Halloween Themed American Weddings

The pealing of bells heralds the beginning of a typical wedding but in the States, have the Americans conquered the Halloween themed wedding where gothic overtones and eerie undertones accentuate the happy day?

To start off with I’ll take you to Las Vegas (yep I’m playing my trump card early)

How about this for your atypical ceremony, “Vampire or Vampiress as Minister, Aerial duet during the ceremony, appropriate music and decor, theatrical lighting and fog, unity candle, lighting during ceremony, classic bouquet of six roses, matching boutonniere, 36 poses and proofs viewed online, 10 candid ceremony prints, video of the ceremony, live Internet webcast during ceremony, courtesy limousine service from any hotel on the Strip or Downtown to the chapel and back.”?

More from Las Vegas

To be honest it’s not just the Americans, it’s us too.  The place: Keele.

Not quite the same but we do it with a bit more glamour (most of the time)

hallowen wedding

Weddings?  It’s all about the bride and her big day.

The dress maketh the Lady

Fancy a little black number?

Red is the new black!


Or should that be purple!

Or a touch of black and red? No white here.

Or just go way over the top and arrive in a coffin.  Seriously.This is what couple Julie Williams, 45, and Dylon Holroyd, 49, did recently in Wakefield, Yorkshire.  The wedding coffin has made it into her home and now takes pride of place on her coffee table.

And the family you marry into…

As a sweet-toothed guy the cake is also pretty important

Pumpkin orange theme with obligatory spider webs

This one’s a bit too grim even for me

Frankenstein and his Bride proudly sit atop their cake

Very stylish

Finger food… (sorry it had to be said)

Ah, the Happy Couples

He’s armless; groan!

Creepy crawlies your thing?

Mr and Mrs Holroyd of Wakefield

Possibly my favourite.

Alucard is a guest blogger who would simply love an over-the-top Halloween wedding but is afraid he has yet to find a bride… In a recent trip across the Pond on business for Virgin America, Alucard wondered if he would find his soul mate at some other destination flown to by Virgin Atlantic.