How Cannabis Legalization Is Going To Change Your Lifestyle

There is no dearth of wannabe hipsters in high school and college who smoke weed because it is ‘cool’. It was illegal and still is in many parts of the US. That explains the ‘f the guy’ anti-establishment attitude which is a phase for many youngsters before they grow up. But what if this is all legal? Will potheads still be considered ‘hip’? Or will they have to switch to another habit or drug that is more dangerous?

‘Enough with the negativity, man. There is a lot of good coming from weed too, you know!’ every other guy with a blunt will say. The government hears you, guy and that is why there is a lot of legal reforms happening, greatly benefiting the cannabis industry. In fact, the very first cannabis restaurant in the US opened on West Hollywood in 2019. That is the first of many changes you are going to notice. Here are a few lifestyle changes that will probably happen because of marijuana legalization:

1-Weed Farming a career option

Think weed farming and you will see Snoop Dogg (Lion?) smiling at you with his shades on. While Snoop can show off his organic weed farms, post legalization, many folks, especially the unemployed ones, will consider Marijuana farming as a career option. If it sells like OTC products in regular retail outlets, there will be no reason to regret this option. After all, first mover advantage is still a thing.

2-Students smoking pot instead of cigarettes in college

While this already happens behind closed doors, you will never see students in the smoking zone taking a puff from a joint. That might be the new normal in colleges (probably pushing it here but who knows, right!) People in power will definitely ensure regulations are in place before complete legalization (if that happens that is) comes about to prevent conservative groups from losing their minds.

3-Investors turning towards the cannabis industry

With Canada’s successful marijuana legalization drive, investing in the cannabis industry has become a good idea for many investors. The brands in the cannabis industry are now getting listed on both the US and Canadian stock markets. If you are looking for a place to start, Origin House stock might be a good one to test the waters with. You just have to find a good entry point and ride the momentum of the said stock. The Origin House stock holds promise thanks to its Brand Accelerator program which supports newer brands seeking to find their feet in the cannabis industry. Immaterial of which company you choose to invest in, always remember that long term holding will give you the best returns.

4-Insurance might cover Naturopathy 

While many medical insurance plans merely cover conventional medical practices, in the coming days, and we are talking years down the line, the medical board and the judiciary may give the nod to medical insurance covering the costs involved in naturopathy as well.

5-Possible redefinitions of dietary standards

If a lot more people consume weed, chances are that they might consume what people refer to as ‘Stoner food’ as well. Most of the food items in this category is high carb. If weed does keep these people skinny, then more and more people will switch to an ‘unhealthy diet’ (by today’s standards) and still remain healthy. This will probably add another layer to prescriptions of dietary experts.

6-A revision of high school books

While most of the medical books and the ones consumed in high school (esp the ones post the 60s) have shamed the usage and consumption of weed, the books after the legalization may tell a different story. The books might even start to tell you the benefits of CBD, Weed, Cannabis products which will give a much needed boost to the cannabis industry. All this is assuming that post legalization, the industry thrives.

While much of the above stated information has a ‘what if’ factor, the investment on cannabis companies and weed farming in states and countries (canada) where it is legal can be an additional source of income. In fact, if you are smart enough, after a period of time, you could make investments in the cannabis industry give a substantial passive income. And who wouldn’t like some change left over when you open your wallet and expect to see nothing!