Spruce Up Your Dining Area

Moving into a new home can be an exciting time. You begin to think of design ideas for your new space; styles and colors come to mind as you imagine the memorable moments you’ll have in the home. The dining room is surely one of the spaces where creativity and function come together and spark conversations.

How you plan to use this space is essential to its design. As one of the most popular spaces for entertaining, you need to know how many chairs to buy. Will you use the area for formal dinner parties or casual get-togethers?

The seating arrangement determines whether separate conversations will take place or one large group discussion. A round table is best for a group discussion, while rectangular tables encourage another conversation pattern but optimize the number of guests.

Don’t forget to take measurements to avoid falling in love with a set that won’t fit in the space. Once you decide the kind of environment you wish to design, you can start shopping. The table is the centerpiece and should be inviting to guests. That’s why assessing the area and positioning of the table is vital for this space.

Not only is the dining area an important room for entertaining, but it’s also a space for loved ones to catch up with one another. It is one room where using technology is not encouraged, and everyone is expected to be present. The dining room plays a key role in family bonding, and dinner time gives them an opportunity to share.

Let’s also not forget the many purposes of the dining table. In many families, the dining room is used for learning and education. The table can be used as a work desk for adults. Whatever the purpose, the dining set is the core piece of the home.

Finding the ideal table can be difficult, and asking an interior designer for help seems like the next logical step. Don’t forget they are in business to earn money. The fees for an interior designer can become costly, and they usually push brands with whom they have mutually beneficial relationships. That causes designers to recommend pieces that don’t fit your style but earn them a higher commission.

With 1Stop Bedrooms, there is a vast collection of styles to pick from, but the consultants on staff are not motivated by a commission to help. Instead, your positive feedback once you are satisfied with your purchase is what drives the designer’s suggestions. They will quietly listen to your needs and help you find furniture that complements your taste. There is no fee to speak with a design consultant, so don’t hesitate to contact them.

You can also use the website’s filter to narrow down your choices. Type keywords into the search box for specific features and find pieces that speak to your design needs. You can choose a price range, color, style, and other elements depending on the item.

As you do so, you will see many of the dining table sets are up to 65% off. How is that possible?

Well, unlike major retailers, 1Stop doesn’t work with third parties to deliver your new dining room set. These third parties have to be paid, and that cost is usually passed on to the customer. Corporate retailers also include their overhead costs in their high-priced items. Shop with a company that looks for a deal so you won’t pick up all the extra fees traditional retailers tend to charge.

There is also a low-price guarantee that applies to every purchase. If the price of your selection drops after the order is placed, they will adjust the cost for you. The price-match guarantee shows they believe their competitors will not beat them.

In addition to the low costs, you can also take advantage of the financing. That’s right, choose from twelve, twenty-four, or a thirty-six-month plan. The full payment is not required at checkout, so manage your payments in small increments and take advantage of the savings. Free in-home shipping is also available, making this one deal you cannot pass up.

You can find a stylish and functional dining room table set on 1StopBedrooms that works for your home and budget.