65 Intriguing Virgo Tattoos Idea For Zodiac Maniacs

Virgo tattoos are a popular type of zodiac tattoos, and they feature signs and symbols associated with the astrological sign. Virgo is a zodiac sign assigned to people born between August 23 and September 22. In addition, Virgos who are tattoo enthusiasts would love to get inked with various symbols associated with their star sign and also show off the vigor of the Virgo zodiac.

Although Virgo has Latin origins and means self-contained, it is alluded to in various cultures and traditions. Virgo is viewed in myths as a virgin and is symbolic of wheat, especially in Egyptian mythology. It is also associated with a maiden, and Astraea of Greek mythology is the inspiration behind the maiden symbol. The constellation is also related to the goddess Demeter who is the goddess of the harvest. In Indian astrology, the Virgo has an equivalent called Kanya, which also means maiden.

The Virgo zodiac is a very passionate sign and have a deep connection with their partners and are helpful. Virgos are strong, cheerful, and can be a bit dominating, but that is because they are perfectionists, a delightful blend of intelligence, efficiency, passion, loyalty, and determination. Virgos appear to be analytical, intelligent, are conscientious and critical, yet reserved.

Virgo tattoos often feature the image of a maiden, wheat, the Virgo constellation, and the Virgo glyph ♍. The Virgo tattoo designs are done in various tattoo styles. But they all still revolve around the same astrological themes. They also draw inspiration from the associated myths, but all that ultimately depends on you. Virgo tattoos feature wheat, flowers, and scenes that depict or symbolize harvest and agriculture.

Above all, You can get a Virgo tattoo using any tattooing style, from blackwork to traditional, can be very simple and minimalistic or can be very elaborate.

Virgo tattoos as zodiac tattoos are very cool, yet are very symbolic. In Greek mythology, the glyph represents innocence and purity. That’s why the Virgo sign is often associated with the Virgin Mary. The wheat signifies harvest, and there are other symbols related to the Virgo sign. The Virgo sign has a lot of characteristics that are symbolized in many different ways.

We have compiled some Virgo tattoo ideas for you.

