Green Tea is Good For Us Girl By Elizabeth Hurley

Everyone is being bombarded with all kinds of things that can help our bodies and beauty that is easy. Sometimes these things work and sometimes they do not. I am going to tell you now that green tea is your friend and you don’t even know it yet. It has so many benefits that I cannot fit it into one article I am sure there are books about it but I am going to list the ones that I feel might interest you.



The specific antioxidant is called catechin. It helps repair any damage made to your body during your everyday life. The amazing thing is that it actually fixes DNA which is a real permanent fix in you ask me. We all could use some help with the crazy toxins and free radicals we are being warned about. These agents are supposedly damaging our body with the air we breathe and the sun that touches or skin.


Weight control

This is my favorite benefit of all. We gain and lose weight based on metabolism as has been scientifically proven. There is something called polyphenol in green tea that actually makes your body burn fat faster than your normal rates. This means more weight gone and weight that is kept off. Calories will burn off faster than they can be kept in the body. Drink yourself thin ladies.


Lower cholesterol

We are all concerned with our health and our hearts. They can be broken but if they quit beating that is problem. Green tea has been known to improve your cholesterol by reducing the bad kind  called LDL and increasing the good kind called HDL. Your heart will be doing better the more you drink and you can live and love longer.



This is a big concern for many people as it is becoming more and more common. Green tea is a regulator of glucose slowing its rise after a meal. It prevents the insulin from spiking reducing the amount of medication needed. This is not a cure but an aid in the fight against diabetes keeping your blood sugar more level when it would normally spike. You can even buy some sugar free kinds with berry flavors that will make it easier to drink if you do not like tea.


Tooth Decay

The antioxidant catechin helps kill the bacteria and viruses that cause dental issues. As a natural antibacterial and antiviral it can prevent your teeth from becoming thin due to the attacks of bacteria and viruses. Green tea helps with other dental conditions not only tooth decay to give you a happy sexy mouth that is clean.


Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is common when stressed or even excited in a good way. However, when your blood pressure is always high you have a problem that requires medication to control. I am a big fan of natural cures as modern medications have so many side effects. The list of things that can go wrong is scary read the list trust me. Green tea has been linked to the reduction of high blood pressure. Tea has a natural ability to relax us like its chamomile cousin green tea does the very same.



As if green tea wasn‘t good enough and you didn‘t want to drink it already here is another one aging. Green tea is a natural anti aging compound due to is anti inflammatory effects and antioxidants. It reduces wrinkles and other signs of aging in the skin as well as sun damage. Simply drink the tea or you can apply it to your face. A fast way to apply it is to make some green tea and soak a cotton round or ball with it when cool to your clean face.


Fat storage

Yet another great benefit of green tea drinking is that it reduces the fat that is stored in your body. You simply drink it and it will prevent fat from being kept during the process of breaking down the food into calories. The less fat the better (in most places) for our bodies and our clothes and our boyfriends too. We will feel thinner and actually look thinner as a result of our green tea.


We have all tried a great many things to improve our lives and our health. Seldom can we do both at once but drinking green tea is one of these things we can do. There are companies that make green tea in regular, citrus, berry, and sugar free varieties. With the long list of benefits and the ones I did not include on the list why not try some and see the changes for yourself. It is one of the many natural remedies out there that is valid and can make a difference in your health and beauty for the long term.