Helpful Tips to Find a T-Shirt that Fits Your Body Perfectly 

If you are like most people, you probably spend a lot of time in t-shirts. After all, a t-shirt is comfortable, soft, and functional. Today, the regular t-shirt is so common that the concept of getting the right size isn’t nearly as important as it should be.

Instead of trying to purchase your shirts in bulk, you need to take some time to find one that fits – and fits well. When you have t-shirts that fit properly, you can make your everyday, comfortable look much more fashionable.

The Popularity of the Average T-Shirt

The truth is, it’s easy to see why t-shirts are so popular. Today is an age of athleisure and comfort is essential. With this trend, the use of formal clothes is becoming less and less popular. There’s nothing that is more comfortable to wear than a t-shirt that fits you well – it’s not too tight or too loose, no irritating collars, or scratching labels – you get the idea.

When it comes to versatility, you won’t find something that achieves this better than your average t-shirt. Some people are only going to wear these tees for activities such as lounging at home, sleeping, sport, etc. However, today, you can use t-shirts to show off your individual interests, like with the custom options offered at, or use t-shirts to advertise the brand or product you are trying to sell. The use of t-shirts, and willingness for people to wear them, is fast.

However, just because something is versatile and comfy, it doesn’t mean it can’t be fashionable, too. For example, pairing a solid color tee with a pair of trousers and shows provides a classic look, and color-blocking with other garments can create a “wow” factor. The key to achieving these looks is to get a t-shirt that fits you properly. Some tips to help you get the right fit can be found here.

Figure Out Your Size

When you get a t-shirt that fits perfectly, you’ll find your idea of a perfect fit and someone else’s won’t be the same. However, a general goal is to choose a tee shape that is flattering to the shape of your body. Also, sizes are going to differ based on the brand of shirt you choose, which means you may need a small in one shirt and a medium in another.

It’s a good idea to take measurements of your chest and length. This can then be compared to the size guide provided by the t-shirt brand. Because of the variations that are often present, it’s a good idea to cross-check your size against the size guide for the brand to make sure you are getting the right thing. While this is true, sometimes, the only way to know for sure if a shirt will fit you perfectly is to put it on.

How to Tell if a T-Shirt Fits

The good news is, you don’t have to guess if the t-shirt you want to buy fits. Some things to look for include:


You shouldn’t purchase a tee that is too loose. If you do, it may hang awkwardly and make you look like you have no shape. If the shirt is too tight, it’s going to show off those not-so-flattering contours – this is true even for those with a toned torso. If you are very slim, try to select a t-shirt that has a more tailored torso, which will prevent you from being “swallowed” by it. If you have a bigger torso, select a structured shirt that provides a bit of extra room.


When you raise your arms, the hem of the t-shirt should not show your belly. As a general rule of thumb, it needs to hang lower than your hips, by about an inch or two below the belt-line but should not reach your legs. While this is true, there are some circles where people are all about the oversized t-shirts.


One of the best ways to figure out if a t-shirt fits you properly is to see how it fits your shoulders. Ideally, it should fit across the center portion of your shoulder to the top of your arm. If this is the right fit, everything else will be able to fall into place. Also, the sleeves need to go about halfway down the upper arm, although there are some shirts that will have stitching present, which can create a “muscle fit.”

Body Shapes and T-Shirt Options

There are all sorts of body shapes; however, there are five that most people can fit into. Read about the right type of t-shirt fit for each body shape here.


If you have a rectangle body shape, then you are fairly straight, and your weight is distributed evenly. A classic or slim cut is going to work best.


Often called pear-shaped, if you have this type of body, your hips are usually wider at the bottom, while you have slim shoulders and arms and a defined waist. Choosing a t-shirt with a slim cut is going to emphasize your waist.


If you have even bust and hip measurements, you have an hourglass figure. Choose a classic or slim cut for the best fit.

Inverted Triangle

Better known as an apple shape, if you have this body shape, your shoulders and bust are broader, and your hips are narrower. Try to choose a slim cut shirt, as this is going to emphasize your shoulders. Another smart option is a straight cut, which is going to provide a more even silhouette.


With a round body shape, it means your midsection and bust are larger. With this shape, a classic cut t-shirt is going to provide a flattering and relaxed look.

Finding the Right Shirt for Your Needs

While buying a t-shirt may seem like a simple and straightforward process, when you really think about all the options, finding a shirt that fits you properly can be harder than it may seem. Be sure to keep the tips and information here in mind to have the best chance possible of getting a shirt that fits you well and shows off your best features. Being informed is one of the best ways to ensure you have a closet full of t-shirts you love to wear.