a tattoo with an intricate meaning, consider this daring art. It has a lust is not a sin quote, tattoed woman’s legs, and multiple symbolic characters.

  1. Lovely Flower Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas


Thigh tattoos are the trending body art for a woman. It highlights the sexiness and uniqueness of a woman by wearing this art.

  1. Cute Anime Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas


Otaku tattoo lovers wants their favorite anime to be part of their body art. This is a character from the Spirited Away anime movie in which the movie itself has a controversial meaning.

  1. Polymerous Sunflower Tattoo Ideas


Polymerous means multiple petals in a flower. Petals are the most physically attractive part of a flower because of their various colors and textures. This floral tattoo speaks for itself – beautiful in the naked eye.

  1. Illuminati Inspired Floral and Aztec Tattoo


When someone saw this symbol, they naturally called it an illuminati art. Well, this tattoo art describes how creative people can be by using Bohemian art. Bottom line, it does not mean you’re an Illuminati but someone who devotes himself into arts.

  1. Framed Mermaid Girl Sexy Thigh Tattoo Art


Mermaids are mysterious and mythical. Some believe they exist while some don’t think of it. This gorgeous mermaid in frame tattoo makes you feel young and full of mystery. If you’re that type, consider this tattoo as part of your list.

  1. Bouquet of Tropical and Aztec Flowers


Aztec and bohemian art makes a woman stylish due to the creative vector and floral patterns. If you love this type of art, go ahead and craft this tattoo on your thigh.

  1. Voguish Cat and Flowers Modern Tattoo Art


A perfect tattoo for the cat and feline lovers. This amazing colorful tattoo looks nearly real because of the amazing illustration of the cat and its colorful effect.

  1. My Body My Rules Quote Sexy Thigh Tattoo Art


My body My rules tattoo art denotes that a woman can do whatever she wants as long as with decency and pride.

  1. Inspirational Quote Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

A motivational tattoo is a perfect meaningful art which encourages every woman to face the reality. It also implicates that you must forget then past and move on to the next chapter of your life.

  1. Daring Flowers Sexy Thigh Tattoos


Why do you need a man when you had these floral tattoos already? These tattoos are permanent and never gets withered.

  1. Aztec Flowers Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas


Aztec flowers are religious symbolism for Indian people. However, even other nationalities love to get their Aztec floral tattoos done as a symbol for their personal intentions.

  1. Fierce Hammerhead Shark Tattoo Art


Hammerhead sharks are known for their fierce and wild nature. This tattoo art made the shark look cute and feminine despite its appearance. It only means, I’m kind like the sheep if you’re kind to me but I’m wild as a shark if you will attack me.

  1. Winged-Bat Skull Tattoo Art with Quotes


Some girls love skull tattoos because it symbolizes life and death. This art looks gothic and punk in its appearance. When two bat wings were drawn under the skull, it makes the tattoo look more cool and awesome.

  1. Sweet Couple Fox Surrounded by Flowers and Vines


Foxes are described as cunning animals. They are known for their quick thinking, adaptability, and responsiveness. As a spirit animal, these creatures tend to manifest a symbol for guidance especially during a tricky situation. Foxes are great objects for tattoo art due to its in-depth meaning.

  1. Dramatic Blue Flower in Vines


Do you feel like dancing? This Aztec floral tattoo gives a positive vibe which makes your thighs and legs move and groove. This is an amazing tattoo for people who love to dance due to its hype color and designs.

  1. Lusty Dragon Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas


Dragons are associated with power, wealth, and prosperity. This is why Chinese people often use Dragons as their sign of symbolism. Moreover, dragons are mythical creatures and their physical features are unique and look fierce.

  1. Kissing Skulls Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas


Do you want to take a vow – til death do us part? These two skulls facing each other literally means eternal love. This is a great tattoo for couples who are very romantic and appreciative to their relationship.

  1. Aztec Style Skull Sexy Thigh Tattoo Art


A skull defines a death and mortality. It also serves as a reminder to enjoy life to the fullest. Moreover, its style and design symbolize being bold and courageous.

  1. Colorful Pigeon on a Twig


Birds are the messengers of peace and hope. If you want this kind of symbolic idea, go for a bird tattoo! Lavish it with dazzling colors to make it look amazing!

  1. Stylish Alice in Wonderland with Rabbit and Cat Tattoo Art


As a popular quote from the Alice in Wonderland movie, those who don’t believe in magic, they will never find it. This awesome tattoo depicts the teacup time of the cat, rabbit, and Alice. The shades and blend of the colors make the tattoo magical and unique.

  1. Aztec Style Lighthouse Sexy Thigh Tattoo Art


A lighthouse is a signal that guides the people’s path. If you will use it as an inspiration for a tattoo, it connotes hope through the darkest times.

  1. Dark Colored Flowers and Vines


Your sexy thighs and legs deserve to have a seductive tattoo! Embellish your skin with this violet and pink flower combinations!

  1. Mysterious Sleeping Mermaid Tattoo Art


Do you love mermaids? Almost everyone is curious if mermaids do exist. If you want an appealing mermaid tattoo, get this ink on your skin.

  1. Flying Moth and Flowers


Moths commonly depict attraction and master of disguise. Their ability to camouflage to the surroundings connotes hiding from one’s true self. If you are this type of person, consider this tattoo as your sign for a mysterious identity.

  1. Colored Tropical Flowers Tattoo Art


Make your thighs and legs more attractive with these floral tattoo ideas! You may consider these combinations of delicate pink and purple flowers for a feminine and nymph look.

  1. Lovely Spring Flowers Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas


Spring is the season for the buds to sprout and bloom into flowers. This simple yet sassy tattoo design is a great choice for floral lovers.

  1. Flying Bee on Fragrant Lavender Flowers


Bees and flowers tattoo conveys a symbiotic relationship and both have crucial roles for growth and propagation. As an ideal art for tattoo, bees, and flowers may mean love and fertility.

  1. Colorful Tropical Flowers


Floral tattoos are alluding to the woman’s eyes. Their colors and polymerous petals make them look beautiful and delicate.

  1. Artistic Dark Night Owl Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas


An owl is a great symbol for silent but a smart behavior. When it comes to the kinds of birds, the owl is the wisest among them all. It hoots less but acts intelligently. An owl is a soldier during the night and a calm bird during the day. It’s a perfect tattoo idea for someone who’s interested with the owls.

  1. Siberian Husky with Half Face Aztec Design


A dog is popularly known as the man’s best friend. Aside from having a pet, you should consider this cool and fantastic tattoo! It contains a half Aztec dog design and a normal Siberian husky image.

  1. Colorful Sunflowers and Chirping Bird


How dandy it is to hear cute little chirping birds! For a bird lover like you, getting a colorful blazing tattoo can now be achieved in a snap! Just make sure to browse some ideas like this bird hanging out with the sunflowers!

  1. High Peak Mountains


Rule the top of the world with this tattoo! It is a nice tattoo for someone who aims high. Mountain tattoos actually make a person be encouraged and have the guts to make a stand!

  1. Dimensional Temple Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas


Intricate the design of your tattoo by choosing this art. A perfect tattoo that depicts royalty, hierarchy, and territoriality.