How To Increase Intimacy In Your Relationship

One of the most satisfying aspects of any relationship is the ability to be physically and emotionally intimate with one another. This breakdown of the walls people put up on a daily basis and the ability to actually relax with someone else has an effect on the human mind and general wellbeing in ways that can’t have a dollar amount placed on them. At the same time, even the two most compatible partners can have difficulty having truly satisfying and worthwhile intimate time, usually to the detriment of the overall relationship.

So, it is for that reason that couples should make a serious, concentrated effort to be truly intimate with one another to show the true depth of their affections for one another.

Four TIps To Increase Intimacy In Your Relationship:

#1. Communicate In An Open & Honest Manner

The starting point for intimacy in a relationship should be verbal. Two people should sit themselves down and tell each other what the other likes and doesn’t like with regards to their physical body and how to best exploit their natural tastes in intimacy. It is rare that two people are on the exact same page 100% of the time, and talking about this openly and honestly is the best way to defuse any awkwardness around the subject. Speak in no uncertain terms as to how your love language operates and see where the compatibilities lay in how the two of you express affection.

Someone may be more willing to cuddle or perform certain acts in the bedroom if they understand what those actions mean to the other person. No topic should be off limits, someone should be able to tell their significant other what they like and the other person can let them know if they can make that a reality, with the other partner being respectful and accepting if it turns out that their partner would not like to engage in intimate contact in that fashion.

#2. Be Attentive & Curious

As much as open and honest conversation can be the foundation of emotional & physical intimacy, you being truly interested in how your partner reacts to things and changing your behaviour to reduce the mental burden on them with your actions to show that you honestly and truly care for their emotional wellbeing. Figure out what makes your partner able to fully relax and become engrossed in spending time with you and take advantage of those things as much as you can. If you know your partner likes specific scent or food, having candles prepared with a meal can show that you listen to them and are willing to put effort into making them comfortable.

If you speak your partner’s specific love language even though they know it isn’t how you operate thanks to the earlier step of communication you underwent, they will be able to appreciate it at a much higher level since they know you are doing it explicitly because you know they like it and you want them to feel special as opposed to it being you simply going through the motions of being

#3. Consider Introducing Adult Toys

There’s a reason adult toys have the euphemism of being “marital aids”, and it actually extends pretty far beyond the surface. See, everybody has certain tastes when it comes to actually satisfying their physical desires. Certain sensations are all but required, it’s something that can’t really be overcome mentally no matter how much you like a specific person. When adult toys are introduced to the bedroom, these toys can provide sensations to someone that their partner might not be able to do naturally. Whether it be because of an inability or unwillingness to do something a certain way, pleasure toys help bridge the gap between physical sensations and mental expectations.

A great resource for choosing adult toys as a couple is This website is managed by husband and wife duo, Angela & Don Watson. Angela is a sex therapist with a passion for helping couples choose sex toys that can help spice up their sex lives.

#4. Be Confident In Yourself

Part of letting your partner into your emotions and life as a whole is knowing exactly where you stand and how you feel. This means you should be confident in your own desires & not send mixed messages when dealing with your partner. That way they have a consistent framework with which to base all of their own actions on and they are more likely to legitimately speak to you. If you are wishy-washy in your wants, needs, and overall personality, there isn’t really anything to latch on to and develop. So, be true to yourself so your partner can be true to you.

These four tips should be your starting point in increasing the overall amount of intimacy you and your partner share. From there on out, it is a lot more dynamic effort is needed that an internet article probably can’t cover. Every person is different and every pairing of two people is doubly different because of that.

If you’d like some more tips be sure to check out the following article by

Finding out what works between you two might involve more trial and error than you think is typical in a relationship, but so long as you are both willing to put in the effort and continue to develop your ability to be intimate with one another, all of the stumbles will be worth the eventual triumph.