How much money to (DO) women generally spend on a holiday


As thrifty as women are with shopping for the family’s food and essentials, they sometimes spend more than men when they book a holiday, and they may also spend more when they get to their destination as well. Perhaps it is the constant stress of helping to balance the daily budget that allows them the release of that responsibility when it comes to holiday time.

There are many online portals to book holidays from, and savvy women may use Virgin Holidays, flybe or Ryanair to select the best deals on Transatlantic tours. The destination of choice is often in the United States or the Caribbean, and these are places where money is most often spent. They also offer trips to India, Malaysia and other exotic places. Virgin money travel insurance may be a good idea on holidays that take her far from home.

Most women plan or book their trips either online or through a travel agent. Some of that will depend on whether they are planning a quick weekend away, or a family holiday to a far-reaching locale. If she is planning a cruise, she’ll want to be sure to select the right location for her cabin, rather than one that is close to the engine room and makes a person nauseous. A travel agent can help in these areas, since she knows the terms and what they all mean.

Once a woman has decided where her holiday will take her, she can check online to see whether it’s the type of trip that would be more easily booked online, or one that should be left to the expertise of a travel agent. An agent can advise her of Virgin money travel insurance, if that will be a good idea for her holiday. Travel agents can also advise her on what to take as well as what not to take, and how to pack a bag so that she won’t get hung up in extra screening at the airport.

If her trip is a first time visit to an area, she may want to enlist a travel agent. This will make the booking process more expensive, but there may be valuable information that only a travel agent has access to, and it’s worth the extra money to learn all the facts. Similarly, a travel agent can let a future traveler know whether the hotel she wants is in a good area, or just a cheap place to flop. If her Virgin holidays will include needing a visa, passport or other official documents, it’s helpful to have a travel agent on hand, who knows the best way to obtain the necessary papers, if the traveler has never done so before.

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Once arriving at the holiday destination, a woman may be more likely than a man to spend money on clothes from the holiday area, and items to take back to relatives and friends when the trip is over. Virgin money credit cards are handy for money spent on souvenirs and the like. Meals that are bought on holiday are also more expensive than meals a woman may buy when she is in her home town. Holidays are memory-makers, and not a time when saving money is always at the forefront.