5 Fun Things to Try On Your Next Girls’ Night Out

In addition to holding down full time a job, many women spend a lot of time taking care of their children, homes and families. If this sounds like you, it is important to remember that you also need to make time to do things you enjoy. And while doing solo activities like getting a relaxing manicure or pedicure, or curling up with a good book are essential for your emotional health, and can help reduce stress, it is also important to make time to spend with your friends.

Spending time with friends has been shown to have several psychological and physical health benefits. According to the wellness website Everyday Health, women who spend time with their friends age more successfully, have an easier time dealing with loss and grief, and are more likely to meet their fitness and career goals. Spending a day out with your girlfriends can also be a lot of fun. Read on for five fun things that you can do the next time you get together with your friends.

Enjoy a Meal at a Nice Restaurant

It might sound simple, but dining at a nice restaurant with your good friends is one of the greatest pleasures in life. You are free to talk all you want without having to cook or clean up, and you can try new dishes that you might not order when your spouse and kids are with you. Going out to a nice restaurant is also a great excuse to dress up in a nice outfit and get your hair and nails done. Talking with your friends over a nice meal can also help reduce stress and anxiety, help you cope with problems you might be having at home or at work, and make you feel happier in general.

Try a Tarot Card Reading

Who doesn’t want to catch a glimpse of their future selves? Getting a tarot card reading with your girlfriends is a fun way to spend time together, and you might even discover some interesting information about things to come in your lives. While getting a tarot card reading from a professional psychic reader can be expensive, it’s not hard to learn to do tarot readings yourself. You can purchase tarot cards and books detailing how to use them at a metaphysical store online, at a brick and mortar psychic shop, and even at many bookstores. And once you have the tarot cards and the know-how, you and your friends can do readings as often as you want.

Participate in a Wine Tasting

Wine tasting events are a great way to try several types of wine at once, helping you discover new wines that you will love without having to purchase entire bottles. Try to find a wine tasting led by a master sommelier who can guide your tasting experience and help you understand what to look for in different types of wine. You and your girlfriends will have a great time experiencing new wines together. You can even plan ahead and purchase a few bottles of your favorite wines for your next get together, giving everyone something fun to look forward to.

Support Your Favorite Team

Sporting events aren’t just for men. Getting your girlfriends together at a baseball or hockey game where you can all support your favorite team can be a blast. You can wear your team memorabilia, eat delicious snacks that you would never have at home, and cheer to your heart’s content. Perhaps best of all, unlike at a concert or a play, it’s OK to laugh and chat during a sports game, so you can catch up with each other’s news while you follow the action on the field.

Taking Turns Hosting a Board Game Night

If you’re looking for a way to get together with your friends without spending a lot of money, a board game night could be just what you need. You and your friends can take turns hosting, and everyone can bring snacks, wine or soft drinks, and their favorite games. A board game night is a fun way to try and learn how to play new games that you can later share with your kids and family. Best of all, there are no rules. If you and your friends don’t like the first game you try you can set it aside and move on to another one. And if you find a game that you all love, you can play it as long as you want.