Five Facts and Myths About Women

Five Facts About Women women

1. Women are more emotional than men: First off all, women aren’t afraid to express what they feel; if something is bothering them, it’s a guarantee that they will unleash their feelings. Women’s brains are wired differently than men’s. Men get angry easily because the area in the brain that controls anger is larger than in the brain of a woman. In comparison, the section in the brain that controls women’s emotions is a lot larger than men’s. On top of that, hormones also contribute to a woman’s emotional mood swings.

2. Women tend to ask trick questions: Some women ask trick questions all the time; for example: Does this dress make me look fat? Is she prettier than me? Do you think my friend is hot? Basically, when a woman asks a trick question, she doesn’t want an honest answer. Women ask trick questions because, most of the time, they want reassurance or extra attention.

3. Women are talkative: It’s a proven fact: Women talk three times more than men. Women, on average, talk 13,000 more words than men per day. On top of that, women have the ability to speak a lot faster than men do, so they end up talking a lot more. And since women are more emotional, they are definitely more communicative. In fact, it’s proven that women use more brain cells for communicating than their male counterparts.

4. Women are goo hoarders: When it comes to beauty and hygiene products, women tend to buy more than what they need.

5. Women are insecure: Women tend to be more insecure about their looks than men because of the pressure to conform to the ideal standard set by the media.

Five Myths About Women
1. Women spend more money on impulse buys: While it’s true that women love to shop, it’s untrue that they spend more cash on impulse purchases than their male counterparts. On average, a woman spends around $30 dollars on a weekly basis on impulse buys; men, on the other hand, spend around forty dollars on impulse buys.

2. All women want to get married and have kids: Starting a family was the norm back in the day, but times are changing. Not all women want to tie-the-knot with their partner, and not all women want kids; some women don’t have what it takes to raise a baby. Some women might want a career instead of being a housewife, and that’s totally normal.

3. If a woman is angry, she has PMS: One of the most common assumptions about women is that if they’re angry, it’s because of PMS. While a woman’s anger may be attributed to PMS ¼ of the time, the probability is that she’s pissed off for a deeper reason. She could have had a terrible day at work, or she could have gotten in a fight with her best friend. Like it was mentioned before, women are deeper than men, so when they get angry, it’s usually not PMS.

4. Women get dolled up to go to the supermarket: While some women like to get all gussied up to hit the store, the majority of women just tie their hair in a bun, wear sweatpants and ditch the makeup. Think about it: How many women wear heels and a full face of makeup just to get a carton of milk? The answer is not that many.

5. Girls are ugly when they don’t wear makeup: A lot of people think that women look hideous without makeup. While makeup enhances a woman’s appearance, the chances are that she will look the same without it on; the only major difference is that her skin will be more even. In fact, some women look better with no makeup on. Makeup can’t transform Quasimodo into a supermodel, so what you see is what you get; well, at least most of the time.

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