How to Make Him Miss You

Do you ever get the feeling that your man is taking you for granted? That he just assumes you’re always going to be there waiting for him to call and he really doesn’t appreciate the things you do for him? You may have started wondering if he really cares about you as much as you do him. Sometimes, no matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, you can start feeling a little insecure if your man isn’t paying you a lot of attention. So what can you do about it?

Let’s talk about how to make him miss you and want to be with you more often. Use your wit and intellect to advance your cause. If you want him to feel like he can’t live without you, then there are a few things you can do to put yourself uppermost in his mind.

First Give, Then Take it Away

Sometimes you really don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. After all, he can’t miss you if you are always there, right? This means that occasionally you have to restrain yourself from becoming entirely too predictable. What you have to do is to become part of his daily routine in some way, and then stop. For instance, call him at precisely the same time every day for a week. You can call him on his lunch hour, or (if you don’t live together) call him at bedtime every night. After a week or two of insinuating yourself into his daily routine, just when he’s coming to expect and rely on that regular phone call- don’t call.

It won’t be easy. You’ll get used to hearing his voice just before you go to sleep and you’ll miss him. But he will definitely notice. After a couple of days, (or maybe just one missed call) he will realize how  much he has enjoyed getting that regular phone call and has looked forward to hearing your voice. Odds are, he’ll call you.

Don’t want to do the daily phone call idea and want some other ideas for giving and then taking away? The idea is to establish a routine of doing something sweet for him and then withholding so he’ll notice and miss you. You have to do it regularly for at least a week or two so it becomes expected before you take it back. If he indicates it’s something he really likes, you can resume after the break and make him happy again.

  • Put cutesy little love notes in his lunch box or briefcase every day.
  • Stop by his office with his favorite coffee on his daily morning break.
  • Send a “Just thinking of you” text in the afternoons. (Do NOT burn up his phone with texts asking “Y haven’t u cald?” or “Where r u?”)

Plant Subliminal Messages

You’ve heard of cops planting evidence, right? Well, you can plant little reminders of yourself somewhere he’s certain to run across it later. You can casually “forget” something of yours in his car or at his apartment that will bring you to his mind when he sees it. You can even be a little less than subtle and put something of yours somewhere unexpected. This one is a little naughty, but if he opens his briefcase to pull out some paperwork and finds your lacy red panties, he is definitely going to be thinking of you (and what you did last night.) Would you prefer to be a little less obvious? Here are a few slightly more devious ways to get him thinking of you when you aren’t around -and the key here is “less is more”:

  • Spritz just a tiny hint of your perfume onto his pillow.
  • “Drop” one of your gloves in his car as you get out.
  • Leave any single item of clothing in his laundry.
  • Put a bottle of your favorite beverage in his fridge.

Integrate Yourself Into His Social/Family Circles

Make yourself part of the conversation when he’s hanging out with his best buddies or visiting his mom for dinner. You do this by making friends with his friends and impressing his parents and his siblings. Whenever you’re hanging out together with his group of guy pals, make an effort to get them to like you. You can be a little flirty, but not too flirty. You want him to feel like other guys admire his girlfriend, but you don’t need to make him jealous of his own friends. Join in whatever they like to do when they hang out… play darts, or pool or X-box with them. You can impress them if you’re good at it, and you can impress them by being a good sport and laughing at yourself if you’re not so good.

Impressing his mom is a little tougher- but give it a try. Bring her favorite flowers when you visit, or if you’re a good cook bake a pie for Sunday dinner. The best way to impress his family, however, is to make their boy happy.

Wow His Socks Off!

Now is not the time to be shy. Now is the time to be inventive, spectacular… possibly even shocking. Come up with an idea that will rock your relationship routine, plan it carefully and carry it out with boldness. Do something that will be so fantastic he won’t be able to stop thinking about it the next day. If you really want to make him miss you then you need to leave a lasting impression. Be really creative and plan an adventure you know he’ll love, or an activity that will make him “very happy.”  Some ideas to make yourself unforgettable….

  • Surprise him with a pair of playoff tickets for his favorite sports team. Go ahead and take it to the extreme and do something like greet him at the door with tickets in one hand, giant foam #1 finger on the other hand, and wearing nothing else but a team jersey.
  • Drop by his office out of the blue on a day before you have a date for that evening. Prepare by dressing in your most jaw-dropping bra and panties. Take it over the top with silky black stockings and lacy garters. Then put on your coat. That’s right, just a long overcoat. When you walk into his office just stroll up to him and open your coat for a good long minute. Let him get an eyeful, then just close your coat, smile and say, “See ya tonight, darlin’.” Then just strut back out again.