Why Designers are choosing removable wallpaper instead of paint

Are you looking for an affordable way to decorate the walls? Consider the removable wallpapers. Almost every interior designer provided with a tight budget opts for the peel and stick wallpaper more than the paint. Wallpapers are cost-efficient, and luckily they last longer than regular wall paints. Unlike the wall paint, the wallpaper would not get any dents; it will stay perfect for almost ten years.

It is the best wall décor idea for the busy bees who cannot keep their house clean for longer and cannot indulge in the cleaning activities every other day. There are several amazing advantages of having the perfect wallpaper for your home décor. Do not call the painters before considering the temporary wallpapers.

These are easier to clean.

The peel and stick wallpapers are way easier to clean than the pain. Imagine your kid has spilled carrot juice on the wall or in the kitchen where such chances are quite possible; what would you do? Cleaning paint is impossible; putting water on the wall will make it untidy and rough.

On the other hand, to clean the wallpaper, you need a dampened cloth and wipe it at the wallpaper. This is as simple as you can think. Thus, if you have naughty kids, or yourself a nasty person, but deep down, you want to maintain the beautiful look of your house, go for the removable wallpapers.

The visuals are great.

The wallpapers would not look mundane like the wall paint, to will give an extra-visual. It will look highly textured. It will give a new dimension to the room. Many wallpapers, such as herringbone wallpaper, have intricately designed patterns to give a fuller look to the walls.

You can customize easily.

Painting walls would not give you the desired results. However, when it comes to the wallpaper, you can have the wallpapers of your choice. Select a print, and have it printed on the wallpapers. There are several prints and shades you would want in your house, so nothing can be better than the wallpapers. And in wallpapers, the best ones are the removable ones. That is why the designers will suggest you have removable wallpapers.

The permanent wallpaper installing process is different than the removable peel and stick wallpaper, you cannot add innovation in the permanent wallpaper design. However, with the peel and stick wallpapers there is always room for creativity. You can get the customization wherever you want. Some people prefer having their favorite prints, while others tend to mix two different prints to make a new one for the house.

Easy to paste and install.

The removable wallpapers are quite easy to install. They are ready to be pasted. You do not need to make another pasting formula to install the wallpapers, just peel them off and place them in the targeted space, and it is done. Your kids can also help you with it. Furthermore, it means you do not have to pay the professionals for this, and even if you do, they will not charge you much money; it will be an affordable drive.

If someone has called the interior designers to decorate the house, but want them to work on an affordable rate, then the best thing to do is suggest them the removable wallpapers, as these are not only inexpensive but you also do not need to spend extra money on the glue, and pasting process. You can save a huge chunk with this minimal change in the plan.

Moreover, those who have just initiated a business, such as a restaurant or an office, and want to attract more people by keeping the environment new, they should also consider the removable wallpaper. Otherwise, they cannot make their office look new after every few months, it is the bets hack to maintain the look of your business/office trendy and welcoming.


The removable wallpapers are multi-purpose. You can use them to decorate anything in your house. Be it the ceiling, cabinets, or stairs. It can be any place where you want to create an aesthetically amazing space. There are several things that can be done with the help of the removable wallpaper; it can be a part of the DIY home décor methods.

As these are multipurpose, so designers also do not need to buy different kind of stuff. They simply order several of removable wallpapers and they are enough to decorate the entire house. Furthermore, if you decide to decorate your house so it would be easier for you to choose and decorate with the removable wallpapers.