  1. Demeter: This is an exciting representation of Demeter, the goddess of harvest and fertility; she also oversaw the sacred law.
  2. Virgo Demeter Constellation: A beautiful portrait of Demeter with the Virgo constellation.
  3. Virgo symbol and Gem: A small tattoo of the maiden glyph and a gemstone associated with the Virgo sign. virgo-tattoos
  4. Twin Virgo symbol: Nothing speaks of emphasis than this very simple maiden glyph on the ankle of both feet
  5. Demeter Vines: This tattoo makes use of vines to represent Demeter, this is fitting considering that she’s the goddess of harvest and agriculture, and if you look closely, you can make out the Virgo constellation. Also See: 65 Splendid Sagittarius Tattoos To Give Your Skin A Splendid Look
  6. Virgo Constellation: Geometric circles and the Virgo constellation.
  7. Simple Virgo Constellation: Not every Virgo tattoo has to be complicated; it can be just simple.
  8. Demeter Logo: This tattoo of a maiden holding up fabric forms the maiden glyph on the foot, and this is a very clever Virgo tattoo design.
  9. Small Virgo Leg Tattoo: Small tattoo of the maiden glyph on the ankle.
  10. Shoulder Virgo tattoo: A bold calligraphic maiden glyph on the shoulder.
  11. Ankle Virgo tattoo: A minimal and lovely tattoo of the maiden glyph and a flower, which are symbols associated with Virgo.
  12. Shoulder Demeter Tattoo: A beautiful and sassy tattoo of Demeter on the shoulder. What is interesting about this tattoo is that Demeter herself has a maiden tattoo on her face too.
  13. Virgo constellation behind the ear: A simple Virgo constellation tattoo behind the ear.
  14. Goddess of Harvest: Demeter and the Virgo maiden are often represented with wings; also, this design shows the elements of harvest and agriculture.
  15. Prism Virgo Constellation tattoo: This tattoo shows the Virgo constellation, and the prism represents the Earth as the element of the Virgo.
  16. Flaming Virgo Symbol: A bold and flaming maiden glyph in 3D.
  17. Virgo tattoo on the wrist: If you want a simple and elegant Virgo tattoo on this wrist, this is a great choice.
  18. Virgo constellation on the arm: A minimal almost imperceptible Virgo constellation tattooed on the arm.
  19. Demeter Wheat Braids: Here, a maiden or Demeter is depicted with braids made of wheat.
  20. Maiden Virgo Constellation tattoo: This is fantastic dot work of a maiden with the Virgo constellation.
  21. Harvest Crescent and Virgo tattoo: The crescent has elements alluding to the harvest with a maiden glyph hanging down.
  22. Virgo Symbol: An elegant maiden glyph calligraphy.
  23. Demeter Portrait: A simple and colorful portrait of Demeter with wheat in her hair.
  24. Demeter Virgo tattoo: The goddess Demeter in the clouds with a maiden glyph, this tattoo speaks of the purity of a maiden.
  25. Watercolour Virgo tattoo: A beautiful watercolor splash incorporated into a Virgo maiden tattoo.
  26. Virgo tattoo behind ear: Tattoos of the Virgo symbols can be placed anywhere, even behind the ear, as seen in this picture, simple and graceful.
  27. Beautiful Virgo tattoo: A lovely maiden symbol inked in blue.
  28. Floral Demeter tattoo: This is a stunning and exciting floral tattoo of a maiden, very colorful, and breath-taking.
  29. Virgo Constellation: A tattoo showing the various stars in the Virgo constellation.
  30. Sassy Demeter: This is a very modern, sassy, and unapologetic tattoo of Demeter, and it is an excellent choice for the modern-day independent woman.
  31. Demeter Virgo Portrait: A pretty portraiture of Demeter with the Virgo constellation tatted on her.
  32. Dual Virgo Constellation tattoo: A minimal constellation tattoo, this is an excellent choice for astronomy enthusiasts.
  33. Greek Goddess: This tattoo depicts the Greek goddess Demeter with wings while she holds wheat in her hand, also, if you look closely, the Virgo constellation becomes visible.
  34. Magnificent Demeter tattoo: This is a superb tattoo of Demeter with intricate lines of symbolic lines, this is a very bold and ambitious tattoo for the Virgo.
  35. Virgo tattoo behind neck: For those that want something minimal, this is another excellent option, the tattoo is a maiden glyph drawn on the neck
  36. Watercolour Virgo tattoo: Watercolour style of tattooing brings an artistic feel to this Virgo maiden glyph despite being very minimalistic.
  37. Northern Lights Virgo constellation: This is a breath-taking scene depicting the beautiful and colorful northern lights with the Virgo constellation and a simple maiden glyph below.
  38. Floral Virgo tattoo: This is a floral based Virgo with designs alluding to the harvest and a maiden glyph which is commonplace and central to most Virgo tattoos, although not very extravagant, the skill and technique used in this tattoo must be commended for making such a simple design with more profound themes.
  39. Date of Birth Virgo tattoo: The Virgo constellation showing the date of birth is a bold yet straightforward tattoo, and the watercolor splash adds an exciting twist to it.
