How to Celebrate Your Anniversary In Style: 4 Ideas for a Perfect Date

Being stylish means to not only dress with an impeccable taste. That sense of style should be an innate part of everything you do, which means it must extend to planning celebrations as well. Every girl who’s already had her wedding knows how hard it is to plan that kind of great event. However, while that might be one of the biggest parties of your life, celebrating its anniversaries is just as important. You won’t have to invite a hundred guests and book a fancy venue for those parties, but you certainly can plan a perfect wedding anniversary celebration in style.

4 Ideas for a Stylish Wedding Anniversary Celebration

1.      Recreate tiny bits of your wedding

Depending on the situation, you can have a special dinner at the same venue or simply try to get your wedding menu choices at a nearby restaurant. If you are able, try to recreate your wedding theme in part. For example, if you had a big celebration with a country theme, get to a romantic getaway for the weekend that will have a similar setting.

The idea here is to recreate the bits of the celebration to experience some of the feelings you’ve had on that most special of days. Science claims this can strengthen your emotional reaction to those memories and therefore enhance your feelings.

2.      Have a special wedding anniversary photo shoot

Photography must have been a big part of your original wedding celebration. If you enjoyed the experience, you can repeat it and give the new photos more meaning by showing how you’ve grown in your relationship since that day. Make it a regular event to compile an album of your ‘love’s evolution’.

You can mark the passing milestones with special items, like anniversary gifts offered by Eternity Rose. These pieces are designed to signify a particular anniversary by year, so you’ll be able to use them as centerpieces for certain shots. This will enable you to tell a story of your family in a stylish and original way through the pictures proudly displayed on your walls or mantelpiece.

To make the best of this idea, go for originality instead of trying to recreate your wedding photo shoot. Instead, focus on the special experiences you’ve had during the year and immortalize them.

3.      Make something with your hands

Psychology Today offers attending a class as one of the best ideas for a first date. The reasoning behind this is that learning together from scratch helps break the ice and immediately gives you some common ground. It’s also great fun.

For a wedding anniversary celebration you need to focus on the ‘fun’ but also choose a class that will provide you with a physical reminder of the experience. Hobby arts classes, like pottery, painting, or even quilting will be the best options.

Turning this into a family tradition will provide you with visible reminders of the passing years together. Creating something tangible together is also a great strengthening activity for any relationship.

4.      Discover new places together (and take some wedding cake with you)

A wedding cake is the most ‘wedding’ part of the celebration and the item that can turn any meal into a reminder of that special day. That’s why having a tiny cake for just the two of you is a perfect idea for commemorating this particular anniversary.

However, simply eating it together is no fun. To make your celebration special, go one of two routes. Take a cake with you and go for a drive to discover a new amazing place to enjoy it. This will be the best option for romantic souls who love hiking and spending time outdoors.

The other method is to travel to some new location and taste a tiny wedding cake from the local bakery. This will be a perfect ‘cherry on top’ for your romantic anniversary getaway.