How to Get Rid of A Hickey – Ideas that Work

It is important for you to understand what a hickey is, before trying to understand how to get rid of a hickey. A hickey is a kind of bruise, not one that you would get by accidentally bumping into something but one which your girlfriend gives you, if you are a boy; or your boyfriend gives, if you are a girl.

It resembles a bruise because this is also a hemorrhage right under skin in which the fine capillaries get damaged and the blood accumulates to give this impression. Similar to a bruise again, there is no quick remedy of how to get rid of a hickey. Face it, you enjoyed it, now you have it, so you will have to live with it, at least for some days because there aren’t any tips available to make them disappear right away (maybe cosmetic surgery) but there are some ways that can make the disappearing act work sooner.

For those who are deterred by the presence of hickeys and are totally put off by it, then you would have to devise ideas to not let it happen in the first place. While some people might use it for shallow boasting there is a far huger crowd that spends the following days trying to cover up the marks of shame. They, who are victims and people around them, find it hard to concentrate on anything besides the purplish hickeys. So read through this article carefully to know how to speed up the process of how to get rid of a hickey.

  • Treating a Hickey is Possible

Knowing the answer to how to get rid of a hickey right away is impossible however one should know that there are ways of treating it. It is imperative that some immediate attention is given to it, to make it vanish fast. Might come as a shock but you will have to start when this is actually happening to you. Once you realize that you are bound to get one, say something revolting to your partner like he or she is getting heavy on you or that you are not enjoying it and it is making you uncomfortable. If you have managed to kill the mood, then you would be successful.

  • Cold Treatment

This time the cold treatment is not towards your partner but towards that unshapely bruise posted at places which are visible to the public. The best thing is to roll up some ice in a thin cloth or a paper towel and to apply it directly to your hickey.

Whenever skin is damaged in any way, it usually swells up, causing the place to be even more blocked and constricted and this prevents the new blood to come in for help. An icepack or just some ice rolled up in something will help control that swelling so that further treatment or healing can begin.

  • Massage

If you really want to know how to get rid of a hickey fast, then you should understand a bit of science behind it. When the skin gets bruised either by a hickey or by a hit, the minute blood vessels, called the capillaries get ruptured and the blood from them flows into the tissue surrounding that area and after a while it clots, that is when you see that your bruise has turned dark in color. The best thing that could be done at this point is to massage it; it is better to use something cold like a cold spoon that has been kept in the refrigerator for a while. The massage helps in breaking and dispersing these blood clots. When they are dispersed they can get absorbed in the tissue again.

  • Apply Some Warmth

Don’t get confused between the ice pack treatment and then applying of the heat. These have to be carried out systematically. The first step was to apply something very cold that would constrict the capillaries and prevent further bleeding from occurring so that the bruise remains very small.

Now after 24 – 48 hours some heat treatment, like a heated towel, should be given to that place so that the capillaries expand, allowing fresh blood to come in good amounts to start the healing of that area. You can either rub an iron over the cloth to make it warm or keep the cloth or towel dipped in warm water or then use it after wringing it out.

  • Take Excedrin

The hickey can get painful, which is why it is ok to take some painkiller, but if you take Excedrin, then you will get both acetaminophen and aspirin. The aspirin can help in healing because firstly, it is going to subdue the pain and secondly it prevents the platelets from sticking together. This will reduce the number of clots overall. With lesser amounts of clots, the subcutaneous blood can flow easily under the skin.

But aspirin should not be taken right away after you have had your hickey. Start taking it only when the pain starts.

  • Concealing a Hickey

How to get rid of a hickey – that could be difficult, but how to cover it should be easy and especially for a woman. There are loads of things that she could do. For one, she can make use of beautiful accessories if it is on the neck, like a scarf, a necklace, a high collared shirt and even if it is somewhere on the arm, there are many accessories that she can wear.

And if it is simply too hot and she doesn’t want to do any of these, then she can just use a concealer to hide it with the help of makeup. But remember a concealer with a green tint is better because you would be hiding a reddish purple blemish.

Of course if you are a boy then that is a different story all together. There are only limited things that you can do like wear concealing clothes, maybe a turtleneck if its winter or a bandana.

These are a few answers to how to get rid of a hickey; again these are not solutions to make it go right away but how to reduce them quickly.