Having Fun on Your Period

We no longer live in the dark ages, so we no longer need to consider having our period as a disaster. We all know that women run the world, and while there have been great advances in products for women to ensure comfort and their ability to maintain their lifestyle, the fact is that it does affect millions of women every day, and there are those out there who constantly dread that time of the month.

Research shows that one in three girls who participate in sports drop out by their late teens. This is compared to one in 10 boys who drop out of sports. While this is not entirely the result of the onset of their periods, the truth is that puberty, menstruation, and other bodily changes that are not experienced by boys are arguably the root cause. Not only this, but the onset of the period can also make women less willing to pursue other activities too, be they social or sporting. This doesn’t have to be the case, as there are many fun and enjoyable things that women can engage in to ensure that they can still have fun on their period. Here’s a look at some of the fun things that women can do, which may also be beneficial to them too.

Exercise Is Good for Your Period

The old adage that elite athletes are at their peak when they no longer have their periods is being loudly challenged by new research. Athletes in the study revealed that those with regular periods were less likely to get injuries and, therefore, able to train more consistently. For those of us who are less super sportswoman and just regular joggers, the fact is that exercising during your period can actually decrease discomfort, making it not just a fun thing that you can do but also a way to relieve symptoms too.

With the huge range of new exercise gear and designer leggings, sneakers, and wearables, you can enjoy a wide range of exercise, feel great about doing it, and look good at the same time, without letting your period interrupt your fitness goals.

Relaxing activities to boost your feel-good hormones

If exercising is not your activity of choice, there are many other fun and relaxing options that you can do anywhere, anytime. Many of us are still getting used to the idea of getting back to socializing in big groups, so finding activities and entertainment that we can do in the comfort of our own home is important. If you really don’t feel like being around people, and this happens to us all from time to time, then make sure that you have some exciting online games where you can interact with others and still have as much fun as you want to, whenever you want to.

Research has also shown that playing online games is not only exciting but also relaxing and a good source of stress relief. In addition, playing games that are strategy intensive rather than those that rely on chance and luck improves our problem-solving and concentration. More high-energy and intense games also trigger the release of feel-good hormones in the body, which additionally helps us feel better if we experience physical discomfort during our periods.

Eat Out

For some women, their time of the month also comes with intense cravings for treats and food, and this is natural and something that you can lean into to help you better enjoy your period. If you feel comfortable, going out to a restaurant can be a great source of fun and occasion, be it with your friends or with a partner.

This is a good thing to do during your period, especially, as certain food has been suggested that they can help with symptoms and make your period a better experience. Things such as fish are good to eat as it helps keep your iron levels up and fruit to improve energy, while ginger is also recommended due to its anti-inflammatory effects. If a trip out is one step too far, you can also enjoy yourself with food by ordering a take-away so that you can dine-in in style.

Whether you are releasing endorphins during high-intensity exercise or releasing dopamine during exciting online gaming, finding activities that can actually make us feel better and have fun during our periods is no longer mission impossible. Try different activities, whether home-based or outdoors, and find what works best for you. But remember, having fun means feeling good and who does not want that all the time, especially when on your period.