How to Get the Perfect Fit When Shopping For Clothes Online

Shopping online is a great way to ensure that you get unique styles at cheap prices. However, you also have to worry about whether you will get the perfect fit when shopping online. Here are some tips that will help you to find clothes that fit every time:

Get the Right Measurements

The most important thing that you should do before spending any money online is to measure yourself properly. Once you know your correct size, you can start shopping without apprehension. Just remember that one clothing company’s size 6 is another’s size 4. Designers tend to use vanity sizes, which confuses most customers looking for the right fit.

Here are several ways of getting the right measurements:

Take them with a Friend’s Help

If you cannot find the time to visit a professional and get the right measurements, you should consider asking a friend to help you take them. Just make sure that you do not stand up straighter than usual or suck in your stomach when taking your measurements. Optimizing your posture when taking the measurements will just lead to an uncomfortable fit.

When measuring the bust or in-seam, you should ask a close friend to help you.

Get a Professional’s Help

The easiest way to get the most accurate measurements is to ask a professional to take them. Although the whole point of shopping online is to avoid physical clothing stores, you should visit one if you want to get precise measurements. This is especially important if you are shopping for a brassiere. Once you’ve got your precise measurements, you are ready to start shopping on websites such as

If you do not want to visit a clothing store, you should consider finding a local tailor to do the adjustments after ordering clothes online. However, you should just get the right measurements in the first place because alterations can be costly.

Check the Sizing Charts and Choose the Best Online Retailers

Once you know your correct measurements, you should make size charts your best friend. To avoid playing a guessing game, you should look at the sizing chart every time you think of ordering clothes online. If you are shopping from a custom store where everything is ready made, you should only look at the sizing chart once.

If finding the correct fit is important, you should look for an online shop that guarantees the right fit and makes its sizing charts clear. However, when buying from sites such as Amazon that sell clothes from different designers, you need to consult the sizing chart for every new item you need.

Buy Custom Clothing

If you want to ensure that you get the exact fit each time, you should opt for custom clothing retailers. When you shop from custom clothiers, you should try on the clothes and send them back for any alterations that you want to be made. You should not be afraid to send custom clothes back if they do not fit properly.

Make Notes on Retailers/Brands You Have Shopped Before

If you dive a bit deeper into the online shopping world, you will find sites that sell everything from custom belts to hand-made shoes. If you have shopped with a certain retailer before, you should write down what you bought and whether the fit was good. These notes will come in handy when you encounter several brands that you like.

Moreover, if you find a cut and brand that works well for you, jotting down notes will make it easier to find them again in future. After making several purchases, you will end up with a list of brands and designers that always work for you.