99 Cool Ear Tattoo Ideas That You Will Love

If you are looking for a cool new tattoo, then you are sure to love the ear tattoos. They are great because you can show them off when your hair is in a ponytail or hidden when you leave your hair down. It might just be because you are hiding your tattoo from your parents. Ear tattoos are very popular and there are so many options available to you.

These styles are very popular these days and you are sure to find a style that you love. There are plenty of small tattoos that it nicely behind the ear. They are delicate tattoos that also look pretty cool. These tattoos are also pretty cute and we have a ton of styles for you to look at.

Check out these 99 Cool Ear Tattoo Ideas That You Will Love:

  1. Angel Wing

This tattoo is a little bigger than most, but it’s still a pretty cool tattoo design.


2. Skull Designs

This is definitely a larger tattoo design and it’s a badass style. It goes from behind the ear and goes up to the side of the head.


3. Moon Styles

This sweet moon has jewels dangling from the tattoo.


4. Small Roses

A cute little rose can be easily hidden behind the ear. If you want a tattoo that is small and hideable, then this is the style for you.


5. Star Designs

Another cute tattoo style that you can hide behind the ear or show off.


6. Jewelry Designs

A delicate style like this one is very elegant and classy.


7. Dragon Styles

A great style like this sits nicely on the ear. It’s a cool look that you are sure to love.


8. Line Tattoos

A tattoo like this probably has some meaning behind it. It’s a very simple tattoo design that is barely noticeable.


9. Special Stars

These tiny stars are so cute and they fit nicely behind the ear.


10. Dandelion Fluff

A cool tattoo like this is beautiful and classy. If you love a whimsical design, then you are sure to love this one.


11. Mountain Designs

If you want a tiny tattoo and you have a love for the mountains, then this would be the perfect style for you.


12. Dotted Styles

Another great look that you are sure to love because it’s simple, but it looks so cool.


13. Spiderwebs and Diamonds

Two very different tattoos find their way together in ear tattoo styles.


14. Pretty Styles

It’s a tiny flower, but the burst of color really makes the whole tattoo stand out. The purple is a beautiful shade for a tattoo.


15. Ear Jewelry

If you like the idea of having permanent ear jewelry, then this might be the tattoo that you are looking for. It’s elegant and beautiful and it looks just like a real piece of jewelry.


16. Triangles

These triangles are all over the ear and they create a very interesting tattoo design.


17. Paper Airplane

This is another whimsical design that might remind you of your childhood. We love this cute little image.


18. Cute Hummingbirds

A sweet style that has some hummingbirds on it. The colors are bold and beautiful.


19. Elephant Styles

Elephants are a popular choice because they hold a lot of meaning behind them.


20. Anchor Styles

A great style for someone who loves the sea or boating.


21. Rose Styles

This is a more traditional tattoo design but still a very beautiful one.


22. Feather Styles

A simple style that has some really unique looks.


23. Fox Styles

The fox fits nicely behind the ear. It’s a cute design that you are sure to love.


24. Diamond Styles

A great diamond style that has some amazing colors. This tattoo practically sparkles.


25. Heart Tattoo

A very small tattoo that is easily hidden. It’s a cool design that you will love.


26. Bold Colors

A great style like this one that has some bold colors.


27. Silhouette Styles

This is a very simple tattoo design that is sweet and small. If you are looking for a tiny tattoo design, then this is the one for you.


28. Awesome Styles

A great style like this combines a tattoo with a piercing. It’s a bold style that you are sure to love. It’s a cute style that you can show off all summer long.


29. Peacock Feathers

A gorgeous peacock feather tattoo like this is sure to brighten up your day. We just love the beautiful colors.


30. Messages

A great style that is simple and yet has a personal message attached to it. A wonderful look that is simple and wonderful.


31. Creative Angel Wings

This is an amazing style that gives a very different example of an angel wing. We love this creative design.


32. Tribal Feathers

This is a beautiful example of tribal feathers with a burst of color.


33. Owl Tattoos

A great owl tattoo that is sure to bring a smile to your face.


34. Butterfly Styles

This is a larger tattoo style that goes down the neck as well.


35. Cool Designs

This is a very unusual style that is sure to draw the eye.


36. Zig-Zag Lines

We have dots, lines and even Jason from Friday the 13th.


37. Bird Tattoos

A great style like this one is truly unique. The bird style is truly different and beautiful.


38. Floral Styles

A cool style like this one is small and simple. We love the pretty little flowers.


39. Leaf Designs

Another example of small tattoos that can easily be tucked behind the ear.


40. Flower Styles

A simple flower is all you need to have a cool new design. It’s a small flower that is really unique.


41. Swirling Designs

A bold design that goes from behind the ear to the back of the neck. It’s a gorgeous style that is really creative and beautiful.


42. Floral Styles

This beautiful tattoo is medium sized and totally cool looking. It’s a great example of a stunning design.


43. Paper Designs

Another great example of a paper airplane design that you will love.


44. Different Languages

A very simple tattoo in a different language that allows you to have a private message.


