Ten of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings ever

Cluster diamond earrings are earrings with crystals and gemstones assembled. These cluster diamond earrings are not only for women but also for men. These earrings are among the most precious and pretty earrings, which adds more grace to even your simple look.

We are discussing the engagement rings. The engagement ring is not just a piece of diamond, gold, or metal, but a piece of memories, love, care, and affection. A more expensive ring doesn’t mean more love sometimes. A metal ring given with love is more valuable than a diamond ring given formally.

The trend of expensive engagement rings is becoming a ponderable fact among celebrities. As the ring has more chic and bigger diamonds, its price will also be more appreciable. So why don’t we give a short glance at the most expensive engagement rings worn by celebrities?

Let’s look at the ranking of rings from lower to the most expensive ring in the world.

Melania trump

Melania Trump also had the honor to have a ring of 2 million dollars given by Donald Trump.

Katie holmes

in 2005, tom cruise was proposed to Katie holmes. She agreed to his proposal, and then tom cruise gifted her an expensive ring having a price of 1.5 million dollars.

Now its price falls around 2 million.

Paris Hilton

Paris Latsis firstly proposed Hilton in 2005, then in 2018, Paris Hilton (the owner of a hotel) was proposed by Chris Zylka with a ring of 2 million. Unfortunately, after a couple of months, she broke up with Zylka. The most awkward thing is that Zylka demanded his ring back because

Two million is not a small amount to ignore.

Serena Williams

In 2016 Alex Ohanian( a tennis superstar) tied a knot with Serena Williams with a ring of about 3.5 million dollars. After a little passage of time, they were married. Their marriage was a great event for the whole celebrities to have an eye on.

Alexa dell

Alexa dell was the daughter of Michael Dell, who is the chairman and CEO of dell technologies. Harrison reform proposed Alexa dell. She astonished everyone when she showed off her 3 million dollars adorable engagement ring. It was a ring having a big diamond in the center surrounded by several cute little diamonds. This ring must be more expensive now.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Kanye west are no doubt some of the world’s most attractive and powerful couples. Both of them started dating in 2011 and had a beautiful pretty baby girl. In 2013 Kanye west proposed to her and gifted a ring of about 4 million dollars. Then in 2014, they tied a knot and got married. God gifted them with the blessing of 4 children. Unfortunately, in 2021, news came that they are separated. Kim filed a divorce against Kanye and demanded the custody of 4 children.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez created the record of having expensive rings two times. Her first engagement ring was 1.2 million dollars.

After it, she has proposed again to Anthony with a diamond ring of 4 million dollars.

Vannesa Bryant

In 2003 Kobe Bryant proposed to Vanessa with a 4 million dollar engagement ring. Now, this ring can be estimated for a value of up to 5.5 million dollars.

Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova was a Russian tennis star who was in a relationship with Enrique Iglesias. In 2004 the news of her 5.4 million dollar engagement ring spread like a fire in a forest. It’s worth today is about 7.7 million dollars. The beautiful, giant yellow diamond gives her ring an adorable look. Anyone’s eye cannot ignore its grace.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey got a ring from James packer, having a price of 10 million dollars. Soon she broke-up and sell her ring for about 2 million dollars to a jeweler, which was a great loss of almost 8 million dollars.

Jackie kennedy onassis

Aristotle onassis is one of the world’s most famous and richest persons. He proposed to her the design of harry winston for 2 million dollars in 1968. The price of that ring will be about 19.5 million dollars today.

Elizabeth Taylor

She takes the title of having the most expensive ring in the whole world. She was given a ring of 8.8 million dollars given by Richard burton. Sadly that ring was auctioned after her death.

Grace kelly

Grace Kelly, a Hollywood actress, luckily was proposed by prince rainier 3 of Monaco. In earlier 1956, the ring’s price was 3 million dollars, but today that ring costs about 38 million dollars. It has the highest price among all the rings. Cartier designed it.

In the future, these records may be broken down by today’s thrilling generation, but for that, we have to wait and watch…!!