The Best Locations For Corporate Travel In 2018

It all comes down to one simple question: where are the best locations for corporate travel? Luckily for you, the best locations for corporate travel in 2018 are very much similar to the best locations for corporate travel in the previous year, and we can see why. These locations have everything you could ever need, in terms of business and pleasure, and with the help of corporate travel management services you can rest assured that your corporate travel will go smoothly. Find out what locations we’re referring to below!

  1. Dublin

If you aren’t already aware, the capital of Ireland, Dublin, has always been – and will always be – an important location for corporate travel. Dublin specifically offers a healthy combination of the old and the new. For every antiquated investment bank, there is always a start-up somewhere in the city that is specialising in coming technology and digital development. Additionally, Dublin is the perfect place to unwind after what will most likely be a stressful, jam-packed day of work. When it comes to taking a sit back, you truly are spoilt for choice in Dublin, and with so many unique pubs and restaurants to choose from, deciding where you want to go in the picturesque city is quite the challenge!

  1. Toronto

When it comes to financial services, Canada is not to be missed. As well as being a magnificent city that is situated very close to the infamous Lake Ontario, the city boasts a skyline of glistening skyscrapers that are figurative of the city’s financial strength. Some of the main industries include commercial aircraft manufacturing and technology, so it is a fantastic location for those seeking renovation. Moreover, you can almost always find some of the best business events and conventions being hosted into Toronto too, which is yet another reason why you should head to this Canadian city this year!

When the time comes to close the laptop and log out, Toronto is a fantastic city for shopping that offers a wide range of shops, from cutesy boutiques to the most luxurious high-end stores, as well as a great choice of museums. If you get to visit this iconic city for corporate travel in 2018, we strongly recommend visiting the CN Tower and the Royal Ontario Museum specifically.

  1. Edinburgh

If you didn’t already know that the capital of Scotland – Edinburgh – is one of Europe’s top business cities, you do now! This delicate city is home to a range of businesses including stat-ups, small and medium-sized firms and even some of the largest corporations in the world. Like Toronto, Edinburgh is famously known for its fantastic financial services sector, employing more than a staggering 100,000 people. Agriculture, computer electronics and life sciences are just three other main industries Edinburgh proudly boasts.

  1. London

If you thought we had missed London out of this list, we haven’t! Of course, London is one of the biggest business destinations across the globe, and for good reason. For starters, it is paramount to recognise that most, if not all, of this activity takes place in the city as well as in Canary Wharf which is situated next to the Thames. Despite all of its glory, unfortunately, only time will tell how Brexit will affect the city, but for now, the city is thriving! It’s a fantastic place to introduce new business partners, too. If you get the opportunity to visit London for corporate travel this year, we recommend visiting The British Museum and Westminster. You certainly won’t be disappointed by the beautiful architecture!

  1. San Francisco

Above all, the most popular corporate travel destination is San Francisco. In fact, San Francisco is arguably one of the most thriving business cities across America. Otherwise known as “The City by the Bay” the incredible San Francisco offers limitless opportunities for both pleasure and business. Amongst this famous landscape, you will be pleased to know that there is a flourishing technology scene, with the likes of Twitter and even Google having offices here. After a day’s worth of meetings and phone calls, you can head down to Fisherman’s Wharf for a relaxing yet inspiring time.