Flowers Women Love and Flowers They Hate

The delicacy of a woman is only comparable to a delicacy of a flower-or so many poets have said. The gift of flowers is a long standing tradition that almost never fails to make an impression on the woman receiving them. Flowers are pretty, nice to smell, and are a reminder to the woman that someone cares about her.

But men are often unsure whether flowers are an appropriate gift to give or not. There are some women who swear up and down that receiving flowers is the last thing they want, while others are genuinely delighted every time they get a bouquet. This rift in general opinion might make men a little uneasy about whether or not it’s the right gift, and the best way to know is to see what kind of woman you’re dealing with, and judge based on that. In the end, though, no woman could ever resist the delight of receiving a gift of beautiful flowers as a symbol of thoughtfulness and caring from someone who is thinking about her.

Flowers They Love

There are simply some occasions when a gif of flowers is the perfect thing, and women love receiving those flowers. Some of the kinds of flowers women love are the ones that

Romantic Flowers

No matter how modern a man thinks he is, or how progressive a woman is, the old fashioned tradition of giving flowers on dates and romantic events is a long standing one that is tried and true. Flowers bring the level of romance to a new high, and prove that you’re really putting thought and effort into winning her heart.

Flowers With Meaning

Did you know that each kind of flower has a different meaning? It’s true, and this can help you to add meaning and value to your bouquet. A certain type of flower can mean anything, including:

  • Gratitude (pink flowers)
  • Romance (red roses)
  • Adoration (sunflowers)
  • Faithfulness (violets)
  • Purity (lilies)
  • Apology (yellow flowers)

If she sees that you want to send a message with your flowers, she’ll appreciate them all the more. To find out more about flowers and their meanings, check with a local flower shop or visit

Special Occasion Flowers

Make your special days even more special with flowers. Occasions like graduation days, parties, anniversaries, holidays, and landmark occasions should be marked with a bouquet of her favorite flower at the very least. You might even want to think about including something even more meaningful along with them if it’s a really special day.

Surprise Flowers­­­

You can order flowers online  or go to a local flower shop on a whim and completely surprise your woman with an out of the blue gift. Women love nothing more than a beautiful surprise in the form of flowers, and you’re bound to win with an unexpected gift.

Flowers They Hate

Women might love flowers normally, but their love turns cold when flowers are given in the wrong ways. Here are some situations where men often make the mistake of trying to give flowers when a different approach is clearly needed. Bad timing, thoughtfulness, and the wrong intentions will turn any flowers women would love into flowers they hate.

Flowers Sent to Impress

No one likes a show-off, and especially not a show-off trying to win affections with a lame bouquet of flowers. The flowers might be pretty, but their prettiness is destroyed by your annoying and arrogant way of acting. Don’t try to show off or impress with gifts of fancy flowers—it won’t help you out at all.

Breakup Flowers

Breakups are hard for everyone involved, and sending flowers as a desperate act to keep things together will never help things out. Many guys try this out as a last-ditch attempt to hold on, and it never works. It only makes you seem pathetic and desperate, and makes your ex-girlfriend dislike you that much more.

Cliché Flowers

Using flowers as your standard, go-to gift whenever you want to give a woman anything gets old pretty quickly. Sometimes a bouquet of flowers can be the perfect touch during a tough time, a special occasion, or out of the blue, but if that’s all you ever bother to do then she’ll catch on. After a while, flowers become a generic and cliché gift, and turn your woman off to you rather than endearing her more.

Flowers When She Deserved More

Flowers make a wonderful gift from time to time, but they shouldn’t be all you give to her on certain occasions. If your woman has wanted a particular item for a long time and has let you know, flowers by themselves can be extremely disappointing. If she’s reached a landmark, had a birthday, achieved a special goal, or otherwise deserves a better gift, then use flowers as an accompaniment to the gift she really wants, and both the flowers and the gift will be made more special.

Women love flowers in most cases, and they can be a delicate, thoughtful, and meaningful way for you to show that you care. But a gift of flowers needs to be accompanied with good timing and careful thought if you want to ensure that you’re giving her the kinds of flowers she likes rather than the ones that bother her.