Guide to Vacationing in Jamaica

It is not surprising that so many people want to visit Jamaica. Everything, from the sandy beaches to the lush rainforests and slow pace of life, serves as nectar dangled in front of tourists every year.

You might decide to visit Jamaica for several reasons which are not limited to holidaying, partying, or simply enjoying the local culture. Regardless of your reason, one advice we would give is that you take time out to enjoy the music and culture. For majority of people that visit this wonderful country, there’s a tendency to spend extended periods on the beautiful sandy beaches which are a fraction of Jamaica has to offer.

In this guide, we will provide information that will be useful in planning your vacation to Jamaica.

Some things you must do when you visit


You should visit Port Antonio then take a trip on a raft made of bamboo to Rio Grande River. On this trip, you are bound to enjoy views of waterfalls, caves, crystal springs, etc.


The Northern Coast of Jamaica offers you a wide array of beautiful sea life. You can see stingrays, corals, barracuda, and lionfish. One of the other exciting snorkeling locations is Ocho River. Here you will see lots of scorpionfish, nurse sharks, and sea slugs.

Visit the Green Grotto Caves

Jamaica serves as home to more than one thousand caves. One of the most famous is the Green Grotto Caves which is located around the Northern Coast of Jamaica. The founding material for these caves is limestone and the walls are covered in green algae. This is the source of the name of the caves.

Explore Kingston

Kingston is the capital city of Jamaica and it is definitely worth visiting. There are so many landmarks such as the King’s House, Prime Minister’s House, and Devon House.

Devon House, in particular, is attractive because of its architecture which is of Georgian-Jamaican origin. You should also take the time to visit the Museum dedicated to Bob Marley.

Cost of Traveling to Jamaica

It is important that you have an overview of how much it will cost to travel to and stay in Jamaica. Check out a few prices from our survey:

Hostel prices

One bed costs an average of 2,970 JMD for a single night. This is for a bed in a room that has between 4 and 6 beds in an area such as Montego Bay. The cost is reduced in less touristy zones like Port Antonio costing about 2,160 JMD on average.

Hotels for people on a budget

If you are on a budget then you would be seeking a room in a hotel with a two or three-star rating. This will cost an average of 4,725 JMD in a place void of tourist traffic like Port Antonio. However, it costs a lot more in other touristy zones, as much as 7,425 JMD.

Cost of food

Fish is one of the top staple foods in Jamaica and it costs about 450 JMD everywhere. A Jamaican patty costs about 130 JMD and it can be bought on the street from vendors. Generally, food is inexpensive in Jamaica, especially when you convert the costs to USD.

Tips to help you save money while on vacation in Jamaica

When you are in Jamaica, it is wise that you don’t spend excessively. This is because you may find sending money from the US to Jamaica a bit challenging. To this end, it is wise that you follow these money-saving tips below:

Shop for tours

This is really important, especially when going on a snorkeling spree. Seek out the best equipment and with tours, you have the best prices.

Enjoy nature

Jamaica is a very beautiful place naturally so enjoy nature. Most of the activities involving nature do not cost so much.

Don’t travel during the spring break

You are condemned to paying 25% extra or more when you travel around March, which is the American spring break. This is why you should not visit Jamaica during this period.

Search for discounts and deals

Visit the official Jamaican website where you can get amazing deals, discounts, and bundles for travelers. While some may be lame, a lot are very beneficial.

Payment currency

It is always better to make payments in Jamaican Dollars. This gives you a better exchange rate.

When should you visit Jamaica?

It is best to visit between October and the early part of December. This is not to say that Jamaica is not interesting or does not have fine weather all year round. The reason is that prices spike during holidays and the first quarter of the year. Then there’s the small issue of overcrowding.


There you have it, our vacation to Jamaica guide. If you have any questions, you can drop then in the comments section. Looking forward to hearing from yo