150 Clean and Elegant Taper Fade Cuts for 2020

One of the most iconic hairstyles which have been trending for years is the taper fade hairstyle. This hairstyle offers you a very clean yet masculine which works perfectly for a professional or casual meeting. You can combine any of the taper fade designs with any other hairstyle and can rest assured that you’ll maintain a dapper look.

Asides the good look, the taper fade is very versatile in nature, which is why it is used as the basis for many other male hairstyles. The most famous taper fade styles are the high and low taper fade hairstyles but there are other less famous ones like a drop, temp, razor, and bald fade. You can also combine this taper fade hairstyle with an afro, comb-over, high top, and Mohawk for a more classic look.

There are so many types of taper fade haircuts it might be difficult to choose one from the lot. We understand this and so we have brought you a couple of pictures with their names and descriptions. You can pick any of these for your next haircut. You’ll also get to learn a little about the taper fade haircut in this post.

Taper fade haircut: Definition and Overview

It is important that we discuss this before going into the sample designs so you have an idea of what taper fade designs really are. It is quite simple when you consider what the phrase implies. The taper fade haircut has the side hairs cut tapering down as you approach the ears while the top is left long.

Looking at the hairstyle, you’ll see that as you go lower from the temples to the ears, the hair becomes progressively shorter. Towards the ears, the hair is seen to have blended into the skin, most times very neatly. There are hardly any rough edges or messy offshoots with the fade.

A major advantage of this hairstyle is that it is not too demanding where maintenance is concerned and it looks perfect on almost every man. You don’t even need to style it often. Because of its versatility, you can get creative and experiment with combining several styles with the taper fade. It is a very easy style to modify.

What you need for a taper fade hairstyle

Though you don’t need your hair to be too long to achieve this hairstyle, you still need your hair to be at least two to more than four inches in length. There is a little perk with this, the hairstyle gets messier and less attractive with longer hair. This is why it is advised to keep the hair between two and four inches.

The taper fade, when compared to many other hairstyles, is progressively shorter. For this reason, you must consider whether you want it or not. For example, if there is a scar on your head that you want to cover, this might not be the style for you, except of course if the style allows the hair to cover it neatly.

Getting a taper fade hairstyle

The classic taper fade and the standard taper fade are very similar as the hair is shorter at the sides and longer on top in both hairstyles. Despite this, you can still decide how long you want the hair to be as well as how progressive you want the taper to be. Let’s take a look at how to get a classic taper fade haircut.

The first step to getting your classic taper fade is to discuss the length of the hair with your stylist. There is no specific length, how long the hair depends on your preference, but you could try two inches.

The next thing to do is to begin tapering the back and the sides. In doing this you should tell your stylist the exact way you want the hair to taper. Depending on the length, the barber may use a clipper or a pair of shears. If he is using a clipper, then he should set it short at number 2 or long at number 5.

Another thing you can decide is where the taper will stop. Some people prefer that the taper ends towards the base of the neck, if you are one of those, then clippers will do a perfect job for you. A straight razor might be better if you prefer the taper to fade towards the top of the ears. This is a very clean cut and would do you great if you are a corporate professional.

Finally, your stylist can trim the hair at the top of the head. This should be done to your taste and the length can vary between half an inch to four inches or more. For best results, it is advised that your stylist makes use of scissors.

Styling your new taper fade haircut

It depends on how you want the hair to look, if you want a Mohawk which is an intense style, you will need to use some gel for a stronghold. For something less intense like a standard taper, you may not need to style it at all. At the end of the day, the styling is totally up to you.

Cutting a taper fade hairstyle

To make a perfect cut, you will need to make use of a great pair of clippers and you should have a few guard sizes alongside to help with the blending process. If you want the cut to be neat and crisp, it is best you visit the stylist rather than doing it yourself at home, except you are good with cutting your hair.

Make use of the guard sizes to taper the sides and back of the hair slowly. Your preferences will determine how gradually or quickly the fading will be. If you want to do it at home and get the best results, it is best you buzz the hair seamlessly to get a natural grade across lengths.

The difference between a taper and a fade

Many people do not know this but there is a marked difference between a fade and a taper. It is usually difficult to decipher this because many barbers make use of both to transition smoothly between hair lengths.

By way of comparison, a taper features longer, thicker hair to the sides and back. On the other hand, a fade features shorter hair that is trimmed down to the skin on the sides and behind as well. No doubt, the taper is a more modern hairstyle that involves the combination of several cool cutting techniques. It is trendy and iconic and it is regarded as one of the best haircuts for men.

The best taper fade hairstyles


Bun taper fade hairstyle

Regardless of how long your hair is, you can still sport a taper fade. It will definitely give you that dandy outline you have always looked forward to having. It is definitely great for a man who likes to pack his hair in a bun.

Ponytail high taper fade

The highlight of this amazing hairstyle is the way the long hair of the crest is packed into a ponytail. The taper begins at the temples and the hair begins to fade int the skin midway to the ears. The back of the head, towards the neckline, is bald.

Low taper and deep side part

This style is very similar to the comb-over but the deep side part makes it stand out glamorously. The part is cut looking like a surgical line which brings the otherwise simple style to life. What you get at the end is a very stylish, unique haircut.


