How to Get Any Man’s Attention, Regardless of Your Size

Is there a guy who has caught your eye- but he doesn’t seem to notice you?

You might think that men only notice women in Daisy Dukes short-shorts or Victoria’s Secret lingerie, but even though a man might ogle a woman on a pin-up calendar that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the kind of woman he wants to take to dinner. There’s nothing wrong with a woman wearing a bikini, or skin-tight jeans, or cut-off shorts and flip flops. However, if you really want a man to notice you, try putting on a pretty dress. You don’t have to be a skinny Minnie to look beautiful in a gorgeous, feminine dress like the Going Out dresses by Simply Be.


Any time is the right time for a woman to wear a dress. When a woman wears a dress she not only looks like a lady but she feels more confident and beautiful. Whether it’s a casual sundress for a walk in the park, or a chic business suit for an important meeting, or a drop-dead gorgeous, sexy dress for going out on the town, there is a dress for every occasion.

Casual Dresses

You don’t need to wait for some special event to put on a dress. There is no valid excuse for any woman to use to say she never wears dresses. You don’t have to love spiky high heels in order to put on a dress… casual dresses look great with sandals, flats, pumps and even boots. You also don’t need to have perfect legs or a flat tummy to look good in a dress, as long as you choose the right kind of flattering style.

Casual dresses are available in all lengths and styles, so with a little thought you can easily find the style that best suits your figure. A casual sundress in a maxi-length lets girls with nice shoulders and a pretty bosom to draw attention upward while masking legs you might not think are your best feature.  So wear a dress to lunch with your girlfriends, or wear a dress when you go shopping. Definitely wear a casual dress for any daytime outing like a picnic date or a matinee.

Going Out

The perfect occasion to boost your self-esteem with a beautiful, flattering dress is any time you are going out. If you are planning to go to a nightclub with the girls from work, don’t hide your light behind a dull pants outfit. Dress up! Go for pretty and fabulous. And if you finally got a date with that cute guy you’ve been eyeing, keep him interested and keep his eyes on you by putting on a lovely one of those lovely “Going Out” dresses by Simply Be. You can flatter your form with a frilly tunic dress, or feel pretty and feminine in a flowing low-hem floral print dress.


When you finally get to take that long-awaited cruise to the Bahamas, you want to feel relaxed and romantic. Dressing for your holiday doesn’t mean putting on shorts and a t-shirt if what you want is to be noticed. If you are strolling along the ship’s deck in the moonlight wearing a beautiful strapless maxi-dress with freely flowing skirt, your feminine beauty is bound to attract the attention of that handsome fellow who was eating alone at dinner.

Put on a frilly trimmed shirred jersey dress before you head to the tiki bar for cocktails. All you have to do is smile and you’ll look and feel fabulous.

Special Occasion

Nothing makes you feel as glamorous and gorgeous as going all-out to dress up beautifully for a special occasion. Any event that calls for a formal gown or a special dress is a perfect opportunity to let your best qualities shine. Special occasion dresses such as formal evening gowns are the ultimate expression of your feminine grace. Try a long-sleeve maxi dress with a sexy slit up to your thighs – you’ll feel like a movie star. Beads, sequins, frills and lace are all happy contributors to a beautiful special occasion dress, so don’t hold back.

If you have an important upcoming event where you want to look your very best, keep in mind your best features and look for dresses that play them up. For special occasions, look for the most opulent fabrics like silk and voile. Don’t be afraid of glamour and go for shimmering foil materials, over the top embroidery, spectacular beadwork or glittery sequins. Special occasions call for a special dress, and let you step outside your box a little. It’s nice to get out of the boring business suit and put on some sparkly evening wear.


Smart, stylish and sophisticated dresses can really be a door-opener for a career woman. If the man whose attention you want to catch is the boss who hands out promotions, perhaps your work ethics are overshadowed by dull, frumpy clothing. Step out of the shadows and into the spotlight by dressing for success with chic dress designs that say to the world, “I am smart, strong and sexy…deal with it!”

A stylish, tailored dress that’s fitted and belted looks very smart on a busy career woman. Color-blocking with the right shapes and colors not only can enhance your shape but also give you a powerful persona.


So if you want to get some attention – whether from a man you like, from your current boss or from a potential employer- leave the bluejeans in your dresser drawer, leave the pantsuit hanging in your closet and remember that first and foremost, you are a lady. Wear a dress.

And don’t ever forget that large is lovely. You really don’t have to be a thin little runway model to look fantastic wearing a dress. Dresses can be extremely form flattering, boosting your self-esteem and letting your beautiful womanly figure shine to its best advantage.