45. Colorful Styles

A small flower that has a lot of colors to it.


46. Pirate Sword

This is a very unique tattoo design that makes it look like a knife is inside the ear. It’s a cartoon design that is very small.


47. Seahorse Styles

A little design of a seahorse that is super cute.


48. Fish Bones

An amazing style like this is sure to be eye-catching. It’s a cool design that makes for a special tattoo.


49. Musical Notes

These little notes cover the ear and it looks like a pretty cool design.


50. Tinkerbell

If you are a fan of Tinkerbell, then you are sure to love a style like this one. It’s whimsical and fun and a creative way to show your love for your favorite characters.



51. Colorful Stars

This is a very basic design, but it might be exactly what you are looking for.


52. Flying Birds

If you are looking for a larger design, then you are sure to love these flying birds. They start behind the ear and they go down the neck.


53. Bold Neons

A stunning feather style that has some bold neon colors.


54. Sweet Feathers

A simple style that is truly unique and beautiful.


55. Portrait Designs

This is a very unique tattoo that fits on the lobe of the ear.


56. Larger Designs

This is a very interesting design and one that is sure to catch some attention. It’s a ship wheel and it’s in the front of the ear instead of behind.


57. Cartoon Fish

A simple fish design that fits nicely behind the ear.


58. Peacock Love

There’s no doubt about it, peacock feathers are beautiful. If you love them as much as we do, then this might be the tattoo for you.


59. Cool Flowers

This black and white floral design is detailed and beautiful.


60. Planets

A very tiny tattoo that is very basic and unique.



61. Little Bow

A very tiny bow that has a punch of color.


62. Tiny Anchor

A small tattoo like this one is sure to bring a smile to your face.


63. Ruffled Feathers

A great style like this is truly beautiful and we love the fact that it fits perfectly behind the ear.


64. Cartoon Wing

A great style like this is fun and wonderful. We love this fun little wing.


65. Where’s Waldo

Can you spot Waldo? This is a very fun tattoo and you can hide Waldo any time that you want to. When you feel like it, you can expose Waldo’s hiding spot.


66. Star Trek

A very basic tattoo that represents your love for Star Trek.


67. Stunning Trees

If you ever thought that a tree wouldn’t fit on your ear, then you are wrong. It looks like it’s an apple blossom tree and the colors are beautiful.


68. Cool Circles

A great style that is sure to draw the eye.


69. Spider Webs

It looks like a spider web is tucked away inside the ear.


70. Soft Bows

A great style that is simple and sweet.


71. Cool Tattoos

A very solid tattoo design that is simple and well put together.



72. Bold Elements

A simple style that has plenty of triangles attached to it.


73. Bold Flowers

A stunning flower that is only a partial in this case. We love the interesting style that is truly gorgeous.




74. Bold Leaves

These little leaves are very detailed. We love the dark styles.


75. Soft Flowers

These are great tattoo designs and ones that are flowing behind the ear. We love the soft pink and the sweet designs.



76. Bold Rose

Another great tattoo design that is simple and sweet.


77. Unique Styles

A bold style that is not only unique but creates a very cool look.


78. Small Designs

Another small design that is simple in nature.


79. Smiling Moon

Another simple style that has a sweet moon with a smile on its face.


80. Shark Styles

We love sharks and when it comes to Shark Week, you just want to be able to represent your love for a predator that is totally badass. The design is fun and the colors are unique.


81. Simple Styles

A gorgeous design that is small and simple. The moon sits nicely right on the lobe.


82. Interesting Lines

A great style like this is truly unique. A great design like this is very eye-catching.


83. Small Triangles

A simple style like this one is tiny and unusual. We’re sure there is some meaning behind this tiny tattoo.


84. Tulip Designs

A unique look like this one is simple. If you love tulips, then why not try a small tattoo like this one.


85. V-Styles

A great style like this one is unique and wonderful. We can’t help but love a cool looking style like this one.


86. One Line

There has to be a story behind a tattoo like this one. It couldn’t be a more simpler tattoo design.


87. Dots

Another unique tattoo design that must have some meaning behind it as well. These are cool looks.


88. Constellations

A small tattoo like this one is unique and fun. It’s a special design that is sure to have people complimenting you.


89. Plant Styles

A great style that is larger than life.


90. Bold Choices

Another unique look that is sure to turn heads.


91. The Eye

A great style that is sure to impress you.


92. Line Styles

These styles are truly unique and if you are looking for something simple with some meaning behind it, then you can’t go wrong with this style.


93. The Sunset

A great look like this one is sure to put a smile on your face everytime that you see it.


94. Interesting Styles

A cool design that is sure to make you the talk of every party that you go to.


95. Remarkable Flower

We love this partial flower and it’s so beautiful behind the ear.


96. Leaf Designs

A simple style that fits snugly behind the ear.


97. Soft Pinks

If you are looking for a subtle style, then this soft pink flowers is exactly what you are looking for.


98. Paris Lover

If you have a love for Paris, then this is the tattoo for you.


99. Gorgeous Designs

A tattoo like this one is soft and beautiful.