  40. Lovely Virgo tattoo: This is another floral based design depicting harvest and a cursive maiden glyph.
  41. Harvest Fields: This tattoo depicts a maiden walking through a harvest field. This is an adorable artistic tattoo; the attention to detail and skill makes this one of the most elegant Virgo tattoo designs.
  42. Geometric Virgo tattoo: A minimalistic Virgo constellation inked on the back.
  43. Virgo Demeter Portraiture: A bold tattoo of a pretty maiden, with a crown of roses, a very striking gem, with the maiden glyph below it. The blend of very vibrant colors gives this Virgo tattoo so much energy and life.
  44. Virgo tattoo: A very minimalistic and tiny Virgo glyph.
  45. Zen Virgo tattoo: This tattoo is very spiritual, it depicts a maiden meditating in a field with the maiden glyph in her hands, and the Virgo constellation circling her head.
  46. Virgo Symbolism: These tattoos on both arm are filled with heavy Virgo symbolism, from the Virgo constellation to the maiden glyph and Earth symbol.
  47. Prism Virgo tattoo: An Earth element symbol and the maiden glyph, these are all symbols associated with the Virgo sign.
  48. Wheat and Virgo tattoo: A simple tattoo of wheat portraying harvest and the famous maiden glyph.
  49. Watercolour Prism Virgo: This Virgo constellation and Earth element with a very vivid and lively watercolor tattoo on the arm is magnificent.
  50. Virgo Symbolism tattoo: A Virgo constellation with heavy Virgo symbolism.
  51. Colorful Minimal Virgo tattoo: Beautiful and colorful Virgo symbols.
  52. Unique Virgo tattoo: This is a unique Virgo tattoo design with flowers, the Virgo constellation, and Virgo symbols.
  53. Watercolour Demeter Virgo Constellation: This maiden tattoo with Virgo constellation in her hair is made even lovelier with the watercolor style of tattooing.
  54. Virgo Constellation Floral Pattern: A Virgo constellation formed entirely from flowers, the floral constellation is magnificent, elegant yet minimal.
  55. Artful Demeter Virgo tattoo: This is one of the most artful Virgo tattoo designs, it depicts a maiden sitting in a field with a Virgo constellation above her head, and the Earth and quicksilver symbol beneath.
  56. Fantasy Virgo tattoo: This tattoo design incorporates a fantasy landscape, with a Virgo constellation. It features faint geometric designs.
  57. Harvest Virgo Constellation: This is an elegant design symbolizing harvest with the Virgo constellation.
  58. Exquisite Demeter and Virgo tattoo: This is a beautiful Virgo maiden tattoo with the Virgo constellation in her hair, and her braids transforming into wheat referencing Demeter. The shading and attention to detail with the elegant watercolor style combine to make this a very exquisite design.
  59. Simple Demeter tattoo: Here, Demeter is merely holding up a wheat stalk; this is a rather minimalistic tattoo.
  60. Spacey Virgo tattoo: This Virgo tattoo is heavily influenced by space, and it features celestial bodies concerning the Virgo sign, the maiden glyph is easily recognized and makes it apparent that this is a Virgo tattoo.
  61. Beautiful Demeter and Virgo tattoo design: The maiden, constellation, harvest, all symbolism associated with the Virgo zodiac sign are all featured in this tattoo. This is a beautiful and artistic tattoo.
  62. Leg Wheat tattoo: A single stalk of wheat on the foot, the simplicity gives a feeling of calmness.
  63. Beautiful Floral Virgo Constellation: This is a lovely floral constellation with a stalk of wheat, this is as simple as they come.
  64. Demeter and Virgo Cosmic tattoo: This is a cosmic maiden with the Virgo constellation and stalk of wheat, the infinite design makes this a unique design.
  65. Dreamcatcher Virgo tattoo: This is almost a dreamy tattoo with elements straight out of a bedtime story. It features the maiden glyph in the dreamcatcher, and a wolf howling at the moon with the Virgo constellation visible.
  • What type of Virgo tattoo should I get?
    There are different symbols associated with the Virgo sign, and the Maiden glyph is the most popular. However, if you can’t decide on which one to get, you should check the Virgo tattoos ideas above
  • Is getting a Virgo tattoo painful?
    There is a level of pain to be experienced when inked, and the intensity varies depending on how much of the body is tattooed, where the tattoo is located, and the style. The pain is, however, usually mild and depends on your level of pain tolerance.
  • How do I care for my Virgo tattoo?
    To maintain the quality of your Virgo tattoo, your tattoo artist will give you some tips. They can help suggest aftercare products for your tattoos, which can be purchased online or in beauty shops.
  • Are there age restrictions on getting Virgo tattoos?
    Laws concerning tattoos vary by country. The legal age for most countries is 18, and if you’re under 18 years of age, you will need parental consent.