Getting Away with your Girls

Want to get away with your girls and have some real fun? Don’t want to go for the boring usual stuff when spending time with friends? In the following article we look into a few simple yet effective ideas to help to get away with your girls and have some serious fun…custom t shirt

Indulge in Some Cooking

There’s nothing like inviting your girls over in the afternoon and simply cooking together! Make sure you’ve got all the ingredients beforehand (or you can even go out with the gals and shop for them together). Also, prepare the oven if needed and have all the pans and pots in place well in advance so that you don’t have to search for them when you start. When everybody’s there, put on some music and start cooking! To make it more fun, assign tasks to each of the girls so that everybody’s taking equal part in the cooking.

Go Window Shopping

Most women love shopping. But what if all you’re looking out for is some fun without spending much money? This is when window shopping comes into the picture. Just browsing shops together can be real fun! You can either head to the mall with the girls or even a large store would do. You can try out different stores and also try your hand at unique outfits. If you like an outfit you’re wearing then ask one of the girls to take a picture of you wearing it in the changing room. Just let go and have some real fun!

Groove and Dance

Invite five or six of your friends and go out to dance the night away! You can head over to an open room of your choice and groove to some amazing, funky music. Dancing and getting crazy together will give let you bond with your girls like never before. You can even get some custom t-shirts for your friends that you can wear before going out, so everybody can remember the fun times. Just see to it that you go to a place where everybody in the group is comfortable with. Also, if you really want to make such small events memorable than go ahead and flip out your digital camera and film all the fun you have.

Have a Karaoke Night

Your girls deserve to have real fun and get serious about enjoying themselves. And you can arrange that for them by having a crazy karaoke night where all the girls let their hair loose and show off their singing skills. Go ahead and experiment. Sing your lungs out and don’t forget to videotape it so that it can be watched later on. Also, when one of the girl is doing her singing, the others can practice different dance moves or simply act a little goofy.

Regardless of what kind of friendship you share with your girls and how far you want to go, always keep in mind that doing such fun activities with them will only strengthen your bond, and make things more exciting. So go ahead and try out the ideas that we discussed above and impress your girls!