Low cut curly high taper fade

This a cool high taper fade which has really curly hair at the top. The hair fades very quickly to the sides creating a very cool contrast for that standout look you have always dreamed of. The beards complete the look which makes you attractive all day.

High taper fade

This hairstyle is totally badass with the haircut beginning from around the top of your head. It gives a perfect contrast with the high tapers on both sides. The long hair on the top and the part very close to the top creates a beautiful piece of art on your head. The lower part of the head, towards the ear, is almost completely bald and this can work with a variety of hairstyles.


Lower taper fade

In this hairstyle, the taper begins just above the ears and bend around the hairline towards the neck. It is a great hairstyle for business professionals who desire a neat and fresh haircut. There is little contrast on the sides and down the back while the hair on top is kept long.



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Highlight taper fade

This hairstyle is very attractive with the highlight at the top of the hair. The hair at the sides and a little part of the front are cut into a perfect taper. The fading begins very close to the beard, just above the ears. The style resembles a modern mullet hairstyle.

Drop fade hairstyle

Another very cool haircut for an African American. The hair on top is full, almost like an afro and the taper is very low before the hair blends into the skin in a perfect fade close to the ears. The neatly shaved beards complete the perfect look.

Taper fade Mohawk

If you are a lover of a traditional Mohawk, you are definitely going to fall in love with this style. The hair begins to taper right at the temple and fades downwards towards the ears. A perfect hairstyle for a musician and a man with a daring personality.

Messy short dreads taper fade

Dreadlocks and a taper fade is a perfect combo you should try if you have your hair in dreads. This style sports a short dread that looks really messy but still looks cool because of the fade. The full beard is a great accessory to this hairstyle, making it look really cool.

Blonde Faux hawk

This is a Mohawk but a great deviation from the traditional style. So in case you are not into the traditional Mohawk, the faux hawk will work perfectly for you. The difference between this style and the traditional Mohawk is that it is void of the shading in the traditional style. The blonde hair dye makes the hairstyle standout and you can style it upwards in the middle for a better outcome.

Subtle taper fade

Not every guy wants a taper fade that is very obvious, if you fall into this category, then you should definitely go for this style. It is discrete and subtle, to notice the taper fade on has to take a close look at it. It requires a lot of skill and expertise from your stylist.

Over the scalp taper fade

This hairstyle is stunning, especially for someone with a tattoo on the scalp. You don’t want to hide your tattoo from the rest of the world. The long braids are really cool too and complement the fades perfectly along with the beards.

Undercut with long braids tape fade

This haircut will spin heads regardless of the length of your hair. The long braids on this hairstyle are just so attractive and are a perfect advantage for the faded sides. The perfect highlight for this style is the well-groomed beards. If you are going to sport this hairstyle, take care of your beards.

Taper faded360-degree duotone waves

When you have deep waves, they are mostly regarded as 360-degree waves, and frankly, they are a great addition to your taper fade. The waves connect seamlessly to the fade in the most alluring manner and the way the beards are shaved low makes it all the more beautiful.

Two braids taper fade haircut

If you feel a hair full of braids is not your style, you could try out this style that has just two braids. The braids help you keep your neat instead of cutting it off completely. When you get bored with the braids you can decide to lose the braids and try out something else. While you have them on, enjoy the attraction that comes with the hairstyle.

Low cut uniform taper fade

The way taper fades combine with facial hair is just so amazing and attractive. It is just so beautiful the way the beard and the hair on the head blend into each other in this style. The low cut makes the hairstyle decent for any man, especially the 9 to 5 worker or conservative fellow.

Side part literal taper fade

This hairstyle has a punk outlook which makes it quite outstanding and original. By nature, any man with any kind of personality can wear this hairstyle without regrets. It is one hairstyle that has an edge, especially with a high taper fade and a side part.

Creative patterned curly taper fade hairstyle

Creativity is one of the key elements of a great haircut and it is not lacking in this hairstyle. The patterns are not so complicated yet they are outstanding and highly impressive. It is great if you want to lay undercover yet show off your stylish personality.

Precise cornrows taper fade haircut

Another premium hairstyle that combines perfectly with a taper fade is the cornrows. If you are a lover of cornrows, then you should braid the top hair and have a high taper fade on the sides. What makes the style more spectacular is the way the cornrows are arranged.

Taper fade sponge twist haircut

A perfect hairstyle for an African American man and it always looks great with a taper fade. To achieve the twist a sponge is used to do the twists in the most adequate manner. The end result is a classy, super fly, and smart haircut, all in one.

Rough hair lined taper fade

This haircut is definitely the best of both worlds. The hair at the top is scattered and rough while the fades are very neat and well lined like they were drawn on a canvass. The barber brings his creativity to play by adding two lines towards the neckline to add some glitz.

Short twist mid taper fade

The hair at the top of this hairstyle is short yet twisted very neatly. The sides are tapered into a fade as you approach the ears. This style is great for a person who is conservative yet has an explorative side on the inside.

High top fade haircut

The top of the hair is high and is completely flat on the zenith. There is a side part that leads to the very quick taper just before the fade that begins very close to the temples and blends towards the ears. The face is void of facial hairs making it a very neat haircut.

Other Taper Fade Hairstyles


Taper fade haircuts roundup

We could go on and on with the different taper fade haircuts because there is a myriad of them out there. We hope you have been inspired by the different images in this post to get a new haircut. Pick one of these and try something new for a change.