Funny Valentine’s Day treats

Funny Valentine’s Day treats

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day has taken firm root in the commercial calendar. Is it a post January sales retail conspiracy to play on our guilt or a genuine celebration when reticent lovers can gird their loins and declare their passion?

Whatever your thoughts, you do not need to be boring to win the heart of the one you love. Don’t just think chocolates and flowers to splurge on for your love interest though. There are plenty of things you can do that cost little, but require time and thought. Plan ahead and make it personal. It’s the thought that counts right? Perhaps cook up some romantic homemade treats, a delicious dinner or a saucy dessert. Write some sexy notes and slip them into your partner’s bag or pocket to find later. Breakfast in bed is always a treat. Or if your skills are not up to scratch, just buy something expensive.

My funny valentine… Many people rate a good sense of humour high on their list for the perfect partner and hitting just the right note can be key. Do be careful, you want to make them laugh not run for the hills.

Here are some funny Valentine’s Day treats to try:

Every woman dreams of a handsome prince and we have all kissed a few frogs in hopes of finding him. Give her a little hint that you are the one.  Just add water and the frog transforms into a man with udders on his head it seams

Champagne and ice cream are two favourites – why not try them together? Wine Cellar Sorbets are fat free, dairy free, gluten free, corn-syrup free & guilt free too. She will love it!

Looking for a card to say it for you?  The Hoff is always funny.

If you do buy chocolate, make it different.  Give your heart to the one you love

One for the romantics. Forget Jerry Maguire ‘you had me at hello’ – this is more realistic for some.

And for the practical because let’s face it, February is cold. You will get a better response if you actually knit them, but probably not much better.

Looking for something classy? Well look away now. A cake to show you care

OK this is more on the scary side unless you have been together for a very long time. Warning, it is not guaranteed to rekindle the spark.  A ‘slanket’ for two – how cosy…

Did I say scary? Well here’s a little idea to reveal your love to your love at an appropriate moment. My funny valentine, you’re my favourite work of art

And finally for the bitter and cynical (like me) Stickers for anyone, anywhere.

Of course the way to a mans heart is through his sternum.. i mean stomach, so why not cook up a storm with bacon butties for breakfast and check out some pork chop recipes for dinner.