How to Deal with the “Emotionless” Man

While many women use the word “emotionless” loosely when speaking of their significant other – it is usually not the case. In fact, it is no surprise that men are just not as in touch with their emotions as women are. However, this surely does not mean that they do not have any. In most cases, men have just as much on their mind as women do, on a higher scale. Thanks to society and culture, men bear the burden of being the providers, which comes attached with a heavy price tag, long days at work and the stress of maintaining a certain amount of money each week to cover all of the expenses, as well as a little extra to properly pamper their woman! Add this all together and expressing their emotions just does not come easy.

Many women expect their man to break down and cry every once in a while just to stand as proof that they are human. When in fact, men show their emotions in tons of other ways, however different than women, you just have to learn how to pinpoint and analyze them. But don’t over analyze – this can lead to a realm of other issues in your relationship. Here are some common ways that men choose to show their emotions that women can use to show their support.

Emotionless” Man

The strongest emotion that men feel is aggression. While women seem to be born with the natural ability to get under a man’s skin, there are only so many ways that a man can exert that energy productively. Many choose to work out. While this may be a common part of their daily routine (whether they are stressed or not) – the way they work out can be a strong indicator of the mood they are in and the emotions that they are trying to work out themselves. For example, if a man has a daily workout regimen, a time frame is usually attached to it. If you see that he is breaking his routine, working out at random times during the day or night – chances are he has some built up emotions that he is trying to sort through. The same goes for the way he works out. If you see that he is going extra hard, you may want to just leave him be!

The worst thing a woman can do is interrupt their man while he is trying to work things out for himself. Men do not like to place any more stress on women unless absolutely necessary. Why? Because women tend to worry a bit too much sometimes, in most cases, creating bigger issues.

Video games are also a common place for men to turn. Despite what you do, do not ever interrupt a man while he is playing his game! This is their time to think, release aggression and escape from whatever problem is haunting their head. You can usually tell the level of anger they are working through by the type of game they are playing. You see, even if they are not actually focused on their problem when they are playing, the release of anger towards something irrelevant, such as a game, is usually enough for them to clear all the built up aggression out of their system so that when they are done with the game – their head is clear – free from unnecessary thoughts and they are able to focus on the relevant things in their life. Women may not understand it, but compare it to shopping. Of course, there are much better ways to spend your time, especially when there is an issue at hand. But sometimes you just need to get completely out of your element in order to attack your problem head-on!

Things Women Can Do to Help Their Man Without Talking about the Issue

Despite what some women may think, you do not always have to discuss your problems with your man in order to fix them. Sometimes just being there and showing your support is all they need. Do something for them, without bringing up anything about issues, emotions or yourself. For example, if you see your man working out excessively, bring him a healthy snack and a bottle of water – just place it beside them and show them that you respect their space. If they are playing a video game, make yourself scarce and prepare his favorite meal while he plays. If he leaves for work in a less than perfect mood, instead of repeatedly asking him what is wrong – kiss him goodbye as usual and do something nice like bring him his favorite breakfast to the office or order him lunch – let’s face it – the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

You see, while women are more direct with expressing their emotions verbally, men are the complete opposite. They would rather work through their emotions physically as they usually do not know how to put them into words. And when they do, they may feel like less of a man by sitting and venting to you! Respecting the differences between the genders can show your man more than you think. A man may be many things, but emotionless is not one of them. Just pay closer attention to the way they choose to express those emotions and take notes – you may pick up a few pointers on how to show them that you do understand them and most importantly that you are not trying to change their ways – just co-exist with them!