Gifts Your Boyfriend Didn’t Know He Wanted – Top 10 List

Let’s face it, guys can be hard to buy for. They usually don’t ask for much, and unlike women they are terrible at dropping hints! It can be hard to come up with ideas when you want to buy something unique that you know he’ll love, so luckily for you we’ve made this list. These are items that aren’t on most gift buying guides, but they are pretty great ideas and no matter what his interests are you’ll find something here that he’s sure to love.

Grow your own hot sauce kit

If your boyfriend likes a little heat in his meals, how awesome would it be to experience growing the peppers and making his own sauce? This grow your own hot sauce kit makes the entire experience easy, from starting the plants as seeds to providing bottles for your sauce. Unique flavors combined with some creativity can make a chef out of anybody!

Pressurized Growler

If your guy is a beer (or root beer!) lover, he would probably love his own pressurized growler. He can buy whatever is on tap at his favorite local brewery and bring it home to enjoy without paying the high pub prices. Growlers keep the beer from getting flat, so the same fill can be enjoyed for days.

Bow Tie

Bow ties are classic, quirky, and a fun way to dress up a wardrobe. If any of these descriptions fit your man, he’d probably love to get a bow tie as a present. With so many pattern choices there’s surely something to match his personality! He’ll be extra adorable for your next date night.

Model building kit

Many men built models as children, but with the advent of the internet there are a plethora of model choices available. He can build a working clock, a three-dimensional puzzle, and even art to hang on the wall once he’s done. If you’re looking for something to do as a couple, these just might fit the bill. Some of these can be painted as well, which just adds to the fun!

Beard trimming mat

Trimming a beard is messy work. The trimmer flings hair bits everywhere, and it can be a disaster to clean up. A beard trimming mat is a perfect solution to this problem! He ties the mat around his neck, then uses suction cups to attach the mat to the bathroom mirror. Any stray hairs are caught, and then can be neatly dumped into the trash with no other clean-up needed.

Lighted grill tools

Grilling is a must when the weather is nice, and these lighted grill tools make sure that the grill master can always see what he’s doing, even when it’s after dark. Struggling with a flashlight as well as grilling tools can be a definite pain, but these tools make grilling in the dark easier than ever.

Magnetic stud finder

Finding studs can be a real pain, but a necessary evil when you’re hanging something heavy. This specialized tool can make this job much less frustrating, and it probably means you’ll get to enjoy more art on your walls as well!

Fancy shaving kit

If your boyfriend isn’t already using one of these, just go ahead and buy it. It may seem like a splurge, but he’ll never go back to spray shaving cream again after trying one of these. The combination of a brush, the lathering cream, and the beard oil will make him feel both spoiled and manly at the same time.

Tablet holding cutting board

If he’s a guy who likes to look up recipes online, a tablet holding cutting board may be just the thing he needs. This board holds the tablet up above the mess of the counter and makes it easy to read the recipe.

A tank of gas

While you can’t wrap this gift up, it shows thoughtfulness and that you were thinking about your boyfriend. He will appreciate heading to work and not having to stop for gas! Grab his favorite candy bar while you’re out to get even more girlfriend bonus points.

As with all gifts, it’s the thought that counts. While getting a present is nice, thoughtful actions as well as gifts help keep the relationship between you alive and well. Taking the time to go out of your way for him will mean a lot, whether it’s with a thoughtful gift or doing something for him that he would normally take care of.