Is there Still a Point in Travelling to France?

It is not a surprise that France is the number one most visited country on Earth. And not because of the food and wine. It is also considered one of the safest and most comfortable countries in Europe. But is it still worth seeing considering all the protests and hardships that France is going through at the moment? Let us tell you about everything that’s going on and you’ll be able to make up your own mind.

Safe or not

Despite many comments that you may see online, France remains safe. Of course, you can be targeted by thieves if you look like a tourist but violent crimes hardly ever happen. Being in any tourist destination of a large city you need to be attentive and cautious.

And even though you may come across the Yellow Vest protest, which usually takes place on Sundays in the biggest cities of France, there is nothing to worry about. You can learn the schedule of protests in advance to plan your route.

Another problem that France has to deal with is migrants. In July 2017, the police cleared over 2,000 refugees, who lived on the streets. However, most of them returned by December and locals are trying to figure out how to solve the issue, which causes multiple inconveniences. Some of them even prefer staying indoors instead of spending time in the city center.

However, the protests and migrant crisis didn’t stop tourists from coming to France. It is reported that tourism numbers have reached a record in 2018 and are constantly growing.

Issues with trains

As a result of the Yellow Vest protest, French restaurants and hotels have suffered significant losses because many people were canceling holidays during Christmas. The regular train traffic was minimized and the majority of tourists had to stay indoors and spend time at home instead of visiting France.

However, many beautiful places are still accessible via the railway. They include Meursault and Gevrey-Chambertin villages. It is a perfect place for those, who like quality wine and beautiful nature. Just a short train journey and you get access to unique vineyards, traditional cuisine, and one of a kind culture.

Notre Dame

It is impossible to find a person, who has never heard of Notre Dame, an 855-year old landmark, which was destroyed in a fire. Its Midnight Mass was held even during the two world wars but this year the cathedral was silent.

And even though Emmanuel Macron dreams of adding a modern look to Notre Dame, reconstructing the roof with modern materials like concrete, the leading French architect Eric Wirth is sure that rebuilding the roof with the same wood would be the most ecological and justified way of returning the cathedral back to life.

Gambling in France

Those, who have already seen the Eifel tower, had their share of coffee and croissants, may become rather attracted to the gambling that France is promoting. And even though the lion’s share of top online casinos in France is monopolized, the choice is wide enough to satisfy all kinds of gamblers.

France’s Senate has already passed a 2020 budget bill, which includes an amendment to calculate taxes from gambling based not on the turnover but on the gross gaming revenue (GGR). Now the bill will be passed to the National Assembly and the amendments will be ratified.

Taking into account the shift from a regular turnover model, the tax rates are expected to change. While this information may not be of great use to regular players and French tourists, it is a positive signal that the country is treating gambling equally with other attractions and the country’s visitors will have access to even more types of entertainment.

France is a destination for everyone

Notre Dame fire, waves of migrants, and transport strikes made us question whether France is a good place for visiting. But let us assure you that this Number One destination will always be a place, where any tourist will find what he is looking for: tasty meals, first-class music, beautiful people, and centuries-old culture.