Flirting Via Text Like a Pro

As any talented temptress should know, there are countless ways to flirt with a guy. It could be something as simple as a smile or something as strong as your phone number on a napkin. It could be in a look, a line, a touch or even a smell. But how do you go about flirting with a guy if he cannot see, hear or touch you? This can take some serious skill.

Luckily, that’s why God made text messages. Texting can be the most effective flirting tool since the invention of red lipstick, if you know how to utilize it properly. It can be used to flirt, tempt and tease a guy, and it can be just as useful in really getting to know him once he’s hooked. Over the last 13 or so years, texting has created an entirely new form of human communication, complete with its own etiquette, style, grammar and punctuation. In a sense, texting is almost like an entirely new language, all to itself.

Texting can be an important form of communication in a number of ways, but getting back to the point, there are no areas in which it is more useful than flirting. This guide is designed to teach you the most effective tips to flirt text like a pro, including a few examples and special tricks to get (and keep) him hooked.

1.   Be you

While it can be helpful to get input from friends (and examples from the internet), your texts should be original and unique to you. The entire idea here is to make him like you, not some person that you create through overly thought-out and carefully crafted texts. Your texts should always reflect your distinct personality, and you should not have to think too hard to show this.

One downside to texting is also one of its major benefits; it provides the ability to carefully think and rethink before you speak. This causes many women to drive themselves nuts, carefully crafting and editing every word of a message before sending. The general rule of thumb is to never think more than a minute before sending a flirty text. If you have to think about it any longer than this, it is not worth sending.

2. Be creative

This is similar to the idea listed above, but this is more about customizing special messages that only you can create. One of the most useful ways to do this is by using shared experiences —  almost like an inside joke that can only be understood and appreciated by the two of you. For example:

3. Make him laugh

The absolute best result you can hope for is that one of your texts makes him laugh when he reads it. A smile is good, but an outright laugh can mean that he is already halfway in love with you. This does not mean you have to hire a comedy writer or come up with some complex and original joke. In fact, the simpler the better.

Originality and shared experiences are also useful in texts geared at making him laugh, but they are not necessities. Quirky, cute and fun is the idea that you are going for here. A few examples include:

  • Stop making me think about you… I’m busy.
  • Who do you think would win an arm wrestling match between us?

One important note on your funny-flirty texts, you want to make sure he knows you are kidding, especially if the text is slightly teasing. Emoticons can be your best friend here, and they are almost always preferable to another lol.

4. Leave him wanting more

This is the same concept that is one of the key elements of good showmanship: always leave them wanting more. When you think the conversation has hit its highest point, it can only go down from there. That means this is a good time to end the conversation instead of going on and on until you cannot think of anything else to say.

But don’t just stop responding. You want to leave on a high note, but you also want to make sure he knows you are looking forward to the next time. A few possibilities are:

  • It’s past my bedtime… I enjoyed talking to you. Talk tomorrow?
  • I have to shower before girls’ night… drunk text you later?

This last one is good on two fronts. Anything that subtly makes him think of you naked is a good thing.